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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Dreams. I am discovering. open pathways that I had never seen before and offer channels of communication that I hadn't taken seriously enough until now. With Dr. Ks help and others I am beginning to realized that dreams can be as effective a means of communication as simply picking up the telephone....

    Maybe even a more effective method of reaching out.

    Its always interesting when you wonder which direction that information might be traveling ....Is it coming to you from another source? Or walking alongside you but unable to reach over?... Like Atehequas experience with the entity he and his friends called " He who walks beside us".... on that narrow path between tangled woods ...... what is happening here?......


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    As the message above indicates... One of my biggest interests is communications. I have been told that I " take after my Dad" in that respect. I have been carefully rewriting " The Good-Bye Man" and adding the new considerations and information that has come in my direction recently.

    I just recently responded to a message from Hobbit on the cosmic token and I would like to share those thoughts here too. Thank you Hobbit!

    'by Linda Brown » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:16 pm

    Precisely Hobbit! People have not actually realized yet, that for all of his talents, Dad was first and foremost.... a communications man.

    According to the FBI reports Townsend Brown demonstrated something at Barbers Point in Hawaii in the early fifties that resembled a couple of discs flying around a "maypole"...a strange and wondrous propulsion system that some had whispered was the secret to the " flying saucers" which had been so much in the news...... but hidden with that information was an almost casual mention of a " communications system" which was " instantaneous".

    I have hoped that Dad was able to demonstrate that instant communication device to the President of the United States at the time but I have no way of proving that. There is a slight hint that the presidents plane was in constant communication with ships below it during its path to Hawaii. If that was the case, perhaps the communications device was already being demonstrated and the sort of " drive through" meeting at Barbers Point was simply for the President to meet the principles of the development and perhaps to also see the " tethered flying saucers" in operation. I would like to think that was the case but so far I have not been able to prove that.

    I do know that during a subsequent meeting ( which was obviously supposed to be TOP SECRET) it was discovered that there had been a serious and devastating security breach. (An inter-personal relationship had developed between one of the high ranking Naval Officers attending the series of demonstrations.... through subsequent "pillow talk" a lowly base janitor had opened an avenue to one of the Russians primier spy rings...

    I am still not sure how far that information got in the spy chain. It has been suggested to me that it was passed all the way to Moscow through a man named George Blake. I don't know the janitors name but sources tell me that he had been a Russian mole at Pearl Harbor even before the attack. Infiltrating those demonstrations must have been the plumb of his career....

    Amazingly today a line of communication may be available to Blake himself .... he is still alive, I understand, and living in Moscow. Perhaps in the future his side of this story might be told.

    I do know that when the security breach was discovered my mild mannered father is reported to have beat his fist angrily on the desk of the Admiral in charge..... saying heatedly that the loss of security was " Tatamount to treason".

    Yes Hobbit... Flying Saucers were one thing..... but Dad was a communications man. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; April 30th, 2013 at 09:31 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Linda Brown,
    Chip off the block.....You are of Your parents.
    Who exactly do You think Your father was COMMUNICATING with when He kept having a nap??????

    I'll chip in here, and suggest His higher self.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Quote Originally Posted by hobbit View Post
    Linda Brown,
    Chip off the block.....You are of Your parents.
    Who exactly do You think Your father was COMMUNICATING with when He kept having a nap??????

    I'll chip in here, and suggest His higher self.
    I totally agree with you Hobbit. Without reservation. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank those who have reached out to me during this " REWRITE" process. I had told myself that today ( May 1st) would be my actual official "start" date for the process but things have gone so smoothly in other areas that I have gotten all the way to Chapter 5 already. And except for the polish up editing... I am pleased with it.

    I really do appreciate your input. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Lady of Light... I found this funny and I thought you might get a chuckle out of it too. Shows you how history gets misinterpreted!
    I just posted this on the token and want to share it with you too. I don't know if many of your members know very much about NICAP but in my rewrite process I have been remembering what was happening around Dad when he founded it.... but this is what happened recently.... <g>

    by Linda Brown » Thu May 02, 2013 9:01 pm

    I actually have had a pretty good time with this little piece of information. This whole deal reminds me of my husband a little, a private joke I will tell you about later...<g>

    I had a little bit of a confrontation recently with someone who, when I stated that my father had founded NICAP countered me with an almost indignant statement that what I just said WAS NOT TRUE AND THE PERSON WHO STARTED NICAP WAS MAJOR DONALD KEYHOE.I wondered how someone would come to that conclusion so I Googled NICAP and this is the first thing that came up, written by Richard Hall.


    He explains carefully in his ABSTRACT.....

    NICAP, the differences between which are important for historical understanding. What I call "the real NICAP" was headed by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe starting in 1957, and I became his assistant in 1958. For approximately 12 years, NICAP was a large and very effective UFO organization. This is the NICAP that accomplished a lot against great odds, as I will explain. When the negative University of Colorado (Condon Committee) report was released in 1968, NICAP began a downhill slide and gradually faded away after the Air Force closed down Project Blue Book in 1969. Its assets finally were purchased by the Center for UFO Studies.


    NICAP history comprises three distinct eras:

    1. Organization & Incorporation: October-December 1956. (Townsend Brown, President pro tem)

    etc ( he goes on with a very nice run down of the official Nicap history. Funny how he turned a blind eye to the information above though..... <g>

    hahahaha..... and this is the statement that reminds me of my husband George.

    "NICAP, the differences between which are important for historical understanding. What I call "the real NICAP" was headed by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe starting in 1957, and I became his assistant in 1958."

    George thinks that nothing happened for Linda Brown before I became his " assistant" too! <g>

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    By the way... working on Chapter 10 of the Rewrite where I mention meeting a lady by the name of Clara John. She had organized an informal discussion group and was also mimeographing the reports of " Flying Saucer sightings " in a little news sheet she called the " Little Listening Post"

    This is not an official release of the rewrite and it might change alot before it get published but here is just a bit about what I had to say in this chapter....................

    REWRITE Chapter 10 Leesburg to Umatilla NICAP/

    Shortly after Halloween in 1955 Dad took me to a gathering at the fine country home of a lady by the name of Clara John. Mrs John wrote, mimeographed and distributed a little newsletter about flying saucers and other mysteries that she called " The Little Listening Post". I studied the latest issues as we drove to her home and I asked Dad how it was that she seemed to know so much about all of these sightings. Dad simply answered that he suspected that she had some very good " inside" sources. " Oh" I said.

    Men in business suits and uniforms milled about in the livingroom Mrs. John was the perfect hostess, flitting from one group to the next, spending a few minutes in sincere conversation with each small group and then leaving to join another....making sure that everyone knew that they were to help themselves to the food displayed so beautifully. I thought that was the way that Mother would have done it too.... Fine silver trays displayed the food on the hunt table at the side of the room... and there were beautiful cut flowers in various areas.. I noticed right away that she and I were the only females there on that particular day, and I was sure that some of the men in that room were extremely important people. She still managed to spend time with me, locking in immediate on my love of ponies by asking me if I had noticed the Welsh mountain mares in the front pasture next to her house.. I never actually knew if they were hers or that she just was enough of a hostess to reach out to me that way... even if the ponies belonged to a neighbor. We talked for a few moments and then she was off greeting newcomers to the room.

    After we left Dad said that he believed that this particular group of people were keenly interested in " Flying Saucers" and that they might be willing to become involved in something a little more formal than Mrs. Johns discussion group. He had the idea that there should be a network of members which would investigate saucer sightings and then be able to turn those reports over to some sort of central group which could spend more time investigating them, That way information wouldn't be lost or overlooked."..
    ................... well........ it goes on.......................

    The moment between the chalk and the eraser. If Mr. Hall had his way. The name of Townsend Brown would be erased. <g> THAT is not going to happen! Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; May 2nd, 2013 at 04:26 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Yes. Love that one. Townsend Brown was president in 1956, but it didn't exist until 1958. LOL! Some people sure do like to twist things don't they.

    Unfortunately, it's easy to twist things and have people believing things that aren't true with a few simple statements.

    I had a good chuckle. Thanks.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    guess I have more to say about Halls take on NICAP. He goes on to say.....

    The formative period of NICAP was in 1956 when a small group of Washington, D.C., area businessmen and professionals headed by T. Townsend Brown, a Navy scientist, began organizing a national UFO group. NICAP was incorporated in Washington, D.C., on October 24, 1956. Among the organizers were two people with past CIA connections: Nicolas de Rochefort and Bernard J.0. Carvalho.. Most were doctors, lawyers, clergymen and scientists.

    Although well intended, the organizers' plans were so grandiose and unrealistic that they were scrapped and Major Keyhoe was elected Director to implement more realistic plans early the following year. I will not devote a great deal of time to this "proto-NICAP" because its reign lasted only a few months. To the best of my knowledge, none of the organizers remained active in leadership positions. Some did become Associate Members

    I always have taken exception to his use of the words " grandiose and unrealistic". That slam of course was aimed directly at Dad who reportedly was supposed to have been " replaced" because of those same traits. That wasn't exactly true. He never intended to stay past the founding and it was his suggestion that Keyhoe be the person to replace him.

    It was quite right that Dad was prepared to spend more money on the NICAP offices and staff than was probably practical. He had always grown up with money and had spent by then over a quarter of a million dollars of his own money on his scientific research so it is true that my Dad certainly knew how to spend money and I am sure that there were those there who felt that he was not financially.... hmmmm whats a good word.... responsible?... Thats what his Uncle had told him to be when he advised him to ...." give up the idea of these silly "scientific day dreams " and " tie down to business"...... its sort of a laugh to me that Dad would found a Flying Saucer Discussion group and then THEY complain that he is being..... irresponsible. Thats pretty funny.

    Townsend Browns ideas for their future were probably grandiose for most of them. My point is that he didn't much care anyway... he was not planning on running the operation.and he was already planning to be somewhere else.. he had made sure that it was begun because he actually needed it for his own research..( and he had help setting up that intelligence network)..Hall and others criticized him over that point but Dad never denied that reports coming in from all over the world wouldn't be a help to him.

    Dad never intended to stay because he had already left the Washingon area BEFORE he was ousted from NICAP. If he had intended to stay he would have still been in the Washington area.

    Just setting a little bit of the record straight. Of course Mr. Hall is entitled to his opinion but in this case he is not seeing the entire story. He should look more carefully at the two gentlmen who helped Dad incorporate the " Original NICAP"
    Hall wrote himself "Among the organizers were two people with past CIA connections: Nicolas de Rochefort and Bernard J.0. Carvalho"..... later it was run by a past head of the CIA.... Hillenkoeter himself. Does anyone see a thread here? <g> Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    "headed by T. Townsend Brown, a Navy scientist,

    Again, an interesting twist. Dad resigned from the Navy in October of 1942.
    And yet here he is a Navy Scientist? For my Dad at that time.... that was really old history. <g>
    Anybody look up the CIA guys yet?

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