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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This has some interesting responses on the Pearl Harbor Demonstration subject.

    Welcome to the Parallel Universe ? View topic - Pearl Harbor Demonstration


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Since this is supposed to be a forum that talks about conspiracies. Let me run this one past you...

    Paul Schatzkin spends 6 years surrounded with good stuff... thats his forum Welcome to the Parallel Universe ? View topic - Pearl Harbor Demonstration

    And then he meets with Mikado.... and after 6 years of hard work he throws it all away and walks off... publishing the book as a non edited manuscript.

    And that same Mikado developed a Forum that took over behind Pauls active Forum ( which was then shut down) and look at the HUT now? There hasn't been an active discussion there in months.

    And then we have him here..... and what has he been trying to do here if not to discredit and bury me.

    Want to talk Conspiracy? I think that there is plenty of material out there to make the case. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is a quote from the Book that " Beau" Kitselman wrote in 1962

    ""B. and I were separated for some years right after the war, but we kept in touch. When I was teaching calculus to a group of Navy men at Barbers Point (which is a part of Pearl Harbor), my students built and operated a 'gravitator' and we all became very enthusiastic. The FAWTUPAC Commander took an interest, B. was sent for, and finally no less a personage than CINCPAC Admiral Radford witnessed a demonstration. B. was well treated by his Navy acquaintances, who were of course immensely proud of him, but the demonstrations were still rather primitive, and no scientists appeared. We all thought the millennium was at hand, but it wasn't. Actually, this sort of thing had been going on for years, for even though B. was more of a shrinking violet than a bold promoter, every now and then his friends would try to get somebody interested."

    Do you see something that looks familiar. Notice the mention of " Gravitor"..... Thats what Mikado SAYS he was building. So what happened to it?

    And why would he simply be redoing work that had been accomplished so many years before? Surely if the Navy " Brass" mentioned above had seen a demonstration.... they would have done something about it, wouldn't they?


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And just in case.... I have started sending copies of my now finished rewrite of" The Good-Bye Man" to selected individuals for safekeeping. Just in case.... so no matter what happens to me from this point out..... the work that I have done will not be buried or compromised.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Just making the note here that " Gravitator" and "Gravitor" are the same beast ... Dad and Beau Kitselman started calling it a " Gravitator" in the Pearl Harbor Days and then changed.

    I use the term interchangably but understand that might confuse some folks...


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This was an exchange I had with Pimander months ago. Note how very interested he was in getting to see me PERSONALLY. What was that all about? And now that I have proven that I am actually Linda Brown.... what does that mean for the rest of his message? But of course , instead of all of this challenging rhetoric... He has just disappeared.... with Zorgon and dear Exterminator close behind.

    Was it the same person I was dealing with? With the same agenda?

    " Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)
    [QUOTE=Linda Brown;98967]That does not prove that YOU are TT Brown's daughter. Nobody here is thick enough to buy that surely?I am not discussing Passports because my Passport of course is not in the name of Linda Brown and if I take all of the numbers away and the personal information what is left.... where I have been? Why would you be interested in seeing that Pimander. You ask for just a bit too much here I think.

    I know your married name I think so you won't be showing me much. I don't need the number to see what you look like. We can check marriage record to show it is Linda Ann Brown. If you chat on webcam to me I'll ask you to post something. If you posted what I said I would know that it was you.
    Originally Posted by Linda Brown
    And though it was Sonoma who hit the panic button about the Watsonia Barracks remark on the Pegasus Forum.... as I recall IT WAS YOU THAT I FIRST APPROACHED TO TELL YOU OF MY CONCERNS REGARDING MATRIX.... less than a week later I found myself out in the cold wondering what the hell had happened...
    I don't remember you contacting me about Matrix. Are you sure it wasn't Somamech? I still don't understand the Watsonia reference never mind being panicked by it. Is it something to do with Pine gap and the NSA or something?

    Originally Posted by Linda Brown
    So now you expect me to move Heaven and earth to prove ANYTHING to you?

    I find that really interesting. and I just caught the whiff of a familiar scent. The fox..... a very crafty older fox.......

    you called me a " cheeky mare".... wasn't that the expression? The only one in my entire life who has ever called me that ( in a fit of irritation with me!) was Mr. Twigsnapper. So from now on as far as I am concerned.... YOU SIR can take that Patch and blue dagger emblem and put it where your sun doesn't shine. Prove to me that you are NOT him or someone working hand in hand with him.... Cheeky Mare indeed.
    If "Twigsnapper" is English then that will be the reason for the use of the term "cheeky mare". Its English slang.

    Tell me his name and I'll ask him what he's up to. (JOKE) LOL
    I'm not just asking you to prove it to me but to the world. If you are not TT brown's daughter then the rest of your story is made up. If you are, then MAYBE it is not. It's called due diligence. I have so far not had anyone say they have seen photo ID except Mikado and I have asked.
    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 4th, 2013 at 09:04 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And there is that expression " due diligence" again.... in the several years that I have been involved in the Forums the only one who has used that phrase with some consistancey was Mikado.... and now Pimander uses it. I sniff a connection...

    Of course all of this cloak and dagger stuff is way beyond me. But I still remember how the entire Forum at Zorgons reacted to my questions about Matrix and BOY when I sent the message " The Boys from the Watsonia Barracks say hello" it was as if I had pulled the pin on a genade in their own little foxhole. They didn't know which way to go! One of them even went so far as to say that his life had been threatened! Of course I was unaware of how he would take the reference to Watsonia Barracks and I believe now that only someone knee deep in conspiracy would recognize that as a threat. Watsonia Barracks I understand now has a history of satellite communications and security for that part of the Pacific. Why would one of Zorgons crew believe that he would have his "life threatened" unless he was into something that he should not have been messing with.... with folks that don't take intrusion lightly.

    So I just find that Zorgon and his crew have interesting agendas that they are working.

    Just shedding some light in their direction. Because things are never what they seem in this world .


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I have jsut discovered that by one account Beau Kitselmans IQ was between 200-209. I am not an expert in such things as IQs and I know that they have been sort of discounted but in the fifties they were really important and that seems like a really high number to me.

    I am drawing this information from a post by an English Gentleman on our Cosmic Token

    ? View topic - Kitselman and Brown pre 1950
    The topic that we are approaching there would be wonderful here too... all about mental abilities and the Armies study... as early as the fifties... of hallucinating mushrooms.... my point is though... they did that to " open pathways" to a new communication. What if ... in the span of time between then and now certain groups have figured out how to do that... or how to recognize those who have those abilities already.

    Beau worked hand in hand with Dad. I know that. Its been proven over and over.... but when we keep saying that "Townsend Brown was a communications man" I think it is beginning to be time to ask the very serious question.... Communication with WHOM.... or maybe..... WHAT?

    These are not science fiction questions here folks. I am being dead serious. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I am sort of playing a mental game with all of you.... Who gets to the breakover point first... I note that the number of visitors to this particular thread is getting close to 10,000. I have challenged myself to be finished with this " rewrite" and ready to hand off to a publisher before we hit that mark.

    Ready, set....!!!!

    I have chapters 1-6 downpat and ready to hand off to Jan. I am sure that she will find things to correct in my copy but for myself I am pleased so far with what I have handed her.....of course after a certain point you just don't see anything any more....

    This is the hard part. I wish that Paul had bothered to treat his story with as much regard.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Exactly. Communication with? Communication by what means? About what? It's a giant ball of yarn. A cat's dream.


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