A video by Jay4louise

Grow up and stop living in denial,your little fantasy world won`t save you when the knock comes on the door.
As for the filthy gutless cowards who wear uniforms and have the cheek to think of themselves as very important police men and women,lets see how big and brave your going to be when you`ve left your job or retired and the knock comes on your door.You will be surpless to requirements by then and the gutless soulless biological android bootboys knocking on your door are going to be foaming at the mouth to introduce themselves to you and if you thought you were bad assed tough guys,you aint seen nothing.Ever heard the expression,what goes around comes around.Have a nice life,you poor sad insecure cowards.The real men,like your grandfathers are mostly gone now,buried in a war grave,having sacrificed their life to protect their family and country from fascist bullys like you.