What's up with these sinkholes, I wonder. Apparantley the one in Assumption Parrish Louisianna is still growing. Now they can't all be caused by the same thing, can they? Sure makes one wonder though doesn't it. You all out there that's good at connecting dot's let me know what you think about this. As usuual this is the first I've seen an actual footage of it. Not good, whatever it is. Definately not mentioned on MSM.

Another edge of Bayou Corne sinkhole caves in Thursday | Home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

BAYOU CORNE — The outer edge of a sinkhole in Assumption Parish has caved in for a second time in three days, parish officials said Thursday.A 25-foot-long section of embankment fell in Thursday morning after a 200-foot-long section had fallen in Tuesday evening, parish officials said in blog posts this week.