Pentagon wants to deploy 380,000 troops in U.S.
Americans will soon need permission to travel by plane

Americas navigation has changed in a controlled police and military dictatorship.
The Pentagon, the U.S. Congress formally requested Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to allow the approximately 380,000 troops to deploy on its soil. Granting this request would be a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, in which the deployment of U.S. troops in the U.S. expressly prohibited. Presumably, the application also intends to mass deployment of the military in the upcoming (obligatory?) Vaccination program against the Mexican flu possible.

The proposal has been made for sharp differences between the federal government and the governors of several states, who themselves want to keep control over the deployment of troops on their territory. The Posse Comitatus Act, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines on U.S. soil which is forbidden to arrest civilians, homes search, evidence gathering and other police-type activities in question. Only the Coast Guard and National Guard are excluded.
Last June the U.S. Northern Command, however, presented a legislative proposal "in response to a disaster or national emergency" more than 379,000 soldiers in thousands of towns and cities across the U.S. to work. "Even CNN recently reported that the government is preparing to military to turn to the next influenza pandemic and related (probably mandatory) vaccination in 'good jobs' to lead. Already exercises are held for a possible rush of citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible "to cope.
If the request is approved by Congress, President Obama will get the full power of any given event such as pandemic influenza, "emergency" and thus be to designate nearly 400,000 U.S. troops on home soil in zetten.Dit goes far beyond the powers that the former President Bush himself attributed.
Soon need permission to travel by plane
Even this year, every American should receive permission from the government to travel by air. Both reservations and check all personal data will be checked by the passenger and must be approved by the Transportation Security Administration needed to the airplane in action.
Such authorization is hardly self-evident: if your name to a 'no fly' list should say, even if this happened by accident, then you can place on board the aircraft forgotten. It is also possible that your name on a 'selected' list, so your possessions and yourself thoroughly investigated before you can check.

The domestic air travel for Americans as common as traveling by train for a European. Before buying a ticket in America already require identification. Critics are concerned about the fact that the U.S. government through the 'Secure Flight' line becomes total control over who can and who can not travel by plane, and at any time the rules above may change or tighten.
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