Well I see the thread got closed before I had a chance to add something that David Wilcox recently said that really struck me as right on target. He said we are in a frequency war. This makes a lot of sense to me as there are those forces which strive to create chaos, fear and anger to feed off and/or manipulate. And then there are those individuals who refuse to go into those lower frequencies and are resonating at a higher vibration.

But if we all take a breath and remember the future time travel visit of 2047, Andrew Basiago was in a beautiful place and the earth was in a good place. So it would appear there are some difficult transitions for some and not so difficult transitions for others.

We all know we never die and that our consciousness continues in one form or another. So what is it we are afraid of? Is it death? Is it about what negative aliens can do to us? Is it about earth changes we supposedly have no control over? What is it? We all will also experience a physical death... meaning we have to leave our 3rd dimensional body behind in order to move onward in this never ending cycle of experience.

Andrew Basiago also said something that stuck with me and it was about how the future was mutable. It is not set in cement because we affect the future by our intention. We affect the future by our desires and the images we hold in our minds. If this is indeed true this would also mean we do not have to buy into current realities others are projecting for the future. Instead, we can be co-creators and participate in designing the future we want to see.

Has anyone here thought that perhaps by divine design this forum is a collection of many different personalities that vibrate at different frequencies. There are some here who may be ready to transition out of this galaxy and into another multi-verse. There are those who have chosen to stay behind to help others that are left behind and then there are those who are completely clueless, but looking. Reality for each individual is a mystery to the person standing next to him or her. Yet when we take that leap of faith, which is described by some of the most brilliant minds with respect to quantum physics, we know that we are the breath of god made from the stuff of the stars. We all hold a place in space which is defined by our unique individual consciousness.

Seeking wholeness is innate. Some just take longer then others and that is okay. We truly have all of the time in the multi-verse to do our work as souls who are evolving and we continue to evolve through the experience of many lives in many forms, in many dimensions. This is reality as I understand it.

For example, if one were to think of concentric circles one understands and knows the circle one dwells within. Yet like a snake that sheds it skin when the form no longer fits, the next circle is larger and there is more to learn in order to understand and know it. We humans are growing in our understanding of what was, what is, and what is possible. Some of us perhaps are stuck with what was.. while others are focused on what is and then our dream makers are focused on what is possible.

When I was reading Lou Baldwin (Sleepers) book I had a good laugh. He was taken to a place, a city in space located, I believe not far from the sun. In this place he was recalling another life as a resident there and there was a conversation regarding his partners decision to go help out a friend on earth by incarnating as her friend's baby daughter and that she had, I believe, committed to a life span of 62 earth years.

Think about this for a moment. What is it we don't have? For most of us we don't have our memories of our previous lives. Yet these memories exist and are encoded in our cellular structure which has been scientifically proven by some docs who have been doing some intriguing research. Irrespective of this reality, some can see how it is all to easy to become myopic and lose site of the bigger picture, the galactic picture, the multi-universe picture and instead get stuck in the day-to-day drama of finances, jobs, relationships and basic human survival.

If indeed Andrew, Sleeper and David Wilcox are correct... how do you suppose that alters one's inner perspective regarding the reptilian element? I still maintain we are all spiritual beings on different levels/rungs of the spiritual ladder. It truly serves no one to attack one another as in essence this is just a reflection of our own vibrational frequency that we are working with at an internal level. If indeed David is right about this being a frequency war then at what frequency would each person aspire too?

For myself, I've still got miles and miles to go at an internal level just to keep focused on the end point while dealing with the day-to-day realities. I just think we need to remember not to give up on ourselves or each other. We can always send prayers to those we are in discord with and wish them the best, wish them their own continued spiritual evolution.. To me this is good intent and when we make that effort at an individual level we help raise the vibrational frequency of the whole. It is my hope that we all keep adding to the collective and go for the 100th monkey. Let's work on being forgiving of ourselves and our fellow souls who are on this journey with us. And most importantly let us remember to be kind.