Contactees are Creator Gods Returning to the Earth

Contactees are multi-faceted beings, and at the forefront among these facets, they are creatures of a higher order, the gods, if you will, returning to their creation, the earth, to awaken within their creation, (awakening within those beings created), as being fully human and fully gods - what better union might there be?

The god within us - often spoken of throughout the ancient scriptures.

It is time now for the creators and the created to awaken together, as one - within this creation (the universe) - understanding for the first time, that they, and we, are one and the same.

The creator and the created, being one – in harmony, within the universe.

The creator gods living out through, or by way of, their creation – to (in order to) awaken and enlighten their creation.

This is the way of ‘Prime Creator’, the universe folding back upon itself, as it does, and seeing to it that the creator gods inhabit and live out through their creation, in order to further enlighten both – both, that is, the created and the creators, so as, in order, to better know and understand their creation.

Buddha spoke of awakening within creation - Jesus spoke of the god within you ("the greater one is in you" - "greater is he that is in you").

They were speaking of the same thing.

And now is the time, for this to unfold.

We, as Contactees, are now awakening to the creation and to the creation god within us - within all of us, everywhere, and realizing that we are all a part of creation by way of the creation gods which dwell within each of us, that is to say, within all Contactees everywhere wit, we are finally connecting with the universe, as is our birthright.

Enlightenment is, after all, at its purest, the knowledge of self.

John Hughes