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Thread: My encounters with Reptilian hybrids/UFOs

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    My encounters with Reptilian hybrids/UFOs

    Before getting into this, it should be noted that the events I'm about to discuss here are no work of fiction. These are actual accounts of experiences that I've had over the last 4 years. I've had people on other forums accuse me of being a fraud or a hoaxer. I've already posted this thread on godlikeproductions and the David Icke forum. Now I'm sharing it with you.

    With that being said, let's have some fun.

    Part I

    I'll try to make this as short as possible. I know people like to be given information in a short span of time. However, my situation is complex. It would require a short book to explain everything that has transpired over the last 3 years. To summarize it as best as I can, immediately after I started researching Reptilian shape shifters, representatives from their species made contact with me. I'm still not 100% as to why this has taken place. However, I am 100% sure that it has taken place. It may also be happening with other individuals around the world. In fact, my personal experiences actually confirm this assumption. Hopefully, others with similar experiences will come forward after reading this. I know I'm not the only one.

    I first heard of Reptilian shape shifters in late 2005. I was researching 9/11 for a couple of months and came across David dIcke's information. I disregarded it as utter nonsense. As most do when presented with that kind of information for the first time. I was 20 years old at the time. I was interested in conspiracy theories from a fairly young age. I was reading about JFK, Roswell, ETs, Deep Underground Military Bases, etc. as early as 15 years old. This was largely a product of being fans of the comedian Bill Hicks. So, coming across David dIcke's info wasn't entirely surprising. I just needed a lot more than that to be convinced that the world was run by secret bloodlines of Reptilian hybrids. Coincidentally, I was living in a duplex on WINDSOR RD at the time I first heard about the Royal Family being Reptilian hybrids. You will see a lot synchronicity like this as you read further.

    Shortly after reading about these theories I was lying in bed one night and witnessed my first UFO. I was watching 2 bright "stars" outside of my window for about 5 minutes. Then, one of the "stars" rapidly moved towards the other and the two objects became one. Not long after this, I came into contact with my first Reptilian hybrid. His name was "Zachery." I won't release his last name in order to keep his identity private. I came into contact with this individual at the job I was working at. I was attending community college at the time and working as delivery driver to pay the bills. Zach came in and filled out application to be a cook. He was student at the University of Texas.

    I was huge pothead. Zach could get really good weed. As a result, we became very good friends. He continued working there for a few months. Immediately before Zach quit working there, another individual by the name of "Chris" started working there. Chris had just moved to Austin from Dallas. According to his claims, Chris was formerly a drug dealer for a MAFIA family in Dallas. He actually mentioned the name of this family, but I didn't remember it. I didn't think it was significant at that point and time. Now I do.

    Zach stopped working there shortly after, but we remained friends. In June 2006, I started researching the Israeli connection to 9/11. I also came across the claims that Alex Jones was a Zionist agent. I actually went on Alex Jones' myspace page and started accusing him of this in the comments section. 5 minutes after I made this post accusing him of being a Zionist agent I received a phone call from Zach. Zach is Jewish. I didn't answer the call. I disregarded the phone call as a coincidence.

    A week later, I was on Dylan Avery's page accusing him of being a Zionist agent. 5 minutes after I posted my first comment I received a phone call from my Jewish friend, Zach. I told myself it was just another coincidental call. A week after this I was on 9/11blogger accusing them of being Zionist agents. I was actually arguing with the people who run 9/11blogger in real time. It was about 1 AM in the morning. I received, yet another, coincidental phone call from Zach.

    At this point, I was starting to think Zach may be connected to Mussad somehow. Zach and his older brother, Michael, where the kind Jews that liked to let you know they were Jewish. They originally came from Brooklyn, NY. The first time I met Michael he made a comment about Steinbrenner being a Jew that always exploits the system in favor of the Yankees. To which I replied," Yeah, but everyone does that." Zach looked over at his brother and shook his head in approval of my statement. It was almost like his brother's comment about Jews was a test to see how I would react.

    One time Zach was over at my place. My roommate let his tongue slip and made a derogatory remark about Jews while were watching TV. He forgot that Zach was Jewish. The next time Zach came over he had his Israeli Defense Force T-shirt on. You could tell my roommate's statement got on his nerves and he was reaffirming the fact that he was Jewish. My roommate actually has Jewish friends. He likes Jews very much. His statement wasn't meant to be taken literal. It was just one of those quick things that he blurted out without thinking first.

    My father is a federal agent for the DEA. Prior to his employment with the DEA, he was an investigator for the Department of Justice under Janet Reno. I started to suspect that maybe they were interested in me feeding information to him. They don't like federal agents knowing about the corruption. So I decided to cut off communication with Zach completely when I moved out the duplex the next month. His phone calls seemed to be too coincidental to simply be a coincidence.

    It's now July 2006. I was now working at a different restaurant because the pay was better. Zach was aware of this. Remember the guy "Chris," that I spoke of a few paragraphs back? He comes into the restaurant with a friend of his. I recognized him right away. He made sure I saw him. After he was finished eating, we started talking out front of the restaurant. He asked me," Have you talked to Zach lately?" I replied," No. It's been awhile." Yeah," I was just over at his place last week. He said you were working here. You should give him a call." I replied," Yeah, I do that. See ya later. Gotta get back to work." It was like he was trying to get me to reestablish contact with Zach. I hadn't spoke to Zach in about 2 months at this point. Keep in mind. Chris is the individual that claimed he dealt drugs for a mafia family in Dallas.

    A couple of months go by. I was in desperate search of some good weed. I couldn't find anything anywhere. All options were lost. So, I remembered Zach and how good the weed was through him. I caved in after cutting off contact for 4 months. I gave him a call. He sounded extremely relieved to hear from me. He was like," Wow. David (My name) it's really good to hear from you. Yeah, I can help you out on the weed situation." We decided to meet up at the dealer's apartment. I was relieved because I just wanted to get the **** and get the hell out of there. I wasn't looking to sit down with Mr. Mussad and smoke a bowl. However, after we got the weed he persisted on returning to his apartment to split it up. I reluctantly agreed. As we where leaving the dealers apartment there was a song playing. I distinctly heard Zach saying," Hey. This song is terrible. It's about harming young children. That's terrible." Which relates to the theories surrounding Reptilian shape shifters. I didn't know this at that point and time. I was researching Israel,9/11, Mussad, CIA, etc. I didn't start researching David dIcke, and others like him, until months after this.

    We returned to Zach's apartment. His older brother Michael happened to be staying there on the couch for a week. So, he was there as well. I could clearly overhear Michael on the phone speaking with a girl when we arrived. He carried on like this for about 10 minutes. Zach and I split up the weed and started smoking. After Michael finished his conversation on the phone Zach sat down on the couch next to him. He asked about the girl on the phone. Michael was clearly trying to spend the night over at her place.

    Then things started getting little weird. Zach leaned over to Michael and started to whisper," Hey. Why don't you just beat the **** out of him? You get in bar fights all the time. Just kick the **** out him right now. I've seen you get in fights on cruise ships. Just beat the **** out of him." He was trying to be discrete, but I could clearly hear everything he was saying. Michael sat back on the couch with his hand slightly covering his mouth. I could clearly see him grinning behind his hand. He lightly shaking his head in a "no" motion in regard to Zach's wishes. Zach kept persisting. Michael then proceeded to punch Zach in the arm and say,"NO!" He then said," I should tell him about the time I screwed over the Koreans."

    Michael looked over at me and said,"Man. I should tell you about this crazy story. I once played baseball in College. After a game, the team and I returned to my apartment to party. We had all over baseball shoes on. We basically tore the apartment apart. It was demolished." I was like," Yeah, that is pretty crazy." Michael replied,"Yeah, but it was cool though. I knew the guy that owned the entire apartment complex. I just told him to move us into a new apartment and sublease this apartment out to some Korean college students who won't see the place before moving in. We got away with it completely. We didn't have to pay a cent for the damages to the apartment." I was replied," Man. That is ****ing crazy." He looked over at me with a grin on his face and said,"Yeah. That is just a little OPEN joke for you." He looked over at Zach and the two of them I started laughing hysterically. I wasn't laughing at all.

    Michael then proceeded to ask me questions about my father. Who is a DEA agent. I had received a ticket for accidentally running a red light at work that day. Michael asked me," Why don't you just get your big DEA dad to help you out with the ticket. I'm sure he could get it taken care of." I replied," No way." He started to ask me," What's your dad like. His he stickler for the rules? His the type of person that's anal about following the speed limit and **** like that." I replied,"Yeah. I guess. Just as much as the next person, I guess." He seemed overly interested in my father.

    I was ready to leave at this point. It seemed like they were talking about "beating the **** out of me." At least, it seemed like it to me. I don't know who else they could have been referring to. I decided to get out of there. Zach walked me over to the door and unlocked it. As we were shaking hands he started saying,"Yeah man. Just give me call when you need more of that (weed.)" As he was saying this we were face to face. This is when it happened. His eyes went from being dark brown to changing into a light blue color in one eye. They other eye was a light yellow color. His pupils were extremely small. As if a bright light was being shined in his face. It didn't look human at all. It looked evil. The image will always be frozen into my brain. I didn't know what the hell it was, but I knew something wasn't right. I was in a minor state of shock for the rest of the night. I immediately went over to a friend's house following my visit to Zach's place. They could tell I was acting strange. I wasn't talking much. I just kept replaying the previous experience in my head.

    When I witnessed Zach shape shift in his eyes, I wasn't aware of the fact that eyes could "shape shift." This was a concept that I hadn't researched yet. However, months later I stumbled across a David dIcke video where he talks about the eyes being the first thing to shape shift when witnessing a Reptilian shape shift. This experience caused me to take David dIcke seriously. Without it, I never would have given David dIcke the time of day.

    I should also mention one more strange experience surrounding Zach. When I was still hanging out with Zach on a regular basis, he introduced me to another kid by the name of "Jay." Zach and I smoked over at Jay's apartment on 2 separate occasions. However, it was strange. Jay always seemed like he was uncomfortable with us being there. He never smiled, or laughed, or gave any sign that he was happy about us being there. Jay and his girlfriend painted the walls of the apartment. They had a lot of artwork that pertained to Hindu spiritual beliefs. Which are important when understanding Reptilian possession on human beings. The Reptilians possess humans through certain Chakras. The interesting thing about Jay is this. Zach told me that Jay moved apartments and cut off communication with Zach entirely. Zach actually expressed a desire to go to Jay's job and confront him.

    Does this sound familiar? It should. It was the same thing Zach did with me when I cut off communication with him and moved apartments. He sent Chris to my job to see what the problem was. I'm convinced Jay was interested in the subject of Reptilian shape shifters. He was being tracked by Zach just as I was. Starting to get the point yet? The Reptilians are doing this with a lot of people. Some of you are likely being monitored in the same way and you don't realize it.

    If you find Part I to be interesting, then pull up a chair. I haven't even reached to the good stuff yet. Part I was necessary to understand the really interesting stuff in Part II.

    To be continued....................
    "...it is as impossible to confirm UFOs in the present as it will be to deny them in the future." ~Dr. Wernher von Braun

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    Re: My encounters with Reptilian hybrids/UFOs

    Very interesting, I know this post is a few years old but I couldn't help but the respond. The reptilians, at least the ones you're talking about have an issue with reaching their "hearts". They don't do much soul searching, most of it is their choice. They have a number of ways of interacting with humans, most of it occurs outside this dimension so the person never even knows what is happening. They like the shifting trick for a variety of reasons, one of which is the shock it causes in people. They will do their best to keep humanity in the dark about the significance of their involvement on this planet.

    The MIB and BEK/BEP are related to them and some of the grays. Some are hybrids while others are advanced 3 dimensional projections. Either way these groups are highly psychic, especially the hybrids. There are also many other groups on the planet now, most of the reptilians people encounter are the hybrids mentioned. The human body also has had reptilian DNA introduced into it way back in the day, that's why people talk about the reptilian brain that drives routine order, and a hierarchical structure. The questions they asked about your father don't surprise me, they were basically getting a feel for you and your family.

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