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John Shelton is a highly damaged and mutilated specialist with MoD connections, with a relatively rare blood group with Royal connections.

He is an Alien Abductee, MILAB victim, and has been butched under law, by NHS nurses, in a nightmare scenario 1,000 times worse than One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest.

The MoD attempted to recovery Shelton, but had to withdraw under gun point, in this "war" between the NHS's stance on so called alien abduction, and what the MoD claims is a Real situation. as claimed by Shelton.

This is Part 1 of a 3 hour interview conducted in early June 2012.
Originally he wished to provide his testimony anomanasly, but the detail and nature of his statements immediately identifies him.

With serious accusations made here against the NHS Mental Health system, and under threats of "slow death", he gives this series of statements for research and data record purposes.

The slur, lisp and wheeze Shelton has is as a result of dreadful mutilations done to him by NHS Doctors, in Britain's mental Helath hospitals. For the Crime of "Tradding".

This is a Terrible story

  • AMMACH cannot verify or standby any of these terrible allegations.
  • This is a Shocking and Highly disturbing interview.
  • There is one parameter that John mentions which we regard is inaccurate and exagerated and question. How many other elements require questioning remains.

AMMACH John Shelton Part 1 of 3

I will update this when parts 2 and 3 are uploaded