Ron Paul Blames 'Malaysia Airlines Disaster' On US-Backed Overthrow

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Published on Jul 22, 2014
The former presidential candidate argued on his website over the weekend that the Obama administration and mainstream media jumped the gun in pointing a finger at Russian separatists in the downing of flight MH 17.

"They will not report that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and U.S.-supported protesters plotted the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych," he said. "Without U.S.-sponsored 'regime change,' it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened."

Mr. Paul argued that neither Russia nor the separatists in eastern Ukraine have anything to gain by shooting down a plane full of civilians. He did say, however, that "the Ukrainian government has much to gain by pinning the attack on Russia.

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