Here is a link to a recent interview by David Icke referencing perhaps the most important aspect of the times we live in:

Here is also a reply to the original link to the interview from another forum, which has a context from work done in that forum over the past few years. To access that information it is necessary to make a membership to that forum, as the project had a special sub-forum made for it that is not viewable without one - the Tutorials section. The forum in question is here:

My reply relates to the Nexus project in that it provides an essential point of focus for the Nexus meditations to come. Needless to say, it will make a lot more sense after watching the interview first. Reading additional material from the original project will help to further clarify on many issues, though be warned there is quite a lot of it.

The sound files being produced for the 2010-2012 meditations are being specifically designed for breaching the barrier Icke discusses together. They will thus be much more effective if someone has reached what they feel to be a complete understanding of the matter beforehand, however, if one feels they have not, it will still be a very good idea to participate regardless. In this case, it will be important to leave the conscious free to explore these notions for the duration of the meditation each and everytime, as the weekly meditations will likely be the best opportunity to do so.

Together we can reach critical mass. Here is the reply: