US Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse

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Martial law is being prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October. This is a Red Alert! Only exposing the fact that this is staged will make them back off. Let's get to work exposing the Banksters-this is not a game it is WAR!!!

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We seem to be interested in some of the same things so I'm reading your log and seeing if you have picked any other good topics to post on or OPed. Sorry to be a lazy leach 100thM... but I'm new. I love economics! along with space science, engineering, history of technology and civilization, paleontology pertaining to how technology influenced and evolved cultures etc. A fascinado of all that I've listed master of nothing...

With that said on with my reply.

I have a question. If the banks are not lending relative to historic lending rates and deposits are relatively high speaking within the same comparative context, what then, how could they make it appear the banking system is collapsing, meaning appearing to be insolvent when the indicators of which are completely transparent and completely disconnected from the controls of the banking system? The video is a bit of a dance loose and fast of some facts but leave much out of what really makes banking tick. You would have the whole of the financial media involved, all major financial players, and the entire oversight community in DC. That isn't possible.

The, "We're printing money and thus creating hyper inflation leading to eventual collapse." argument baffles me too I must say since the USD inflation rate is THIS> Annual Inflation Chart It's a mere 2%. Healthy and steady which is right where the FED like to maintain it.

Note the FED does not create monetary units, USDs. All money is backed by deposits. They're called major bank bonds sold by member banks that comprise the Federal Reserve System and keep the Discount Window flush with cash. It's where the big boys, multibillionaires, park the majority of their savings along with entities such as Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobile, BHP, Royal Dutch Shell, etc. Most chose to invest on a macro scale as there there simply not enough alternative micro investment opportunities to store their massive savings. Even if there were on that scale it would be much too cumbersome and internally bureaucratic to make the effort pay. The consumer market both public and private is where the bulk of the the investment opportunities are plus they're backed by hard assets. The central bank charted by the USG which the FED when the chips are down backs is quite solvent. Because of those hard assets you list as collateral when applying for a loan. In microcosm I can buy a CD, and then I can barrow your 5k at the bank to purchase a hard asset. The bank can repo my asset if I default on my loan obligation so they can pay you with interest guaranteeing your investment and theirs so you and the bank will never go broke. That's how the system actually works on any scale.

How many units issued vs deposits is a ratio which should be right around 2% to maintain liquidity in the marketplace. Everything looks fine based on my observations, and I have a sneaking suspicion I know a lot more about how central banking functions than the person who wrote that sensational article cratering to the Ron Paul militia crowed.

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