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Thread: Internet censorship is becoming closer

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    Internet censorship is becoming closer

    Internet censorship is becoming closer

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Increasingly, we warned on Internet censorship, reports of Internet2 are being increasingly. But we must now worry about that already? Perhaps this is all a red herring in the current Internet have to be able to save?
    We do not always hear that the Internet can not be trusted, that the Internet criminals to lurk for our records to steal and abuse that sexverslaafden the Internet to make as to their comfort as well as their abuses breeduit sluice on the Internet?

    All comments are clearly an introduction to ...
    We are together so frightened we all will call for help and protection from politics, commerce and IT world. And that certain parties achieved what they want ... not only internet censorship, but also complete control over what is found on the Internet and what we do.

    Before you think I have something to hide ... No, anyone can come along when he reassured to see what I do on my computer, but it neatly to ask (which I still would be entitled not to allow). However the only thing you'll find a few 'innocent' sexwebsites I have visited. Why? Well what do you think of all the fuss in politics and media on certain sites ... Of course I am just about Aagje as you. If something is discredited, then of course I immediately Google the key words to me during the news are told. And then appear all the links and banners ... oh and 1 last time clicking on these links can not hurt? "It's just see how it all just is."
    And not even talk about all the 'SPAM' that just in the email mailbox appears ... you probably have no idea how it ends up in the mailbox?

    Well IT'ers the commercial and hear it!
    Google keeps all your data from surfing the Internet (and in all, I really mean ALL your data!), By linking your search to your ip address, a cookie on your computer to be (you more to follow / monitor) and by placing cookies on websites (eg sites that subscribe to google and / or google advertising) which would then keep track of IP addresses on these websites are aanbeland. If you have an email address then fill in a form on 1 of those sites, then the step is not as large for an email address to an IP address to connect ... all clear how it is that you receive SPAM? (and that's only 1 of the paths that are followed!)

    Evenewel to return to the issue where it was, how annoying that invasion of your privacy is ... went to internet censorship.

    In Germany, the political thought of how they can begin to gain control over the internet. One of the politicians for the election in her campaign thought that child pornography is a very large problem to be (on the Internet) and therefore a bill submitted. It has also provided statistics that were not correct (as proven post), but has no influence on the trial.
    Because this bill seeks nothing else than internet censorship, there is a signature action 'launched to combat it. 131000 'signatures' were good for slight adjustments in the bill, but is not opposed to that per June 18, 2009 Germany is comparable to Internet censorship in China ... because politics are (despite all objections) voted in (see here). The German policy is still considered how it is that 131,000 people a bright rebel ... two of the conclusions we have probably not well enough informed (Gee, where and when we have it here in the Netherlands have heard -> after us' NO 'to the European Constitution (where politics also long has said yes to in Brussels!)) and perhaps this is all people who view child pornography (and therefore most likely immediately to be added to a list in the future even to address because they were against, but of course under the guise of child pornography)
    For a full explanation of the story see in German Neues Urheberrecht, Filesharing, Abmahnungen. P2P und MP3, Zensur und Monopolisierung. Privatkopie, legal und illegal * *

    In other words, Internet censorship is in place even though our neighbors to the east under the authority of politics. It is therefore feared that the same action here will soon follow!

    So please do not be surprised if suddenly the police with you at the foot of your bed is in the middle of the night ... and you bring your kids (and you, with a bag over your head). Why, just say yes ... which websites you've visited, that was known to hear the police (if the data does not have google, they themselves have obtained the same way). En om jouw kinderen tegen jou in bescherming te nemen worden ze op een onbekende locatie geplaatst waar ze ´veiliger´ opgevoed kunnen worden. Say goodbye to your hand at the normal life ... BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

    Conclusion: protect yourself (and your children) and not asking the government to do that for you!
    There are plenty of programs to your computer / internet off from certain websites and gathering information from your computer / ip address.

    But even early first commercial products to the left, because those are made with only 1 goal ... money collection (information = power and power you can collect money).
    For example, for open source products like Firefox instead of Internet Explorer ... geheid for example, that the amount will be less SPAM!

    In FireFox you can opt for add-ons that extend the program with more features, such as:
    ProCon Latte (filter websites with specific content based on certain texts on these websites)
    SquiggleSR (fill itself added & random words on google and rss feeds to sites like Google absolutely nothing to your statistics)
    Better Privacy (protects Flash Cookies, or long-term cookies, and thus has many years of collecting your data)

    Google Translate
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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