Rudkowski Arrested, with Two Others, at Bloomberg Fund-raiser
Sun, 29 Mar 2009 "War on Terror"


We Are Change Founder Luke Rudkowski Arrested, with Two Others, at Bloomberg Fund-raiser

by Sander Hicks
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3/29/09, NEW YORK, NY

Last night, in an attempt to get Mayor Bloomberg to answer questions about the Mayor’s alleged neglect of 9/11 First Responders, three activists from the nation-wide “9/11 truth” group We Are Change were suddenly arrested and held over night in Central Booking.

The Mayor had been at the Times Square Hilton for a fund-raising event. The activists claim they were not asked to leave the premises, and were illegally arrested.

“All of the members of WeAreChange immediately complied with all instructions given by the security detail so that they could exit the building but within seconds arrest orders were given. According to WeAreChange camera operators, there is video of these unlawful arrests as it appears that in some cases there were no warnings given and some people were simply arrested just for being in the lobby of the hotel.” Members of We Are Change also allege that police engaged in unnecessary brutality. Three video cameras were confiscated.

Mayor Bloomberg was criticized this week for denying financial assistance and traditional workplace protections to those suffering adverse health effects from working at Ground Zero after 9/11/01. At a meeting of We Are Change at the Amish Market deli near Ground Zero, yesterdat, Rudkowski read aloud from recent reports in the New York Post that criticized the Mayor. Rudkowski unveiled a plan to have multiple camera/activist teams stationed around the Hilton that night, to politely but firmly, ask the Mayor about First Responders. At the meeting, the group agreed on the slogan, “First Responders First.”

“This was a set up. The NYPD knew they were coming and were setting a trap. The Bloomberg people also told members to stay in one particular spot and were not asked to leave. Therefore, Luke, Manny and Anthony were not trespassing and were wrongfully arrested,” says the group’s blog.

According to a report filed this morning by Kurt Nimmo on InfoWars, NYPD charged Rudkowski with trespassing, and impersonating a journalist. InfoWars claims that they had issued Rudkowski bona fide press credentials. “Infowars and Prison Planet have broken numerous stories, including one covering the MIAC controversy that was picked up by the Associated Press and mentioned by Fox News….”

Multiple calls to NYPD and Central Booking were not successful.

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