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  • Could this be the beginning of US Disclosure?

    Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief

    See video at:

    transcript (following) at:

    Dated May 11, 2010

    May 12, 2010 in Air Force, Army, Eisenhower, Marine Corps, NASA, Navy, Roswell and after, Virginia, aeronautics, breaking news, extraterrestrial, former astronauts, news, politicians, science, space exploration, ufo disclosure | Tags: Australia, Brazil, Britain, Buzz Aldrin, Canada, Captain Bill Uhouse, Co. Phillip Corso, Commander Graham Bethune, David Hamilton, Denmark, Donna Hare, Edgar Mitchell, Eisenhower brief non-released, First from the Sea, First to the Stars, Fort Monroe, France, Gateway to Freedom, Gateway to the New World, Gordon Cooper, Hampton, Italy, James Kopf, Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, Lt. Col John Williams, national disclosure, New Hampshire retired legislator informs nation, new information from former legislator, new information on non-released Eisenhower brief, New Zealand, Norway, Phoebus, Ronald Reagan, Roswell and after, Rule of Law, Russia, Sr., Sweden, Uruguay, Virginia

    Hon. Henry W. McElroy, Jr.

    (Transcript of Online Speech Found Here)

    Hello, I’m speaking with you from Fort Monroe, Virginia. We’re also known as The Gateway to Freedom.

    We sit right next to a little town called Phoebus, Virginia. Interestingly, they call themselves The Gateway to the New World.

    Phoebus sits inside of Hampton, Virginia whose motto is First from the Sea, First to the Stars.

    My name is Henry McElroy, Jr. a retiring, former State Representative from New Hampshire. Thank you for your attention to this brief message concerning the world’s interaction with both earth-based, and off-world astronauts.

    The reason I am making this announcement is in the hopes of encouraging better perspective to all who explore the universe. Therefore, as a result, making a more valuable contribution to humanity, for the benefit of all faiths, all races and all nations.

    Another reason I am here today is because I believe in the *foundational wisdom of our nation, which was laid down by our founding fathers and because we know that highly advanced knowledge and information can assist human beings in solving various problems both in current times, and in our future.

    When I was in the New Hampshire State Legislature, I served on the State Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committee. It was, apparently, important that as a Representative of the Sovereign People who had elected me to this Honorable Office, that I be updated on a large number of topics related to the affairs of our People, and our Nation. As I understood it, some of those ongoing topics had been examined and categorized as Federal, State, Local development, and security matters. These documents related to various topics some of which spanned decades of our nation’s history. One of those recurring topics is the reason I am addressing you this evening.

    I would like to submit to our nation my personal testimony of one document related to one of these ongoing topics which I saw while in office, serving on the State Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee.

    The document I saw was an official brief to President Eisenhower. To the best of my memory this brief was pervaded with a sense of hope, and it informed President Eisenhower of the continued presence of extraterrestrial beings here in the United States of America.

    The brief seemed to indicate that a meeting between the President and some of these visitors could be arranged as appropriate if desired.

    The tone of the brief indicated to me that there was no need for concern, since these visitors were in no way, causing any harm, or had any intentions, whatsoever, of causing any disruption then, or in the future.

    While I can’t verify the times or places or that any meeting or meetings occurred directly between Eisenhower and these visitors – - because of his optimism in his farewell address in 1961, I personally believe that Eisenhower did, indeed, meet with these extraterrestrial, off world astronauts.

    I hope my personal testimony will aid the nation in its quest for continued enlightenment. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of those who have come forward with their personal testimonies – those who deserve the admiration of the American people for sharing their accounts publicly, in an effort to elevate our knowledge to a higher understanding of our existence.

    People such as:

    Former Astronauts

    John Glenn

    Edgar Mitchell

    Gordon Cooper


    Buzz Aldrin

    Former Presidents

    Ronald Reagan


    Jimmy Carter

    Captain Bill Uhouse of the United States Marine Corps

    Lt. Col John Williams of the United States Air Force

    Co Phillip Corso Sr. of the United States Army

    Commander Graham Bethune of the United States Navy

    Along with:

    David Hamilton of the Department of Energy

    Donna Hare of NASA


    James Kopf of the National Security Agency

    I would also like to thank the countries of:









    New Zealand

    And, our neighbor to the North, Canada




    ….for also opening their files to the citizens of their countries, and allowing them access to information that is so very important to the evolution of humanity.

    I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to have a small part in doing the same, by sharing the information I have given you today.

    Thank you very much and I’d like to thank our communications crew for helping us make this happen today.

    And, I’d also like to authorize distribution of this video for anyone who wants to use it for educational purposes.

    Thank you.

    “I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments.

    Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.”

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    *America’s Rule of Law
    Minimally includes: The Word of God (In God We Trust), The Magna Carta June 1215, The May 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights; The July 1776 Declaration of Independence, The Massachusetts Constitution (Preamble, Article 3, et al.), The New Hampshire Constitution, The Bills of Rights of the Constitutions for the 50 Sovereign States, and The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and the Bills of Rights and Article IV § 1of The Constitution for the united States and other appropriate Founding Documents of America.

    A former representative to the New Hampshire House of Representatives has released a video statement revealing he saw a secret brief to President Eisenhower concerning extraterrestrial life. Henry W. McElroy, a Republican, served on various committees during his time in the New Hampshire State legislature, and is best known for sponsoring a New Gold Money bill in 2004 that aimed to restore the use of Gold and Silver coins in the Granite State. He most recently ran for and won the Republican primary for State Representative to the 2008 elections but did not win re-election. In his statement, recorded on May 8 in Hampton Virginia, McElroy claims that the brief revealed that extraterrestrials were present in the United States, they were benevolent, and a meeting could be arranged for Eisenhower.
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