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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I will get back to you on that particular ping CAT. Its important. But right now I wanted to say this.....

    I am presenting this as a theory to be discussed.... and eventually proven or disproven, as all theories are meant to be. At the very least it will make for some interesting and I hope fruitful conversations!

    I submit that the human body has within it.... certain cells that are sensitive to what might be called " Electrogravitic pulses" If some of you don't know what is meant by that... trust me... there are such things..

    The sensitivity can be toward the beneficial and positive or to the alternate side.... almost as if they were polarities....

    I suggest that this method of control through "Pulses" is in the hands of those who would use it to control the actions and paths of others..

    And of course there are many different avenues that this theory takes ( It can be wonderfully positive of course and profoundly inspirational) but I would like to discuss one of the negative avenues...

    This negative situation I believe is in use NOW by a shadowy and unnamed human organization. We can get into THAT discussion later but right now I would simply like to focus on how they operate using this technology.

    Because of its history with me I have decided to call it the Mikado Effect.... or simply THE MIKADO... which is known as a black engine historically. In this context it is the driving force for negativity and dissention between humans....


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    The Mikado Effect - What is it?

    They had quite a discussion on the Mikado Effect. It might be of interest.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is from Zorgons Forum... posted quite a long time ago but I wanted to share the sentiment again/
    Sometimes you can spend alot of time in one direction ( the way that I did at the Pegasus Consortium ) and then discover that you have made a mistake going in that direction in the first place.

    Re: Correcting some misinformation

    " Reply #168 on: July 11, 2012, 07:59:08 PM »Well, I am glad that you guys have that all figured out!

    I have been thinking.
    Rose knows what that means.
    Zorgon..... uh.... it might take me too long to explain so i am just going to say it.

    I have been going in the wrong direction. I thought that following your hyperspace section and your aviation pieces were important to me because.... gee.... look at all of the time that you have invested in that direction. Look at all of the wonderful links! And I know that its all going to be treasure for someone... but I realized with a jolt....I am exploring in the wrong direction..... for me and for what I need to do...

    Rose....Remember the picture of Dad and me on the Deck of the Duchess?.... if I can find it I would post it so that you could see it too Zorgon. Its a hot summer day in 1960.... I am just 15 years old....and Dad for some silly reason is pointing to the sky..... I don't know why he did that... its always been sort of a silly photo.... Morgan however made a comment about that picture... calling Dad a sly fox or words similar..." Point them in one direction ( the sky) while the submarine passes under you going in the opposite direction."

    That didn't have the proper meaning to me until just today.

    With your new posts Rose it all sort of came downhill on me.... and where I was working so hard to get information when we were talking spaceplanes etc etc etc.... Now....information is coming to me easily.

    I am just sorry that this didn't happen earlier. I probably could have spared you all alot of strange rambling messages on my part but I was constantly searching... searching... searching.... the dates 1953 coming up over and over and then 1962.... and I know you will laugh at my " Now you are cooking" statement Zorgon but that came at a moment where the last few things fell into place....I took it as a special message.

    Now the hard part... going back over what I now KNOW and putting the solid facts in a string of dots that can not be contested by any one.

    That's something that I promise I will not drag you through.....

    Thanks for your patience with me... Linda Logged

    Well, I am glad that phase of my situation came to a close. But I did learn some things from it. One is that in my new book I have to offer alot of well verified foot notes.... so as people read they can double check how I came to some of the conclusions I have reached. We may come to different conclusions but isn't that the name of our human condition? We should be allowed to form our own opinions... but we shouldn't be hand fed information without the ability to check things on our own.

    So I think that I have beaten this forum to the 10,000 visitor mark because tomorrwo morning I will be handing my revised copy of " The Good-Bye Man" over to Rose for her opinion and editing skills.... and then in the following week other copies will be winging their way to sort of a special panel for their review and comments.

    And while that is happening I am going to go " hands off" everything for a couple of weeks.

    If I get quiet here, just know that I am resting and recharging my batteries. We still have a very long road ahead of us! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Well I guess we reached that special benchmark at about the same time so maybe we are a draw here! We have passed the 10,000 views watermark.... and I have completed the first phase of the rewrite at the same time.

    Thanks so much, all of you, for showing your interest in the " Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown" thread here. I appreciate your spoken and unspoken support.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I would like to share this bit of wisdom from Hobbit, just posted on the cosmic-token. It fits here too .

    hobbit » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:42 am

    Scooby Doo.
    Where Angels fear to tread.
    But not hobbits.

    I kept saying to RON that I had a high regard for HIM, and I still do.
    Perhaps his NDEs left Him open to alternative dimensions???

    I have waffled enough about straight lines etc, but trains run upon tracks, so it is the ideal anology to express( pun)
    how two sets of lines can run in parallel, but one train is going in exactly the opposite direction.

    You can go as far back as any history is recorded and find how people( vehicles) have become possessed, but by what?, and how?
    There are then many methods of reverting this possession, as such.
    The only book I have fully read, is the hobbit, and there must be some reason for that?
    I did pretty well on a book about the Rosicrucians, and Mr Twigsnapper asking what I knew of the Rosy cross fuelled that.
    It is very interesting how both sides of the rosicrucions have respect for the other, and there is often trip overs across from white to black.
    And there is no light without darkness.

    And these are the companions that I treasure the most on this experience. What he says here is quite right. There is no light without darkness.
    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 16th, 2013 at 10:03 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I have one Chapter in my new rewrite that is for the moment.... blank.

    Its Chapter 13.

    The mental image I have of it is that its like thirteenth floor on a solid building. The floor is there but the elevator never mentions it. ( some of you might remember those old elevators which never had a 13th floor)

    At this exact moment I have no idea what is supposed to be placed in that Chapter 13. I just know that it needs to be there. Now I am waiting because I know that it has a purpose and that it will all head in my direction before this Rewrite gets officially published. Its interesting to have a blank chapter sitting there in the middle of my book....

    Just waiting. As Dad said.... " Just wait for it".

    And I am especially pleased that I was able to get my rewrite accomplished ( in the main) by Fathers Day!

    My next major chore is to compile all of this massive outside information in the footnotes. I am looking forward to doing but right now I am pleased with having a couple of days off!

    Paul Schatzkin somehow failed to post his footnotes in his Biography of my Dad..(how does a person who is serious about being a biographer do that exactly????. and HOW do you manage to do that after six years of such diligent work? He said he lost it. ??????? That was, of course AFTER his meeting wtih Mikado.... a point I am not letting go of.... so expect a challenging revisit of that subject later when I have the energy for it. A writer who has been using computers forever JUST DOES NOT LOSE HIS MATERIAL....HE WOULD HAVE HAD BACK UPS.... WOULDN'T HE????)


    HAPPY FATHERS DAY..... I hope all of you Dads are having a wonderful time with your loved ones!


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I realized when looking over the last few passages of the book ( as it stands now.... rough copy....Rose I am sure will do quite a bit of polishing on it... but I realized when I looked back on this that I was actually mentioning you folks here on this forum too... so I wanted you to see what I had to say.

    It was really kind of nice getting to this point because it is the last chapter of the book.

    Of course I know that you will all honor my copyright position here....

    This book isn't entirely about the science of Thomas Townsend Brown.

    Its about a father who could not answer his own son when he asked " Why do you choose this. over me?" Its about a daughter who somehow understood the answer would never be given, not by her father, not by her lover who chose to follow the same career. Its about a courageous woman who understood that the passion for the science would always come first to her husband, no matter how much they loved each other. She was able to accept that reality.

    And its about others too who have somehow felt that there was a story here worth telling. The members of several Forums who have come together in an odd sort of " self organization" to encourage and add their voices to something that they felt was important. One of them said recently that our trip together has been a journey down a very long and mysterious hallway with closed doors on either side.

    " The Good-Bye Man" has gently pushed these doors open but then it goes on to open even more and yet more. A " multigenerational project" one Forum member called it.

    The detailed investigations into those rooms will come later. But if this book has contributed by offering that gentle nudge to each door then it has done what it was meant to do.

    Linda Brown
    Fathers Day

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I read the word "hallway" as "hellway" at first glance. I'm not sure that term has been inaccurate at times. Here's to hallways, hellways and doorways! Slainte!


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Or Portals, some would say!

    I just wanted to let you know Lady of Light that your vision of papers....is sure coming true around me recently! I am organizing copies of this manuscript..... and there are a heck of alot of papers that have to be properly sorted and double checked.... its so easy sometimes to get distracted and mix them up but so far so good. My office though is beginning to resemble something that John Nash might have worked in!

    Those open doors are appealing... and I have seriously peeked into some of them but right now I have to maintain my focus.....


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Thanks to Truth Vibrations for posting this on a recent thread.
    Look closely here about what is being said here folks and tell me if you don't see THE MIKADO EFFECT In operation...... marking in red the parts that coincide.

    "One of the conclusions of the Exopolitics.com study on the Transhumanist Agenda in the UFO/ET movement stated, “The anomalous eye and body movements of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be the result of remote advanced nano-mind control technology applied by military-intelligence agencies. Under this alternative, the brains, neurological systems, and personalities of Bassett, Huneeus and Greer are entrained by military-intelligence nano-mind control technologies to act out agendas of these agencies that in turn may be cybernetically directed by predatory dimensional extraterrestrials.” [2]

    If in fact as the forensic evidence suggests, Dr. Greer is under brain entrainment and cybernetic control, and hence acting out an agenda of military intelligence agencies and/or predatory dimensional extraterrestrials, then this development may represent a public peril of the first order. It is difficult to speculate whether this brain-mind entrainment may have led to the reported financial irregularities by Dr. Greer. It seems clear, from the threats that former Greer former team members are subjected to, that some sinister force is attempting to ensure that these witnesses do not speak out.Dr. Greer, the Sirius documentary and the Disclosure Project have a wide public profile. Such an opinion leadership makes Dr. Greer an ideal candidate for promoting “pseudo-disclosure”, or a continuation of demands for “official disclosure” that ensure that whistleblowers from actual, longstanding U.S-Extraterrestrial liaison and visitation programs are sidelined.

    [1] UFO/ET Citizen Hearing witnesses Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s anomalous eye movements may indicate brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology as part of a global control agenda

    By Alfred Lambremont Webre

    I can understand their concern. In a day when a perfectly sound Mercedes Benz sedan spits its engine yards away from its crash and bursts into flames... I would not blame people for being worried about suffering the possible fate of Michael Hastings.

    At the highest of levels.... nobody plays nice. Linda


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