The video was posted here yesterday, but it is of such significance that it deserves to be highlighted once again.

These are four 'brave' police officers taking a 13-year-old child from his father four days before Christmas to take him into the*'care' of the Social Services Mafia when the boy does not want to go and simply wants to stay with his loving dad.*

The four brave police officers will say they were only doing their job or 'following orders' - which is what the defendants said at the Nuremberg Trials - and they are hiding their own lack of moral fibre and basic decency behind a piece of paper they claim justifies their grotesque behaviour.*

The fact that they went ahead and*kidnapped a distressed 13-year-old forcibly in handcuffs makes them as responsible for this horror as the Social Services tyranny of evil that instigated it through a compliant and corrupt court system.*

If these four excuses for 'men' could look their own kids and grandkids in the face this Christmas after what they did here, they are even more disgraceful and shameful*than they show themselves to be*in these pictures.*

The system imposes its fascist will upon the population because the population en masse allow it (pathetic)*and because of spineless,*gutless 'uniforms' like these (pathetic). If there were not the uniforms who would do this, it could not be done.