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Thread: Nazi Checkpoints Invade Florida! Heads-Up Floridians! America Is Dead!

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    Nazi Checkpoints Invade Florida! Heads-Up Floridians! America Is Dead!

    Really disturbing news especially for anyone who loves freedom. What is going to happen with TPTB being prepared like this. Maybe the reasons and the areas the military drills they've been doing are going to be affecting these regions. Keep your eyes and ears open. I've said it before and I say it again these are really spooky times we're living in.
    God help us.

    by Live free or Die

    Random 'Nazi' checkpoints have invaded Florida! If this story being reported by ABC Action News in Florida is true, America has fallen off the deep end into tyranny far more quickly than most Americans realize. Even those who have 'awoken' to the 'global political reality', that America has quickly turned into a police state that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of, will be disgusted with this latest full fledged attack upon the 4th Amendment. Only widespread civil disobedience will put an end to this insanity. Way to go Florida! Papers please!
    Nazi Checkpoints Invade Florida! Heads-Up Floridians! America Is Dead! | Alternative

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