February 21st, 2009 in Breaking News, World Alerts

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US-Communist Chinese expanding cooperation between the two militaries?!?

AFP: US-Chinese military dialogue set to resume this month.

“On 27-28 February 2009, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense David Sedney will hold annual Defense Policy Coordination Talks with the People’s Liberation Army in Beijing,” spokesman Bryan Whitman told AFP.

The talks were to come just a few days after a visit to China by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton set for February 20-22 as part of her first foreign tour since her appointment as top US diplomat.

The Chinese Army “invited the US to participate in these talks. We take this as a positive signal that the Chinese are prepared to begin working to resume regular military-to-military exchanges,” said Whitman.

And this year’s talks “will address the US-China military-to-military relationship, challenges to regional and global security, and potential areas for expanding cooperation between the two militaries” including “potential for extended cooperation on piracy,” he added.