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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)


    One of my Forum members has mentioned a book that was written by Agnew Bahnson
    " The Stars Are Too High"

    which lead to this conversation. Anyone here want to add to what is being said?


    I have been told by someone who has been in touch with a friend of Mr. Bahnsons that the book describes much of what was the absolute truth, cloaked in fiction. I hope that they will speak up here on this forum and say more?

    I read it a long time ago and know that I have the paperback here somewhere and I really do need to read it again. Its falling apart. I need to find a better copy.

    Funny that you would mention the book. As I recall Bahnson called the ship " The Argonaut" which is exactly what Dad called the little silver model that I was so fascinated with when I was a kid. I was seven and we were in California after leaving the Islands.( 1952) I discovered this shiney little model of a flying saucer and was so taken with it I was carefully playing with it.... making it bank and hover..... he caught me doing that... and basically took it away from me.... but not before making the comment...." It doesn't " bank" sweetie... it stays stable. Its not like a plane.

    I think that its strange that you just mentioned that because I just had a picture of that model in my hand... selecting the pictures that are to go in the rewrite of our book.....and he showed me how it would fly... just popping from one spot to the next.

    When Dad took it away from me he called it the " Most expensive paperweight in the world!"

    Of course now it makes more sense to me.... if the saucers ( when they were operating properly) didn't bank..... then if they " wobbled" then something was wrong.....

    Five years after this experience with the model ( which would be called the " Adamski Scout Ship" now).... Dad handed me a bunch of NICAP reports and asked me to filter out the ones that " wobbled"."Those are ours "he had said.

    . Dad called his little silver model " The Argonaut" because I asked him what its name was, so why then did Bahnson name his ship " The Argonaut?"

    Pieces coming together.
    Linda Brown "

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    The little ferret in a rabbit suit is back! Welcome Exterminator! I noticed your post on the other thread and actually questioned you over there about your statement that John Lear and his Dad got along. I don't know how you phrased it exactly but if that is the truth then John himself has lied about their relationship. So post here if you want and correct my understanding, if you can. I thought that John Lear had actually been disowned by his father in his will.... is that true? You seem to be the proud expert in all things John Lear. And actually I am quite happy to step aside and let you have those honors.

    I am quite sure that anyone who spends his time just " stirring the pot" would be a simple agravation to me. And John certainly has consistantly said strange and conflicting things so I imagine just trying to keep things straight regarding him must be a chore. I will leave that to you.

    I asked you on the other thread to prove to me that John and his Dad got along. You said that I was wrong about the estrangement that I mentioned ( but this is what John himself has said. Are you saying that John was lying? Just exactly what are you saying?) Those are fair questions I think, aren't they? As you keep pointing out.... credibility counts. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I am now being coached how to recognize and deal with actual enemies.....(" sworn enemies".... was the phrase).

    Now that whole idea is so completely foreign to me that it is difficult to even use it, much less accept that there are such entities out there. But that apparently now is the reality of my life and the quicker I recognize that and move into accepting it.... the easier, and the safer, things will be for me.

    Since Ron Schmidt ( Zorgon ) and his daughter (?) have wrapped the Pegassus Research Forum so completely around their association with John Lear and then decided, I guess, to take such an exception to me and my efforts I do need to look carefully at exactly WHO they are. I use his full name here because he has used it publically and it is no invasion of his privacy. The group that have gathered around Ron have been the ones most vocal in trying to discount even my very existance.

    ( THEY are why this very thread was created so I should probably thank them.... but that would be the old me. Thanking a "sworn enemy for acting on their plans against me? Thats so deliciously naive.)

    So I really do have to accept the fact that there are some out there who do NOT have my best iterests at heart and who will move against me whenever and wherever they have a chance. And I am pointing that out here since Exterminator has decided to " jump back into her pool" over here. Her father and Pimander are still noticably absent. And this is after they promised a return and an apology to me once they decided that I in fact was actually Linda Brown, daughter of Townsend Brown.

    Ron Schmidt has introduced the "Exterminator" as his daughter but I have serious doubts that is who she/he actually is.

    In fact I find most of the " cast of characters" on the Pegasus Forum highly suspicious. I am pointing out that is my own personal opinion here. Decide for yourself (after a thorough and fair investigation). Please, tell me what YOU think.

    As far as their interaction with me..... they seem to pursue the " lob -manure- over -the -fence - and -then- run" technique. I have seen that before but I don't have any respect for that kind of discourse. Its relatively cowardly I think. Again, my opinion.

    If anyone has anything to say against my credibility then this is a grand place to air your feelings. Lady of Light has set the standards and I appreciate them. We can certainly discuss our differences of thought.

    And so I am going to start here. While I appreciate the kind of strange awe that Zorgon and his crew have wrapped themselves with over their regard for John Lear, my impression of him differs greatly.

    My association with the Lear family was exclusively with his father William Lear.... and that was only in regard to my Dads friendship and association with that man.

    Other than a short phone call years ago John Lear and I have never had any real interaction.... not even on the Forum that uses his name as their banner.

    Lets talk about THAT banner. How much do all of you know about John Lear? Maybe its time to talk about him. If he actually is the seed behind the actions at the Pegasus Group then maybe I should investigate the nature of it.

    He first came to my attention when I heard rumors that he had personally said that my Dad.( Thomas Townsend Brown). was responsible for " opening a portal" to another dimension which allowed other " entities" access to earth. When I asked him about that on the phone he agreed with that and gave me the advice that it was "all over but the whimpering" ( ours of course) and that I should find myself a quiet place in the desert and just pull the blankets over my head because it was too late for all of us.

    I disagreed. Pretty obviously..... but ever since then I have had this pack of antagonists nipping at my heels. John himself got back to me and said that he didn't remember our conversation... that his memory now was patchy at best. I had written our entire conversation down, word for word, in a journal that I had kept that year.... one of a long line of journals that I had started in 1963... so I trust my memory and my written words on that phone call.... while John now has conveniently forgotten.

    I will say that I have had the opinion that John has been under a certain " control" that is outside his own mentality. His inability to remember things speaks to that sometimes but thats for another long ranging discussion. If he has been under another " control" then he has been used as some one elses " tool" and all of us need to ask then what the role is that Zorgon has in all of this.... in the past and obviously possibly, in the future.

    OK..where to start? .. Lets talk about "John Lears Hypothesis" I guess. Thats the best place to start. Do any of you BELIEVE what John Lear said then? Do a simple Google. Read it carefully.

    Please post your thoughts here. I am going to be traveling for awhile and may be away from a keyboard. but I really do think that this is a path that has invited us... Lets see where it goes and what kind of doors need to be opened along the way.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And suddenly I realized with sort of a jolt after writing the above that I had not mentioned that interaction or John Lears name at all in the rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" and it CERTAINLY belongs in the text..... so thank you Exterminator for being the Cosmic haha.... the nudge which has reminded me that I forgot a section that needed to be talked about.

    Strange how things happen, isn't it? Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is something that I posted early in this thread and I would like to repeat here.

    In a land of shadow warriors... I guess I am the only one who is meant to hold her ground and be in the light.The only one who can do this.

    Dad once said of me that I was supposed to be ( through my journals) The MOMENT between the chalk and the eraser..... and I am beginning to see more clearly now exactly what he meant.

    What will this " cost" me? as another shadow said..... " Nothing less than everything".

    So I agree with Mikado here. Even after everyone in the world is convinced that I am who I have said I am.... there will be those who will have endless challenges and counterclaims. Thats just the way its going to be. I accept that.

    But also..... that is not my problem. The scientists will figure the science... the engineers will work their magic in taking all of those thoughts into solid form... the students like Dylan will study and think new thoughts....its all meant to go that way.

    When I reread that I thought that it needed to be expressed again because the thought has remained exactly the same...


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Just remember when you read things about my Dad. He very rarely published anything himself. So in that empty space many have taken it upon themselves to publish what they THOUGHT was going on . Some have written entire books about the activities surrounding " Electrogravitics"... not many of them would have known what Dads opinion or actions might have been. I am the only one standing right now who knew him well enough to make a qualified guess at what was happening around him. I understand that it might be a guess in some areas.... and it will have to be judged as that too.... but it is probably closer to the mark on his activities than other guesses may have been.

    Thats one of the reasons behind this effort to discount my words and question my very identity. Obviously some group feels that is important to do or they wouldn't be spending so much time at it.

    And yes.... I do believe that The Exterminator is a paid troll. Nothing that she has said has taken that impression away from me. And I am supposed to believe that she is Ron Schmits daughter becauseSHE SAYS SO! REALLY! Where is HER Birth Certificate. She says she has family photographs... How do I know that they are her family? How does anyone.

    I am simply applying the same challenging logic to her words as she has to mine. I believe that I have more than proven myself in this arena and don't need to go in that direction any more. Especially at the whim of a paid troll. Lady of Light saw right through her. I should have recognized that just as quickly.

    And I should have recognized that these people are my " sworn enemies" and should be treated by me as such.

    The rest of you can make up your own minds regarding their actions. There is an old saying....." ACTION speaks of CHARACTER.... Judge for yourself what their actions have said.


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    Active UHF Member Advanced Member Rank Catspaw56's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Many people have deliberately or accidentally opened portals to other dimensions. I believe I addressed my own experience with that in the Dwellers on the Threshold thread. It happens sometimes, when using magic. I don't have enough information to address the particular instance that Linda has mentioned, but I know from experience that such a thing is possible.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And I believe you CAT... That some individuals have had the experience of opening a portal and experiencing things that are not of this reality. I feel that sometimes I have had that glimpse too. But having someone stress that he believed that your own father was responsible for letting a flow of other entities into this reality.... and that they had impacted our world so seriously... that the end for humanity was inevitable..... thats what John Lear told me...... THAT makes an impression on a person.

    Of course now he denies that he ever said that to me but his words changed the course of my life.

    That experience happened AFTER this particular dream which I have mentioned before.... this is something that I wrote to one of our Forum Members on the cosmic-token ( Hello Littleenki... I know you read here too...my best to you... this was my welcoming message to you. My Goodness, look at the date!)

    ( to be found on cosmic-token.com )

    Linda Brown » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:39 pm

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your enthusiasm for what we are doing here. we need all of that we can muster for ourselves and for others. I do feel that for some reason yet unexplained we are gathering about.... and something good will come from this association of " renegade thinkers"

    I recently was guided to a quote from an article in an old Aviation magazine. The writer had gotten his information about electrogravity from, as he put it ,a " Renegade group of scientists and engineers"..... his article followed the trail of the development of some of the technical systems on the B2..... ( I will edit in the specifics)

    Its really quite amazing that the group of " renegade scientists and engineers who could not be named then) is now represented here by one individual in person ( Raymond Lavas) and many of us who are sons and daughters of the first group. Someone once said that this was a "mulitgenerational project" and it is becoming clear to me that is the truth here.

    And your interest of thirty years is another indication of how the main body of our group develops.... Andrew Bolland picked up a copy of the Philadelphia Experiment when he was just a student....His Qualight now serves as our main archive library...

    Others have been drawn here too and each has an unusual ability. Remind you of making a mountain out of mashed potatoes? Me too. I do believe that we were " invited"

    What we do in the future is beyond my wildest imaginings and dreams, I think. I just want to be along for the ride. I am not the scientist or the engineer that will develop these wonderful things but I hope to be a certain bonding agent. Someone once called my mother Josephine Beale Brown the Cosmic glue that held everything together. I think I will simply try to be just that if I am allowed to.... keeping everybody happy and working together so that we don't lose any of the valuable input of inspiration I know is heading in our direction. Its a fine wind that is coming in our direction.

    I have always had this image of Dads work as a ship. Twenty years ago ( at least) I had a dream which I documented thoroughly..... I saw a grey ocean which was storm tossed and churning.... (the Atlantic maybe in her nastiest mood)..... There were ships being tossed around . Oddly they all fit into my view even though normally you would not have been able to put them all together. There was a huge Navy vessel...fishing boats, even a little sailboat.... all tossing about.....Out of the mist and gloom an enormous whale surfaced and in one terrible sounding move he swept all of the boats from my view.... taking them all down with him! The churning of the water was horrifying..... and then.... the wind seemed to stop and the surface of the water calmed...... I waited....and waited. And then I began to notice that pieces of things were popping to the surface all around me. All kinds of things... big pieces.... little pieces.....and I know this seems strange but then I clearly heard these words.... in a male voice

    And I have been building her ever since. You can see what my mental image of her is if you go to thomastownsendbrown.com That rugged Barque Dad is standing on was a ship that he and I used to talk about. Her name was the " Resolute" and she was meant as a scientific vessel to probe the mysteries of the 1800s. Unfortunately she became ice bound and her crew was forced to abandon her. In the months that followed she broke free from the ice until some American fishing vessel found her. They eventually returned the Resolute to England and as a thank you Queen Victoria had two desks made from her timbers...... One of them sits in the White House office of the President......I am sure you may have seen pictures of it, known Simply as the " Resolute desk"......Dad and I talked about the history of the Resolute and I remember him saying..... " I would have sailed South."

    So.... David.... with the crew coming on board... first here on the Cosmic Token and later on the RESOLUTE site..... we will sail into warm and productive waters.

    Thanks for joining. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Above I mentioned Andrew Bolland and his Qualight. In the year since Andrew has shifted locations and has made decisions to " go quiet" with his work. He has shifted most of the archives from his " Qualight" to the Cosmic-Token and the Resolute sites and has been kind enough to keep that all available to us.

    I don't know what his plans are for his future with " Electrogravitics" but whatever he decides to do he has my full and complete support.

    Recently he put a few of the papers that he had collected through the years ( regarding Dads involvement with the " Philadelphia Experiments" author Bill Moore) up for sale on the Internet. It was just a handful of papers but the response to that offer was quite interesting.

    Who was it that secured those few letters? Zorgon.

    This is the same man who has been promoting the idea that " electrogravitics" was dead.

    The same man who has led an active campaign to discredit my very existence.

    I wasn't even going to mention that sale and purchase but it seems interesting to me that after weeks and weeks of total silence that The Exterminator has appeared again to brag about that.

    So its curious to me what stake Zorgon has in the Philadelphia Experiment Lore.....

    And someday soon we will have to turn our eyes in that direction.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 23rd, 2013 at 09:02 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    by Linda Brown » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:20 pm

    As you can see from above this is an earlier post on the Cosmic-Token..... I wanted to share it here too.

    I posted this on the whine thread but I think that it belongs here too

    Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:03 pm

    OK... I want to talk about character traits here and faults.
    Rose recently said to me that she considered it a character fault of mine that I couldn't seem to disengage from this thing between Mikado and Kim and Fred. She felt that my inability to let them have a last word was detrimental to this forum and the discussions that we were all trying to have here. And I do believe that she was entirely right.

    Problem is.... this is a character trait that I share with my Dad. My mother used to say that when he got PEEVED about something that he was totally impossible to live with. And that once he got Peeved... he stayed peeved... of course it took alot to get him there . George and others have said that they have never seen him angry or even in some cases upset. But I have seen him peeved and I recognize myself . " You are your fathers daughter" my Mother used to say with a deep sigh. I always hoped that was generally positive but I realize that I can be as pigheaded as he was when the proper situation arises.

    And thats what this Mikado/kim/ Fred thing has been to me. It has never actually been anything personal between us.... though with all of the name calling you might think that... No... I saw them as a threat to the ongoing progress of my Dads work. And they were.

    That has been resolved now in my mind at least.... I am done with this particular peeve so I hope that you will all join with me now in turning our attentions to something more pleasnt to talk about....and lets just see if we can make some sort of inroads into all this mystery surrounding Dads life and his work. There is more of a mountain than I ever even imagined when I first spoke to Paul about it. I still don't understand the science but you guys like to talk about it and I am sure that with enough of you in the same virtual room... this energy that likes to visit us will have a good time jumping from one to the other of you. I have been distracted from that goal but now I am back.... so post on those threads if you feel compelled but I am moving on. Linda

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