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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Just out of curiosity I googled Paul Schatzkin EPIC FAIL . You should see all of the references to the HUT and some of the nasty remarks that Mikado has spread out there... I have decided that its worth it to me, while I am also working on this rewrite, to gather material that will answer the questions...

    Why did Paul Schatzkin actually quit and what was Mikados part in it.
    Its obvious that he has been an active player in this...and I wonder if its just as simple as this...

    Discredit what I have to say... you bury interest that would otherwise build up about Townsend Browns work.... and you keep the public from uncovering what actually is going on regarding it.

    I am still wondering what part Zorgon has in all of this. Sometimes I wonder if his entire website is simply designed as a " watering hole" for keeping track of those who are interested in this subject. Also gives others a chance to identify the various people who might effect change. They have been very active at this.... going so far as to actually come here to try to effect their agenda. Luckily Lady of Light has another viewpoint that made her more immune to their efforts... but the question still is there... why is this concerted effort so important to some?

    To me its worth investigating. Who is Mikado actually? What are his connections to Zorgon? Who were the others who interacted with folks who brought up the Townsend Brown subject on the History Channel Forum. That entire situation disappeared like fog in sunlight.....

    But I suspect that the "players" who were active there are still out there on different Forums. Just as Mikado tried to introduce himself as " Ridgerunner"... there are those hiding behind masks... I think it might be time for some to be revealed.

    At least... I hope that you have all agreed that I am who I have said I am. Are we agreed on that? Funny that those who doubted me so much... and cried so loudly.... have all but dissappeared. What was their agenda?


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    49chevy.com : EPIC FAIL

    The comments are best.
    Mikado was waffling on about having built flying discs in the 70's and them now been in the land fill.
    I threatened to bash Paul with a rolled up newspaper.
    It's always six O'clock in Alice in wonderland

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I've noticed that some people are not happy unless they're miserable. I'm not naming anyone specific. As for me, what you see is what you get. I have enough trouble keeping up with who I am. Let's not complicate it.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And I have noticed that some people can't be happy unless they are happy..... we all find our water level I guess and hope to stick to it.

    49chevy.com : EPIC FAIL

    "What struck me as most ironic while reading of this amazing project is that Dr. Brown, as you have discovered, spent most of his life covering up his life and work...and he did a hell of a good job!!! Even in death he remains a mystery! Wow. I say very cool movie stuff. I can't even imagine consistently behaving in any sense over such a long period of time!
    Besides that, what you have accomplished here says a lot about your character and that you will take with you forever"

    These were words from the Epic Fail link in the comments section. I don't know who this lady was but I sure wish that she would speak up here. She saw something then and there that I was slow to accept... Yes.... that my Dad was responsible for " covering up his life and work"... I suspected it but I have seen more and more evidence of that.

    Surely its time for us to break out from under that shadow.

    George today asked me what my Mother must have been thinking when Dad basically left the family on an isolated island for nearly five years.... where he was gone most of the time. Why did he do that? Why did she put up with that?

    And I realized that in my attempts to answer those questions for myself I am actually writing my book along those lines... and of course others have to understand that I am taking solid facts that I DO know about and observations of my own experiences and using those to form my own particular conclusions. They may not be the conclusions that others may draw but I hope if there is a difference that other researchers will have enough respect for me and others... so if they have a differing opinion of what was happening that they will present their homework in detail.... not just spout the opinion. I expect that there might be alot of that happening.

    I challenge Mikado. If he thinks that I am so wrong about the conclusions I have drawn... then I invite him to step forward with a well researched counter proposal to the way that things might have gone.

    I welcome other opinions on what my Dad was doing during his very mysterious life. Step forward if you have information that goes counter to my observations. They may be polar opposites but still be the same. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; May 27th, 2013 at 04:52 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    In Epic Fail Paul said

    "I know that there are some of you reading this who are surprised and disappointed -- if not downright outraged -- by this conclusion. Sure, there are alternatives. I could persist in my persistence. I could continue working on a revised draft. I could edit and proofread and self-publish. But the first draft is already "out there," circulating in unknown ways through the cyber-ether. And the inescapable fact of the matter is that there is not any amount of re-writing that is going to reveal any more than what has already been told, what has already been launched into the firmament"

    He and I had a contract and this
    " I could edit and proofread and self-publish
    Would have been all that I would have asked of him. He says that he has six years involved in this project but I was with him every step of the way... and putting our " product" out there the way that he did was a great detriment to me. No one should buy a book that is presented the way that Paul presented his Biography of my Dad....and since I will never see a dime ( I only would get 20% of the profits anyway..... AFTER his expenses) I think that I have a right to gripe that he treated me unfairly and in fact actually acted in extremely bad faith regarding what should have been my rightful expectations. I could edit and proofread and self-publish.... YES.... He COULD HAVE... he SHOULD have and all of the words that he spews out here do not explain why he didn't follow through and do a professional job that was promised.

    I am not often open to thoughts of conspiracy and his actions here speak to that.

    He said once that Character is Action. What was Pauls Character in these actions? Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And I know that it seems that I am harping on Mikado.... but the answer still has not been answered.... why was it that Paul quit so suddenly after meeting with Mikado. Six years he hangs in there.... and one meeting with Mikado inspires him to go home and publish the " EPIC FAIL"

    I just want to know what was really going on between those two....

    And what is STILL going on.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    My husband asked me today why in the world I have so much interest in following up on my Dads work...and it was hard to answer him because he really can not see what I do. Perhaps no one else does either.

    I happened across something that Langley had messaged on the ttbrown forum ( Paul Schatzkins Forum.) The date was AFTER Paul had quit but some of the members there had encouraged him to keep the Forum up and available though it is locked down for further comments. Langleys posted in March 09 was perhaps the most important but I will leave it to all of you to see the importance of what is going on here.... or not....

    I posted this on the cosmic token too so that it won't be lost.

    by Linda Brown » Tue May 28, 2013 3:50 am

    This is from the old ttbrown forum and from our good companion Langley....
    Welcome to the Parallel Universe ? View topic - Lock Down
    I wish that Paul had paid better attention to the things that he had to say and I encourage you to read ALL of his message but this is the part that I wanted to point out to everyone.... the most outstanding observation in red....

    "On reading the official the Symth report, the official account of the atomic bomb program (Atomic Energy for Military Purposes (The Smyth Report) The Official Report on the Development of the Atomic Bomb Under the Auspices of the United States Government By Henry De Wolf Smyth at http://www.atomicarchive.com/Docs/Smyth ... ndex.shtml) the same theme pops up. That the forces are fundamentally ELECTROSTATIC. TT had serious lung problems because of ozone. Ionisation by electricity. Though today the whole thing is thought of in terms of the Nuclear Force, the binding energy and mass conversion, its actually electrostatics. Go back to the OLD nonclemanture - what things were called and why they were calld it, and we find a postive and a negative application of the same deal. Especially when one goes back to what has been said and refenced about neutrons in these forums. A malleable collective thing formed from sub sub particles seemingly as required. As if the boundary between "this side" and the "other side" is responsive and self stabilising. But capable of unleashing ferocious forces when manipulated brutally or of seemingly to transcend the laws of physics. But that actually an oxymoron. Or something. We dont tell the cosmos what to do. (have a go, see what happens). We have to observe and apply that which has always been.

    Its like, huh? Two Donald Campbell's in two Bluebirds on the same Lake Eyre doing the same 400 mph on the same but opposite vectors.

    And there was a vanishing point where they met. Just a flash, a twinkle and they were gone from public view.

    Which is not say I think TT was involved in the bomb. He wasnt. Now I cant verbalise my feelings on this any better than I have. Im just laying underneath it all looking up and marvelling. I aint gonna drive it any distance at all. Just in case. Ill let someone young and immortal do that.

    We live in an expanded singularity. Just beneath what we call reality, there is a field. Everything comes from it. It is the field of the Singularity. But its stretched out. It connects each point with every other point as if it were still a singularity. Had the MED guys "gone the other way", it wouldnt have been a bomb so much as breach in time and space. Hiroshima would have disappeared. No smoke, no flames, no nothing. There, it starts and idles, but no way am I taking out on the street. Id be tempted to lay serious rubber."Such serious and important observations and I particularly liked this

    Greetings Radomir! Hope you and yours are well. Not bad, still trying to get my head around history. And this vague and queasy feeling that the guys into fission had/have things in negative. While Brown had them in positive


    Greetings to you too Radomir... from another time but the thoughts are the same....

    ************************************************** ***************************

    This message from Langley was typed out March 25, 2009... after Paul had closed down the Forum and then been asked to AT LEAST leave it up and make it available for future investigators. Paul had given up and said that there was nothing to the work of Townsend Brown because HE COULDN'T SEE IT. But if you read the implications of what Langley says here.... perhaps its a very good thing that people don't actually see anything quite yet....until they are prepared for the responsibility........
    Linda Brown

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    "Had the MED guys "gone the other way", it wouldnt have been a bomb so much as breach in time and space. Hiroshima would have disappeared. No smoke, no flames, no nothing.Perhaps they were encouraged to go in the direction that they were encouraged to see. Perhaps the other road was protected then. Perhaps it still is. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    "Briefly, the Townsend Brown I know was a scientist first, a spook secondly, and a family man in the time left over to him"

    Thats how Jan Lofton , my writing partner recently described my father.
    In 2002 another writer convinced me that he could capture my Dads life well in a biography. He claimed that he was not looking for a revelation of my Dads long classified research but more the simple story of what Dads life was like living on the cutting edge of developing gravity propulsion technology. He declared that I could help him describe how the forces around Dad affected our lives as a family and thats where his interest lay. He stressed that he was interested in the human side of it all. Answering the questions of what it meant to be on the leading edge of technology. He reiterated that he was not interested in the details of the science behind it but in how Townsend Brown and the people around him dealt with their situations.

    In January of 2009 Paul Schatzkin suddenly published the 600 page unedited manuscript " Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown." . And he walked away from the project! He declared mysteriously that unless those scientific details were released that Dads life history without them would somehow not be valid..
    That same week Jan and I shook hands and agreed that we needed to pick up where Paul had faltered.
    " The Good-Bye Man" was that story.

    Through the last couple of years I realized that even THAT rendition wasn't enough. It didn't explain things well enough and wasn't ( quite frankly.... to be tough on both of us)...well enough written. It did what it was meant to do at the time, but it wasn't enough.

    I am beginning to understand... some things just are not ready.... until they are ready.

    A few months ago I began to rewrite " The Good-Bye Man".

    I have had quite a few people ask if there will be more " science" involved in it and I will have to say.... yes....BUT that is not the primary thrust of the effort here..

    I have reported what happened to me as an individual, during a certain time frame. . There were many things happening around me at various times that I didn't recognize but that doesn't mean that my account won't be very helpful for those following Dads work. For example.... Did anyone know that my Dad demonstrated what is now commonly called a " lifter" in 1955? What does that mean folks? He demonstrated it to representatives of the military and their reaction was total shock. What happened after that? Surely someone out there knows.

    My book isn't just about the science of ThomasTownsend Brown. Its about a father who was involved in work so secret that he could not answer to his own son when he was asked...." why do you choose this... over me?"

    Its about a daughter who somehow understood the answer would never be given, not by her father or her lover who chose to follow the same career.

    And its about a courageous woman who understood that the passion for the science would always come first to her husband , no matter how much they loved each other . She was able to accept that reality
    ........ She used to say , wistfully," I could write a book!"

    Josephine Beale Brown, this will be that book, Finally....

    THATS why I wrote " The Good-Bye Man". and am rewriting it now. I felt that there needed to be a solid story out there that would reveal the sacrifices that I know my Mother, Dad and close companions offered so selflessly. I wanted it to be a human story so that when people saw the name " Townsend Brown" they would also know about the others in his life, not just formulas or prototypes in well studied notebooks and papers.....


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And to Lady of Light. I had to laugh the other day when I looked back at my desk and I had pages of the rewrite.... all over the place..... sorting the chapters that I had just had printed so that I would have a hard copy.... I thought immediately of your vision....

    And that gentleman is still shaking his head, looking at all of those boxes of incoming information.
    I am convinced that you saw him too.... wondering...... how do we even start? <g> Linda

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