Yet few nights, climate film premiere for The Age of Stupid
Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a few nights sleep and then it's there: the climate film of the year, The Age of Stupid. The story is about a single man in 2055 the old images from 2008 see and wonder: Why do not we stop climate change when it still could? Already above the trailer.

Director is Franny Amstrong and the leading man of all teeth is played by Pete Postlethwaite, the British actor with an unforgettable face. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in In the Name of the Father. The world premiere - only in England! - Is March 15 in dozens of cinemas across Britain.

One is the people's premiere in London of which the makers claim that he is fully climate-neutral. The projector runs on solar energy, the popcorn machine with a pedal-powered and almost everything is recycled, from coffee to carpets. Food and drinks are naturally eco-friendly. Oh, and the celebrities arrivieren a limousine on biodiesel or on the bike. It is still not recovered when the film is shown in the Netherlands.