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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Lady of Light.

    I thought that you might be interested in seeing this link. I know that you did not know much about my Dads " work" when I first found came to your site. Perhaps this will help you understand that this is important stuff.... another reason that some are trying so hard to discredit whatever I would choose to say. Thats not going to work and you have been a wondrous shelter from that storm. I thank you.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    OK. THAT'S the room I saw, but NOT the device(s) that were in that vision of mine. Definitely the room, or one VERY similar. Looking at those pictures I get a very strange sensation of "I was there". Weird for me.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Lady of Light. In the oddest of ways I think that you probably were there because I know the scene that you are talking about... something we need to talk about personally someday.

    until then. I know that I have mentioned Beau Kitselman here and that he was Dads best friend. Yesterday one of my cosmictoken members posted this quote from Kitselman and I think it needs... and in fact... is almost requesting to be here. This is what he had to say in 1946.

    • View topic - Kitselman and Brown pre 1950

    "This book was written in the hope of finding friends for the Intelligence, which is real, though not yet (January 1946) as large as herein described. If you feel yourself to be such a friend, do not conceal the fact; the writer will be pleased to hear from you. At a time when one of the world's most respected governments is planning an experiment (exploding an atomic bomb under water), which is likely to cause more death and destruction than did both world wars, the Intelligence needs friends."

    And that phrase haunts me...... The intelligence needs friends.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    The Intelligence STILL needs " Friends" and this is what this is all about folks. If you see it, as I am sure that Lady of Light does and many of the others here too.... then at least we know what we are being challenged with......... if you have no idea what we are talking about then that is alright too... though a great loss I believe. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Lady of Light. In the oddest of ways I think that you probably were there because I know the scene that you are talking about... something we need to talk about personally someday.
    I look forward to that conversation.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I am looking forward to that Lady of Light, in a big way.

    I just discovered this which might be interesting to those who have discovered the " work" of Townsend Brown for the first time. There are solid references to his developments. And this might help...

    The "Lifter" Phenomenon
    What makes it especially interesting to me is this statement

    Tom Valone5,6 has compiled much useful information about the patents and work of T.T. Brown. He notes, "Unknown to many non-conventional propulsion experts, T. Townsend Brown's electrogravitics work after the war [WWII] involved a classified multinational project. American companies such as Douglas, Glenn Martin, General Electric, Bell, Convair, Lear, and Sperry-Rand participated in the research effort. Britain, France, Sweden, Canada, and Germany also had concurrent projects from 1954 through 1956."

    The NASA Patent— and Denials
    Another remarkable development in this lifter saga occurred this year. A NASA employee was awarded a U.S. patent, #6,317,310 on the asymetrical capacitor thruster and it is assigned to NASA! We have reproduced key introductory portions of this patent (see p. 30) which seems to be grand theft of the intellectual property of T.T. Brown, with no referencing thereof! The abstract glibly states:

    "The high voltage source applies a high voltage to the conductive elements of sufficient value to create a thrust force on the module inducing movement thereof."There is no discussion whatsoever in this patent of the infamous "ion wind" explanation of the thrust. Given that NASA is in the business of space travel in vacuo, it is implicit that the inventor and agency believes this technology is relevant to spaceflight— either that or it is grossly misleading people. Is NASA somehow trying to slip potentially reactionless thrusters (i.e. Newton's Third Law— violating technology!) or heretical "antigravity" technology into the public arena? Probably not.

    As it is often said, "Never attribute to malice what is more readily explained by stupidity." From an internal NASA memo (sent to Ventura in late May 2002):

    An article appeared in the May 11, 2002, issue of Wired.com/news, by Michelle Delio, about the controversial, and as— yet unresolved, "Lifter" effect; also known as "Asymmetrical Capacitors," "Electrogravitics," and the "Biefeld-Brown effect (circa 1955)." This effect claims anomalous thrust from high-voltage capacitors, and therefore, falls within the scope of Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP). Marc Millis [of NASA] was quoted in the article. The version cited in the Wired article is from Tim Ventura, a UNIX programmer for AT&T Wireless. This topic is controversial because most of the recent work, work that was not coordinated with the BPP Project, has focused on promoting claims rather than on credibly resolving the unknowns, and has published these claims in inappropriate venues. Such activities have tainted the overall credibility of BPP research, by association. Fortunately, a new effort, involving a reprogrammed Congressional earmark, has been tasked to conduct an independent experimental test of these "Asymmetrical Capacitor" claims. This new effort, managed by MSFC's Gary Johnson, involves a MSFC-managed earmark to the West Virginia Institute for Software Research (ISR). This work is now being coordinated with BPP Project.
    Yet other "PR" on this topic from NASA alleges that the ion wind explanation suffices to explain Biefield-Brown! Well, the physics establishment has had almost a century to deal with this question and has simply ignored it, but now NASA, with its patent already in hand, proposes to perform a funded study on it. . .toward what end?

    3. Staff Report. 2002. "Naudin's Lifter Phenomenon," Electric Spacecraft Journal, 33, January 16, 18-22.
    4. Davenport, L. 1995. "T.T. Brown Experiment Replicated," Electric Spacecraft Journal, 16.
    5. Valone, T., ed. 1994. Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology, Integrity Research Institute, Washington, D.C.
    6. Valone, T. 1995. "T.T. Brown's Electrogravitics," Electric Spacecraft Journal, 14, 24-29.
    7. Stein, W.B. 2000. "Electrokinetic Propulsion: The Ion Wind Argument," Purdue University, Energy Conversion Lab (Hangar #3, Purdue Airport, West Lafayette, IN 47906), September 5.
    8. Cohen, D. 2002. "Going Up (the latest on Evgeny Podkletnov gravity shield experiments)," New Scientist, January 12, 173, 2325, 24-27.

    And of course this is the statement that has been so true and which you and this forum are helping to reveal even further..........

    "Unknown to many non-conventional propulsion experts, T. Townsend Brown's electrogravitics work after the war [WWII] involved a classified multinational project.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And this quote from the above which might catch some of your more astute hobbyists attention!

    "by Eugene F. Mallove
    All over the world, a strange hobby is gathering force— the making of cheap, lightweight craft of aluminum foil, balsa wood, and thin wire, which "thrust" themselves silently upward in defiance of gravity. The model airplane-type structures, superficially resembling triangular kites, have no wings, propellers, or moving parts. Indoors or out, the craft leap upward against nylon tethers that hold them back from zooming ever higher!

    The "power" source for such craft? Nothing more than a ground-based high-voltage power supply (30,000 volts and above)— often scavenged by tinkerers from old computer monitors. The internet-linked hobbyists compete to see how much mass (actually, weight) of payload (now in the several grams range) their "lifters" can carry. They proudly display their new designs and accomplishments in internet images and video clips; consult the several websites referenced to view the videos and the original material.1

    Even more amazing about this space-age hobby: There is no clear, generally accepted physics explanation about how these craft work! In electronics terms, they are asymmetrical capacitors (one side or electrode holding more charge than the other) onto which charge has been applied from a DC source. There is an unmistakable force generated that makes these craft experience movement in the direction toward the smaller-sized electrode. The "skeptics," of course, have the usual knee-jerk reaction that this odd phenomenon can be explained very simply. They contend that the craft are simply imparting motion to ionized air molecules and are thus relying on jet thrusting action of propelled mass, i.e. it's just "ion wind." But some (not all) experiments, and all calculations of the "ion wind" explanation that I have seen, find it quite insufficient (by orders of magnitude, depending on the assumptions) to explain the "antigravity" thrusting. Are these lifters then, in part, "reactionless thrusters," or are they manifesting, in part, genuine antigravity effects?

    Know well that some of these lifters have been turned 90 degrees and used in pairs to thrust horizontally about a shaft, creating an interesting motor effect. (What are the energetics and ultimate efficiencies of such motors? These are interesting and important questions, to be sure.) It is not possible to say one way or the other how lifters work their magic— and that is part of the excitement and charm of this area. This is a field ripe for open-ended experimentation and development of products.

    Bear in mind that the conditions and parameters of individual experiments are very important— firm conclusions about physics cannot be drawn from a single isolated experiment, no matter how carefully done. What is the voltage level, degree of asymmetry of the capacitor, orientation, steady DC power vs. pulsed DC power, etc.? It may well be, for example, that the truly interesting physics emerges only at higher voltage levels; there is evidence of that in the historical record of"electrogravitics"— Thomas Townsend Brown's work (see below)— from which this field emerged.2

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    They talk openly of "lifters" but one of the first demonstrations for a " lifter" was by my Dad in a lab at Dupont Circle Building..... in 1955. I mention that experience in " The Good-Bye Man"... I was only 10 but was already learning how to " blend in" at his lab so that no one would notice me ...and that demonstration was a wonder.

    But ask yourself. From 1955 to now.....what has been developed? Linda


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is what my impression was like in 1955... drawn from a very rough rewrite draft......I still have a very long way to go but this will give you an insight on the contribution that I may be able to lend, from my particular standpoint..............

    REWRITE Chapter Eight

    That summer of 1955 Daddy occasionally took me with him to Washington so that we could spend some extra time together.. The long car would glide up to the carriage house after dinner on Saturday night and collect the two of us. The driver, almost always someone new, never said a word during the trip to he city, but I took no offense. I was thrilled to have Daddys undivided attention and chattered non-stop about what I had been doing that week. I told him about my favorite horse or about the adventures of my last trail ride. By the time we got to his apartment near Dupont Circle I usually had worn myself out and was ready for him to make up the cot he kept folded and stashed under his bed.

    If the weather was nice the next morning we would take a cab down to the bank of the Potomac river, almost directly under the large bridge that reached over to the Virginia side. The dock was always crowded with families or couples shoving their silver rental canoes into the water. But only a select few had their own private canoe and I was extraordinarily proud of Dads It was big and wooden, beautifully varnished on the inside and sported a shiney light grey hull with a smart navy stripe along the edge.

    He always called ahead and ordered a picnic lunch which would be waiting at the dock. We looked forward to finding out what surprises the ice chest held and never knew exactly what would be packed. We always celebrated when we discovered a couple of pieces of cherry pie with the rest of the meal. After loading the cooler we always paddled upstream and spent the day exploring the various little rocky islands that dotted the center of the river. It was a different world up there. The tree branches reached over the waters edge and there was no sign of the city,,,, at the very end of the day we would turn the big canoe into the current and come bounding and whooping as the swiftwater swept us effortlessly downstream.

    On special evenings we ate dinner at a fine restaurant with crisp white tablecloths and heavy silver settings where each table seemed to have its own waiter. We had long conversations about faraway places but the most fun of all were the nights when I went to work with Dad right after dinner.

    The first evening he handed me a white lab coat and advised me to put my hair "up". saying..." Just stick close to me and don't say anything to anyone." I felt terribly important and when the security guard signed us in and waived us through the door I was sure that he was completely taken by my disquise.

    The walls of Dads lab were marked with scarey signs that said HIGH VOLTAGE and the grey concrete floor had yellow lines painted on it.Desks were scattered about the huge room as if someone had just said...." Here, this will do" and plopped them any old where. Dads office was at one side of this enormous room and thats where "we" worked... or rather... he worked at his desk and I sketched or curled up on his leather couch with a soft blanket. Sometimes we would not leave the lab until two or three in the morning but I found that very exciting..

    ..One night I fell asleep on that couch and he woke me to let me know that there would soon be visitors in the lab " Sweetie I have some " Brass coming to visit. I would like you to sit at that desk over there by the window until they have come and gone. Just practice your typing and look busy and don't say anything or make eye contact with anyone."

    The " Brass " filed in as a group of about ten gentlemen, Most of them, but not all , were wearing crisp military uniforms. Of the " civilians I recognized Dr. Sarbacher and Mr. Lear, whom I had met previously. I almost waved to them but remembering Dads caution I immediately buried my attention on the paper I was pretending to transcribe. Mother had given me a little rhyme about a quick fox and a lazy dog and she had said that if I typed that constantly I could eventually be an expert typist. At the very least it made me sound professional and busy.

    I peeked at the group out of the corner of my eye while I clattered away at the typewriter. Some of the men in uniforms were talking to each other, a couple were speaking to Dad but their leader was quite gruff and acted as if he was already late for the more important things that he had to do that day. I thought that whatever Dad had wanted to show them he should probably be quick about it.

    Daddy directed their attention to balsa wood model that looked like an oversized envelope made out of aluminum foil. " From everything that you know about science, if I apply power to this.... will it move?"

    The important man took a moment to walk around the wingless contraption, "NO" he snapped." Certainly not!" in a tone of voice that seemed to say " What a complete waste of time this morning is turning out to be"

    " Would you like to bet your career on that?" Dad asked, at the same time reaching over to a black knob like the one that made my electric train go around. He turned it a bit to the right and the silver envelope started to shiver. The most curious of the men, those closest to it..... took a half step backward. Dad turned the knob some more and the packet shook even harder and began to hiss. The men stepped back still again. bumping into each other in the process. and I couldn't help but look at them directly. Dads model had unexpectedly and suddenly popped up until it hovered dead level with the Admirals wide open mouth. I thought that it was the greatest sight that I had ever seen,

    The meeting didn't last much longer. The men walked out almost as quickly as they had walked in but they were noticeably quieter this time. As soon as the door closed behind them I asked what it all meant. Dad beamed at me and said.... " Oh, a whole lot of things Sweetie. A whole lot of things
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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I have a question for some of you intrepid investigators...

    Why do you think that Mikado has developed such a passion to discredit whatever I might choose to say.
    Why do you think that Paul Schatzkin ( author of the only authorized biography of T. Townsend Brown) worked for six years. wrote a manuscript of over 600 pages) and then a couple of weeks after meeting with Mikado..... threw up his hands... declared publically that there was nothing to the story or the work of Townsend Brown, shut down his Forum and basically walked off. He published a blog on his website called the EPIC FAIL. Its out on the Internet now and if anyone is interested to see what he SAID were his reasons for quiting I think its easy to bring up.....

    And then... probably only because of contractual obligations with me he published the UNEDITED manuscript....

    Why did all of this happen?

    Since then folks like Zorgon have tried to discredit me entirely... even in fact trying to say that I am not Townsend Browns daughter....and yet.... Zorgon spends good money to buy a letter that my Dad happened to write that became available on an Internet auction.

    Why would he even care.

    Alot of stuff going on here folks and its all connected. Anyone have any theories. I am all ears. Linda

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