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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Here is a discussion already started on my Forum. I would love to have it generated here too.

    • View topic - Who said " electro-gravitics is a dead end"? and WHY

    by Linda Brown » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:00 pm

    That phrase...." Electro-gravitics is a dead end" is a statement that has been hooted repeatedly by the Zorgon camp..... and it struck me suddenly that I need to investigate what it was that gave that particular phrase traction in his mind... who planted the seed of that phrase... where did it originate?

    Just recently a "Roger Brown" used that exact phrase to try to persuade Dylan to change his interest on the subject and all of us wondered if there was some kind of a connection between he and Zorgon because of the similar phrasing... but the question came into my mind then just how did the word " Dead end" and " electro-gravitics" happen to be placed together? (because obviously it is a propaganda packed statement). Who would be promoting that thought? And how did it get started.

    Oddly ..... I think that T. Townsend Brown himself might have been responsible for that.

    I have been saying recently that I have gotten the feeling that Dad was somehow on a mission to " delay" the development of electrogravitics.... even though at the same time he SEEMED to be working with all of his strength to disclose material on it.

    Its enough to make you want to bang your head repeatedly against the wall.... Why would he do that? It doesn't make sense...

    But I believe if we look hard at the steps that were taken you will see a very elegant form of misdirection taking place here!... and the more elegant it is.... the more I believe those fingerprints are Dads!.

    So lets follow this phrase..... " Electrogravitics is a dead end" to see who encouraged the first use of it. Anybody a betting person?
    ************************************************** ***********************************

    Let me know what you think

    and this next post on the token might be helpful too...

    by Linda Brown » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:33 pm

    Before we jump into the deep water here of this discussion I guess its a good idea to explain to the " newbies" to the story of Townsend Brown.... how very much his name is connected to the word ELECTROGRAVITY.... OR ELECTROGRAVITICS.

    Dad coined that name. Other writers who have done their homework properly credit Dad with the discovery of that effect when he was just a teenager.
    Dr.Paul A. Violette for example produced a wondrous book called " Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" and it was he who chose to introduce material on my Dads relationship with " ELECTROGRAVITY' in the first few pages of that book.

    Page three as a matter of fact.... nice picture of my Dad... which I supplied to him through Qualight.( Andrew Bolland)

    On page 9 he quotes part of Dads patent ( 300.311)

    The invention also relates to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that control or influence the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation; also to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that exhibit a linear force or motion which is believed to be independent of all frames of reference save that which is at rest relative to the universe taken as a whole, and said linear force or motion is furthermore believed to have no equal and opposite reaction that can be observed by any method commonly known and accepted by the physical science to date.

    He continues to explain ( page 9)...... " He is in effect suggesting that it violates Newtons third law of motion... that every action should produce an equal and opposite reaction. Dr. Patrick Cornille, who repeated Browns high voltage pendulum experiment came to the similar conclusion, that Newtons third law of Motion was indeed violated."

    What would that mean..... actually?...... LaViolette describes it this way on page 17

    " Just as a mass is forever able to fall into an infinitely deep pit, so too would this rotor be able to turn indefinitely without reaching the end of its potential energy supply. All the while power could be extracted from the wheels shaft at no cost.... save that to power the generators."

    Read the rest of his absorbing book. It is nearly 100% about my Dads work.

    And all of this is supposed to be a " dead end?" And even more interesting.... at least in this book Dr. Hal Puthoff is not even mentioned.

    ************************************************** ************************************

    I thank all of you ahead of time for whatever you might decide to contribute. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is another quote of interest from Hansens article. Just remember the name and the date mentioned... we will get back to this soon!

    :In 1983, accomplished Washington Institute of Technology physicist Robert Sarbacher acknowledged (in writing) to researcher William Steinman, that top Manhattan Project scientists had been involved in analyzing recovered UFO hardware. Steinman had queried Sarbacher about his knowledge of a declassified Canadian government document indicating that U.S. authorities knew "flying saucers exist" and that the subject, which was being investigated by "a small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush," was "the most highly classified subject in the United States Government." This information had been supplied to Dr. Wilbert Smith of the Canadian Department of Transport following "discreet inquiries through the Canadian Embassy staff in Washington."



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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    • View topic - Who said " electro-gravitics is a dead end"? and WHY

    I would like to copy this message here too and I appreciate having the spot here to do that

    by Linda Brown » Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:01 pm

    And remember folks to keep your eye on the actual thread title here as we go//

    I am not looking to prove that Electro-gravitics is alive and well and out there. I KNOW that it is........ As one of our more mysterious guests just recently commented thats actually a foregone conclusion. I don't need to waste my time here trying to prove that.

    What we are looking at NOW is... the movement that has been trying to obscure EG... to make others discount it without looking more carefully. Who are THOSE people and WHY are they in operation????

    Its nearly the same situation that I encountered on the Lady of Lights Forum. Suddenly there were those who were attacking my very credibility about my own identity as the daughter of T. Townsend Brown. WHY would that happen?

    To anyone who either knows me, or knows of me... the answer is obvious....I am who I say I am...

    . but for some reason it was important for those folks to insert that sliver of doubt... they not only did that they actually mounted an active attempt to discredit me and my words......Lady of Light saw that happening and gave me my own separate thread so that I could deal with that situation. Her viewpoint soared high enough above so that she realized the importance of all of this.

    It has not been a petty squabble.....and with her help I was able to maintain my footing and my standing....

    And now I need to more carefully look at the organized force that has been doing these things that obscure my Dads work and his story. I say " organized" force but I am not sure that is an accurate description.

    Some of these folks respond to what they see as an " inspiration" to say certain things. I am merely pointing out that in the future we will all realize that we have been dealing with .... lets call it ... an " Entity" that has the ability to bend our reactions to attitudes that are beneficial to it. Sometimes that means that our thoughts are not always our own.

    Isn't that worth discovering? Linda
    Linda Brown

    Look to the messages that surround this one. We mention Sarbacher, Corso, Wibert Smith, a hidden project talked about in the fifties that was " more secret than the bomb"

    Later we have everyone discounting Electro-Gravity while obscuring the man who first coined that effect.....and we have indications that HE HIMSELF may have been working hard to obscure his own work.

    So what is going on here folks. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And this needs to be brought up from the archives and placed here. Note the posting date.
    This was written on the Hut awhile ago
    Your comments on the content of the thoughts here would be appreciated.
    Note that this was just two days before I lost my REPLY button on th HUT, effectively cutting me off from the members and a week later I was permanently banned, even though for some reason Mikado wants to argue that point.
    Gee, I wonder.... was it something that I said? <g>

    &bull; View topic - MIKADOS PATH

    by Linda Brown » Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:07 am Everyone is thinking.... WHAT?

    This thread is just a holding area right now for lightweight discussions and collections of comments that have been made about this "mysterious black submarine off our quarter deck"

    Thats a mental image I have had for years of a group of people who have silently shadowed my activities regarding my Dads work. I have known they were there and I have a pretty good idea specifically who they are but they have remained in a situation which is removed from me even though I have occasionally even reached out to open communications. Not even a single ping back in recognition ( to all of those Hunt for Red October fans, yes)

    And I have left them alone to their silent path because to engage them would take me away from a very focused mission to finish what is important to me to finish. The completion of MY VERSION of life with my Dad and the interesting people who were in my families life. No one else can tell that story but me... (backed of course by Rose and John....whose efforts are so appreciated)

    But it is my responsibility to finish a clean and well written book that tells as much as I can at one moment. We all know however that this story continues even as this one attempt to capture it draws to a close. I can't go chasing off on new avenues at the moment. I am obligated to stick to what I have chosen to do ... and do it well... and finish it..... but then

    Watch out. Because I still have all my notes that end in question marks. And I want answers.
    I want to know for example what the black submarine has actually been doing besides shadowing and watching my path. I want to know why their " crew" keeps crossing my path but not interacting with me at all. As if...... if I were sailing an open sea .... I have a "no fly zone" overhead and some sort of prearranged.... do not engage sign on someones conning tower.

    OK... fine... Maybe the black sub is working somewhat on my behalf. Was it their efforts which turned Paul? And mind control? Am I already dealing with the effects of THAT program? And Andrew.... you have already come closer to face to face with this unit than I have.... wouldn't it be nice to uncover what was actually happening?

    So at one point... black sub.... take note. I am going to pull a Crazy Ivan. You will not know when that will happen. But I will be rigged for silent running by that time and after I have locked on to you.... you will not know where I am.... Linda
    Linda Brown

    Mikado... you have managed to take over and basically hobble the "Hut". There hasn't been a message posted there since December and even that was by Fred. You have revealed your agenda very handily by your actions there..... and I know that my mentioning the " black sub" was something that REALLY upset you... I will get into that more later.... but read the last few lines which I wrote here BEFORE you disengaged my reply button on the HUT and effectively threw me off ( though you STILL refuse to take my name off the membership..... oh and while I am mentioning that... here is another demand Mikado..... Take my name off the membership of the ttownsendbrown.com forum. You do not have my permission to be displaying my membership there.)

    And you might take the time to read this old message again carefully. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; April 15th, 2013 at 12:59 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    and this too....from

    &bull; View topic - MIKADOS PATH

    by Linda Brown » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:20 pm

    editing in here to respond to you Andrew. Yes... you and I have talked about this before because of your various run ins with the entity that we have called the " black sub"..... I was typing the message below as you posted yours. Coming together quickly. I just never really saw the connections before now quite as clearly. Feeling them and seeing them spelled out in actions are quite different
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********.
    This may have something to do with the quick strike against me on August 19th.... I hadn't realized that I had mentioned the " Black Sub" in a message on the Hut just days before.
    Some of you out there will remember that Mikado reacted VERY BADLY during a meeting where I basically said exactly the same thing.... all of you know who you are... so you know that I am not inventing this.

    It was August 2010 and a group of us met at the Alexis again in Vegas. We had decided that we liked the quiet off strip location of the place and even though it was VERY hot we were all looking forward to this meetings.... Rose and John drove up also and got a suite which was very close to one of the pools... she was a grand hostess and the rest of us pitched in with extra food so we were well supplied. The guys talked.... Rose and I anchored our butts on the Floor...... Pladuim had flown in and Fred joined us too. We were all concerned about him of course, after recently losing his wife... he seemed ready and happy to have a distraction in the conversations.... Mikado had flown in with Mr. Smith as his travel companion. And Radomir joined us too. Pilgrim was meant to join us...but unfortunately was not with us.

    Long story very short.... during one of the breakfast meetings where we all joined in a big corner table the conversation drew around the fact that we all knew that we had " eyes" on us from various corners and that we should expect that. I mentioned again my vision of the " black sub" off our quarter.... just shadowing us ... not advancing... not being left behind... just sort of being in our " blind side" I made the remark that I made in that message above.... that SOMEDAY I was going to confront this black sub directly.

    Those at the table will remember that Mikados reaction was as if I had dropped a grenade in his lap. He became incensed! Agitated.... got up and left the table in a huff..... leaving us all wondering.... whats up with him?... he was getting messages from Kim in Pa and apparently their special rabbit had died and she was not coping with it well, thats what he told us.... but now I wonder what was REALLY happening.....It was if from that moment Mikado sheered away from us. We all went for a ride on the paddleboat that plys above the Dam... talking all the time of course.... but Mikado did not go. We hoped that his mood would improve but by evening he was not speaking to any of us really... or maybe it was just me..... Pladuim and I happened to be in his room working on one of the computers that he had brought along and Mikado came in.... blustering to me...." How DARE I stage an attack on the black sub and stir up problems for him when his work was in such a fragile spot!" I said.... Mikado....I would never do that until you were in a safe place with your work... You know me better than that! I opened my arms and stepped forward.... expecting a hug......and Mikado drew his fist back on me!!!!! I stepped back. ( editing in a correction..... Mikado called me today quite incensed that I had written " fist".... saying that he has " never raised a fist to a woman".... I think that what we have here is a difference of perceptions but I will give you that Mikado. I did not see the fist. What I saw was you draw your hand back suddenly.... it was a threatening gesture... enough to make me halt my move forward...I felt that if I had gone a step closer that he would have hit me. Now that was my impression based on his action. Was there a fist?... maybe, maybe. I don't think that he can swear that there was not a fist in that hand.... and I didn't bother looking for it particularly. The threatening motion was enough for me.)You should have seen Pladuims face....( dear one... if you are reading this.... you will remember).....Mikado stormed out of the room after that and I told Smith later.... "I think that we have lost Mikado." he never really responded.


    Currently the name of Pilgrim has come up. We all miss him alot but we lost him about this time..... We have recently made the comment that we seem to be seeing some " help" from " the other side".... and if any Forum is appropriate to be able to post my appreciation and thanks to those others.... the place and time is now and HERE. Pilgrim... I know that you are still with us.... and JungleLord... I promise that the things that you try to reach us with will not be ignored. And thank you Livingston for the greening alfalfa in our back pasture....( he understands even if some of you will have no chance to)....

    Not giving up here. Preparing someday for that Crazy Ivan..... but if I said when it wouldn't be a surprise would it! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    and so long ago G-man added his thought to that message.....

    &bull; View topic - MIKADOS PATH

    "by G-Man » Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:31 pm

    I don't know what to say about Ron - I'm just flying by the seat of my pants, as always. But he seems to have dug himself into a hole. Perhaps you never had him to begin with.

    I think maybe one word that doesn't crop up very often at the breakfast table in his house is "karma". Best thing is to fix eyes on the horizon and keep dancing the Dance of the Blessed Spirits

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I wrote this earlier on the Token and I hope that its alright for me to repeat it here. Just trying introduce myself a little maybe.

    I wrote this there but hope its alright for me to copy it here...

    "I hope that many of you already know that my husbands name is George. I realized the other day that I have respected his privacy so much that some don't really know that he is in my life... so I wanted to mention him so that you all could get to know him a little ..... and then CAT brought up the " Strange Dream" thread and suddenly I realized that I had already devoted a message about George there... I think that it captures him pretty well...

    We have been together since Thanksgiving Day 1967....

    (I thought that it would only be fair to give him his own thread.on the token Maybe someday he may post something here.)

    This is what I wrote much earlier though..

    "by Linda Brown » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:25 pm

    My husband is his own person and I have never been sucessful in trying to drag him anywhere!!! Part of what I admire about him. Yankee steadfastness and stubborness but it has of course its disadvantages. A certain amount of Puritanical values are just part of what makes him..... him....

    Since Mikado has had such a wonderful time hiding over there and calling my husband a " Gutless Marine".... I thought that maybe it was time to confront those statements.

    I don't really have to because George does not need to prove himself to anyone.... least of all to someone like Mikado.

    But maybe I just need to let the rest of you all know what a really fine man George is and how difficult this has all been for him..... though the first time he met my family he should have known that this was not your ordinary conservative middle class family.

    The first really big fight we ever had.....was a few months after I moved in with him. All was just fine. I had taken a job as a salesgirl at a local Santa Monica womenswear shop on the mall on third street. We were driving an older Jaguar that he had found and was restoring.... He liked his job at a local furniture store. We had friends who talked cars and went on ralleys.
    The Project that I had been working on for years with my Dad had suddenly gone black... shut down.... he had told me that "perhaps its time for you to find your own life"

    George had been all but adopted by my parents and we had dinner with them often... he knew that I had worked with Dad at Guidence Technology and I think he had seen some of the fans in operation but we didn't talk about anything that GTI wasn't already announcing to its stockholders....and he had NO IDEA about the other stuff Dad had been involved in at all.

    My Mother adored George. I think that she was pleased that I was finally in love with someone " out of the business" as she once put it. Someone who wouldn't pack up his duffle and disappear from my life for months at a time....someone who could tell me what happened in his life that day.

    George knew that Dad enjoyed sunbathing so it didn't surprise him that my parents moved from the Embassy Apartments (where he and I met) to a beautiful house on a cliff in Pacific Palisades. It had a pool..... lovely when the summer came...

    And thats where I got into trouble with George. On a really hot California Day we visited my parents ....who were by the pool.....I think I started taking clothes off at the front door and by the time I got to the pool I was down to the buff. That I would do that, in what he considered "mixed" company.... that just horrified George! Of course my going barefoot disturbed him too.... nobody was supposed to go barefoot he had told me once. Hard to say that to a girl raised in Hawaii.

    I enjoyed my swim and then went home with George to hear all about how I " wasn't the girl he thought that I was". He was REALLY upset with me. That was in 1968.

    Through the years, of course, I have learned to TRY not to push his buttons and he tries not to be too shocked by the things that I choose to do ( or the wierd otherworldly thoughts I sometimes express). I think that the tougher issues that have been in my life are much more comfortable for George when he decides that as long as I am here with him.... he doesn't have to deal with them. It works for him.

    But getting back to the sad remark that Mikado has lodged against George..... that he was a " Gutless Marine." The only answer to that dispicable statement is that I have never met a Marine that fit that description. And it sure doesn't apply to my husband.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I would like to share a message from the Token here with you folks because the message to you is the same.... Does a gentleman with an injured foot have any meaning to any of you?

    I have had one of my very vivid dreams and I know that it will mean something in the future but there are mysteries to it. Perhaps some of you can help puzzle this out for me????...

    by Linda Brown » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:16 pm

    I had a " strange dream" the other night which I would like to share with you. I was walking along a boardwalk ( Like the ones at Atlantic City or Rehobeth etc) and I was with a group of friends... We are chattering and laughing and enjoying the day and the salt air and cool breeze and one of us was a fellow in a wheelchair. I haven't been able to identify him yet other than to know that he is one of us... though because of the wheelchair he is sort of set apart. He is not ill... but has had an injury to his foot and just couldn't keep up with all of us without it... and each one of us is taking turns pushing him along this wooden boardwalk. We all seem to be in a pretty good mood and it seems that we are sort of taking turns pushing him and visiting with him at the same time. It was not an unpleasant dream and I was not worried about this man but for some strange reason I could not see his face. I thought for a moment that with his various medical problems that it was you Raymond.... but I saw you on your feet with this group... so its not you.

    So... to all of you gentlemen out there.... watch your step.....I know that this dream is a solid message.... I just can't see all of it yet. I thought perhaps it was Mikado....maybe its my own wish being expressed through the dream that things will someday resolve positively between us... but why would he be in a wheelchair? I thought that maybe its a message that its someone who doesn't really want to be involved in all of this but is being taken along anyway.... sort of a good natured no choice here fella!

    Anyway....I thought that I would put this out there in case it has meaning to someone that I do not know about yet. I know that I will eventually. Just a matter of time.
    Linda Brown

    lADY OF lIGHT..this is a strong message to me.... does a man in a wheelchair have any meaning to you at all. I feel that I should recognize him but for some reason I am not being allowed to see his face. I have even tried to revisit the dream but like the dream of the Rosegarden... I can not seem to get past a certain point. So I just have to tell myself that it has an extreme importance and I will know it when it happens I guess. Thanks for any insight or advice. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; April 24th, 2013 at 10:30 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    by Linda Brown » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:03 pm

    Lady of Light... this is from a recent Token post but it needs to be here too as well.

    &bull; View topic - Strange Dreams

    Huh....hadn't thought of Zorgon.....

    Perhaps my dream is meant to be just a centerpoint for other comments... like yours and others who might have some sort of latch on it. I have no idea why the Ocean seems so important or that why we should all be walking along a boardwalk.... ( The Ocean is on our left as we walk and in my mind it seems very East Coast... reminiscent of Atlantic City or Ocean City.... but after the big storm... haven't those boardwalks been torn up pretty badly? I didn't see any disruption.... Someone else asked if their were " guards" in the group walking along and I had to answer that in that group ( over ten) of people enjoying the day... there were several who were not on the same " wavelength" of enjoyment as the rest of us. Were they " guards?" or perhaps " guardians?" Thinking of Charles Miller. I used to be so upset with him because his expression was so very somber....But the core of us walking along on this boardwalk are purely having a good time together! Like kids on a holiday...The biggest responsibility that some of us had was to accompany the man in the wheelchair so that he could keep up with our pace.... which was pretty brisk. I am not sure where we were all going but we were not being slow... the pace was brisk... but we were all talking and laughing and enjoying the day.....And the man in the wheelchair was being brought along with us. He didn't seem a totally unwilling person..... just not able to walk along with the rest of us.... And those of us who were assisting him were doing it graciously... but taking turns at it.....

    I don't know.... a puzzlement.

    Zorgon? I would reach out to him. But why should I do that?

    I am still trying to figure out why I became such an over riding threat to him..He treated me like I was a grenade with the pin pulled......he couldn't get rid of me fast enough... especially after my questions about "Matrix" and the Australian Department of Defense... a friend of mine said that his entire group reacted with the "emotional stability of a bunch of lab rats in a meth fire" (which made me laugh actually but it was true... it was as if they didn't know which direction to turn first....) I was encouraged to send the message about the " Boys sending their regards from the Watsonia Barracks".... I turned around and suddenly I was off the Forum and banned for life! I have to laugh about it now and Logan simply smiles and says " Perhaps it was something that you said".... <g.>.....

    Zorgon was concerned enough so that he would even send some of his members over to the Unhypnotize Forum to try to discredit my very identity! What was that all about? And now they have all disappeared ( They all promised that... once they discovered I was actually Townsend Browns daughter..... that they would post an apology for the things that they had said. ... but instead........They have just disappeared........ Forget the apology I guess. Which makes anyone wonder what was going on there in the first place......the one saving grace I believe is that Lady of Light had their number right from the start. And I am left with the impression that I was just the person that needed to send that message.... and even if I don't have the foggiest notion of what it meant..... It SURE meant something to somebody.... judging by their response.

    And for those of you who were like me .... in the dark... I have since learned that the code phrase " The Boys from the Watsonia Barracks" has something to do with the Australian and US Navys satellite control for that section of the entire Pacific..... so whatever Matrix and his crew were doing... they were informed by my simple little greeting.... that there was a spotlight on their activities.....They reacted like a bunch of trapped rats.

    It was interesting.... but I don't need to know the particulars.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; April 25th, 2013 at 12:57 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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