People continue to desperately believe in government lies

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adolf Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf: "There is always a force of credibility in the big lie, because the broad masses of a country always easily misled in their deepest emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, so they, in The primitive simplicity of their thinking, prepared willi reproduced victims of the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies, but to shame themselves guilty of massive deception. "
A recent sociological study, published in the journal Sociological Inquiry, the truth of Hitler's words (re) established. The great mass of our time often goes to extremes to about 100% clear and proven lies of the government frantically as 'truth' to see continue.

That this particular (but not only!) Applies to Americans, since few people will be surprised. Sociologists of four major research institutions focused on one of the most curious aspects of the American presidential election of 2004, namely the strength and determination with which many Americans continued to insist that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks of 9 / 11, while long been shown that The Iraqi dictator has nothing to do with it.
The researchers concluded that many Americans nevertheless continued to maintain this lie, because they own the ongoing war in Iraq wanted to remain justified.
Instead of looking objectively at the facts, people seek information that confirms what they already believe. "For the most part most people ignore completely contradictory information," says the study. People generally become very attached to their own beliefs, and there are emotional verbindingenmee, which become mixed with their personal identity and sense of morality, regardless of whether the proven facts give equal them or not.
Therefore people are able to close, to develop rational beliefs, but may be based on false information. That is exactly what most Americans did on the war in Iraq. According to sociologists is the tendency of people to make such false facts come to believe, despite the available evidence to the contrary, a "serious challenge to democratic theory and practice."
Unless people learn to clearer and more rational thinking, they can still be easily manipulated. Everything a government have to do is to tell a lie big enough, so many people will swallow it at face. Thus, such a government to decide without a good reason to start a war, to spend billions to support banks and bankers instead of the common man to help those who need help a lot harder or massively harmful vaccines toete are actually non-existent for a pandemic, knowing that the people themselves to the extreme will to assure that the reasons why these matters are decided, right.
"It would never occur to their minds to invent colossal untruths, and (therefore) they could not believe that others do have the impudence to distort the truth so shameful. Even if the facts clearly prove that their eyes are placed, they will continue to hesitate and doubt, and continue to think that there must be another explanation. For the coarsest shameless lie always leaves traces, even after it is exposed - a fact known to all professional and inveterate liars in this world, "said Hitler in many countries banned book Mein Kampf.
Some of the biggest lies that most people knowingly continue to believe, in my opinion:

- The evolution theory
- The 'war on terror'
- "Yes We Can" / Barack Obama
- The Mexican & pandemic influenza vaccines
- The "unexpected" financial / economic collapse ( "Everything is well again ')
- The 'Zionist conspiracy' / The Palestinian 'problem'
- Co2 / Global Warming
-.... and fill yourself with.

Xander (xander news)
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