Local Walmart store will be moving/removing all natural health remedies that don't comply with the new Health Canada regulations. They have a grace period.
All natural health remedies must have a government issued license. No license, No selling. (This is on top of the Health Canada product inspections)

And if your caught buying or selling?
Heath Canada will send investigators to your home or business without a warrant, arrest you, seize your bank accounts, fine you and jail you -all without a jury or going to court, if you have any unauthorized vitamins. A clear violation of your freedom rights.

Watch the video or read the transcript of what Bill C51 is all about.

I did write to my local member of parliament (or is it parLIEment) about this 4 months ago in hopes we can stop it, but no acknowledgment.

I also see that the US is also proposing the same law.

So a $5 Vitamin C will start costing us $15??