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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And about Paul. What professional writer will spend six years.... and write 600 pages of a very well researched manuscript......... then suddenly and without warning ( after a personal visit with Mikado) QUIT

    Shut everything down and publish that manuscript without a word of it being proof-read? Is that what I had a right to expect?

    What professional writer does that? He not only walked away from his project he defamed it as he went by writing the words of his "EPIC FAIL BLOG"

    He COULD have contacted me and simply said....." I have lost steam... I don't have faith....what should we do?"
    He had enough there to do a halfway decent book...

    He used me the entire time as his " research assistant" which actually was just a method of keeping my input in the shadow.... I think that I certainly deserved, after six years of nearly constant assistance, to at least a " heads up" about what Pauls new plans were. I believe he owed me that.

    I have to conclude that the meeting with Mikado changed his life right then. I don't know the kind of power was put behind that suggestion to change. Was Paul threatened? He acts like he was. Nothing else makes sense.

    Other thoughts? Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 25th, 2013 at 10:15 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Hope I am not boring you with the roll that I seem to be on. I have had alot of time to do some quiet thinking over the past few days.... some of you might appreciate this........ My husband has just recently undergone some emergency surgery on his foot... He is going to be off work now for six weeks....so my vision of pushing a wheelchair is coming true because I have convinced him to spend some of this off time traveling with me.

    I don't know when we will run into a group of friends and a board walk but I already now have the man being swept along with us all. Should be an interesting summer!

    In any case... I "happened" to find this little exchange which had originally been posted on the Paul Schatzkin forum. It was Andrew Bolland explaining the name of his company.... and since Exterminator has made it such a big point of saying that her father bought a recent offering of material from Andrew on EBay.... I thought some of you might be interested in just how it might be that the material might have been available to Andrew in the first place. And oddly the name of "Lear" pops up again. Remember the timing here. Andrew has since shifted most of the archive material to the thomastownsendbrown.com forum ( otherwise known as the Resolute... and though she is just casually drifting right now....she is still a solid ship made expressly for Dads story.... we will get back on board her soon...)

    Anyway... in forming conclusions.... just consider this background information!

    ? View topic - What happened to Guidance Technology, Santa Monica?

    posted on Pauls ttbrown.com forum.


    I appreciate your kind words. It's always nice to know that others appreciate this particular interest. It's been so much easier since Paul has taken over the historical aspect of Brown's life as he is much more qualified - I tend to be biased towards the technological aspect. As information comes across my radar screen that I can share, I will always be updating the site.

    We recently filed the paperwork to form an LLC. We originally started with The Townsend Brown Foundation, but after two filing run-arounds and negotiations with the Federal IRS, we realized that was a dead end. Then we tried the Townsend Brown Group, but that wasn't much better than what we already had, which was a loosely organized group of interested parties. Since our lab and budget have grown recently, we decided that a more formal organization would be more effective and offer more opportunities.

    The name Qualight originates from some work Brown was doing with gravitational waves in the optical frequencies. He called it quasi-light, but that didn't sound right as a company name. After mulling over to many possible names, the name Qualight got stuck in my head.

    Yes, Guidance Technology was on the corner of Cloverfield and 22nd Street in Santa Monica. I used to live near there actually. In any case, during the period Brown was working with them, he was supposedly working on the precipitator; however, looking back that doesn't really appear to be the main thrust according to Brown's family. I do know that Guidance Technology had government contracts and Bill Lear and General LeMay were frequent visitors. I apologize for the blanks, but I'm sure Paul will fill them in his time.


    actually.... I wish that had come true but Paul walked away without really filling in these particular blanks.....I suppose its worth a trip to Santa Monica someday to just be " boots on the ground" and maybe ask some of the businesses nearby to see if there is anyone there who remembers. Its been so many years now though... we might as well be asking about the ancient pyramids!


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Sharing this thought with you and the cosmic token this morning

    ************************************************** ***********************

    "I may have already mentioned here that this process of sitting quietly and going over this latest rewrite... page by page... has put me in sort of an interesting mental frame.

    I have felt myself changing. I sense that it is for the "better" but at this stage of it all I am not sure that I know what this change is going to mean.

    I have a feeling that I am going to be even more difficult to deal with, more secretive in some situations and more impatient in others.

    Does this have anything at all to do with the story that I have been trying to tell here........OR

    Is that change of attitude just a part of the process of aging?

    Ladies.....When do you get bold enough to wear the purple? <g>...

    When do you realize that you are tired of always stepping back to make concessions in your life? When do you put down the "Peacemaker" role in your family?

    Is that what all of the women my age go through? Do we all hit that same point?

    Writing this book or not.... having the life that I have had or not... is this just part of a natural process that a woman of 67 goes through? Probably.

    And you know.... thats a GREAT thought because I can grab onto that thread of common experience.

    My reaction now to the life I have around me might simply be common to my age?

    Maybe having to deal with this horrendous hidden story of my Dads life and work actually has nothing to do with the way I am reacting right now!

    Perhaps there are women living on dairy farms in Iowa, or waitresses in the mid-west... or retired librarians in Pennsylvania....or Doctors seeing their patients........ that are feeling the same emotions that are stiking me. And maybe we all will recognize ourselves.

    When we hit our late sixties perhaps we begin to realize the paths that others have taken in our lives. And how we all have just naturally responded to their actions. Maybe some of us will take a long breath.... and finally say..........." Wait just one moment........ what about ...ME?"

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Green Dragon,

    You wrote this to the cosmic token in January. I just reread it and realized with a shock how much you have actually said here.

    I also remember what "Morgan" consistantly told Paul Schatzkin while Paul was working on the biography of my Dad.
    It takes so long for all of that to sink in

    But I believe that it is happening.

    Yet you expressed the concept better here than I have ever seen it written anywhere else. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you sharing this thought with me here and that I intend to share it with others...

    ? View topic - Electrogravitic propulsion and analogue to Warp Drive


    It really is amazing to ponder the possibilities, I imagine your dad's mind was filled to the brim with these kind of thoughts throughout his life. It's mind blowing, and I still can't believe that this could actually be true about seeing and traveling through time and possibly altering the future or past. But considering if his science was correct and I believe it was from all the attention he and others like him received, then this would be a normal subject amoung advanced minds like his, also for powerful people with like minded thoughts looking to advance their business interests... most with malevolent intentions I suspect.

    There has been much evidence surfacing lately pointing towards a zero point center, if true there would be a implosive push from the ZPE field into the neutral center of all existent mass. What if we can cancel out or neutralize this flow of "push" that gravity exerts towards the center of a mass's field? I can imagine people have been peeking into this for a long time now... and if to be true then probably much longer then we all suspect.

    It's like all these new movies and TV shows recently that spew propaganda towards this subject, how it's portrayed is probably opposite to how it would actually work. It appears we must hold up a mirror to everything these days to see truth, this also goes with all walks of life. The visual cortex takes what your eyes perceive and flips it upside down, everything we have ever seen is a refracted image that has been flipped upside down in order for us to perceive the world. If our visual cortex did not mirror what we see, we could not operate in physical reality.

    Ex: the apple is absorbing every color of the spectrum in the light cast upon it except for red... and because the red spectrum of color is not being absorbed by the apple, it bounces off the apple. The objects we consider to have color actually contain all colors except the very color we are observing, and everything we see is actually an imprint from a underlying vibrational frequency. Maybe the powers that be can use this principle against us extensively in many shapes and form in attempt to enforce and implant lies leading us in the opposite direction?

    The question is, how does this apply to the true nature of our universe and how can we use this kind of knowledge to advance science and physics? Mirror formulas, inverse equations, we need to bring asymmetry with common balance back to science... it has become far too symmetrical for it's own good. Maybe we need to think more along the lines of systems like Bucky's Indig numbers, Riemann Math, and the Vedic Square and how we can apply it with Walter Russell's fulcrum point. All those appear to match with ZPE.

    GREEN DRAGON..I do recognize your words though... You never announced yourself as to your identity. Are you here on this Forum as well? Can you say more? Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 28th, 2013 at 08:32 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    That's a very well written observation/theory. It certainly makes some thoughts come to MY mind. (Will try to express more later. Very busy at the moment.)

    I can only HOPE that Green Dragon is/has been here. I would love to hear more on his/her thoughts on all this.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Me too Lady of Light.......I hope that the GREEN DRAGON finds a shelter here as I have.

    and for sure.... I will never look at a red apple in the same way again. EVER.

    "Ex: the apple is absorbing every color of the spectrum in the light cast upon it except for red... and because the red spectrum of color is not being absorbed by the apple, it bounces off the apple. The objects we consider to have color actually contain all colors except the very color we are observing, and everything we see is actually an imprint from a underlying vibrational frequency. Maybe the powers that be can use this principle against us extensively in many shapes and form in attempt to enforce and implant lies leading us in the opposite direction? Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; June 28th, 2013 at 09:12 AM. Reason: addition

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Or guiding us perhaps in the proper direction.

    This is an odd thing to throw in here but in my mind it fits ( lets not even go where my mind has been!!!)

    Are any of you familiar with Reverend Barry Downing? He wrote a very carefully researched book about the Bible and " Flying Saucers". Now the man is a trained physicist as well as a presbyterian minister so he has an odd combination of viewpoints on things.... which is what I believe we need.

    In any case... a discussion of my interaction with Reverend Downing was one of the things that I had completely left out of " The Good-Bye Man".... in its original publication ( E book) and even in the latest extensive rewrite. And then because of the Exterminators constant yammering at me I remembered things that I had talked to him about and how it had effected me. He closed his message to me with the salute ....." May the WHALE be with you...."

    And of course that helped me remember my rather important dream of the big whale that took down so many ships and my experience of watching the wreckage " bubble up" to the surface. In my dream I heard a voice say simply.....Now.... Build your Boat.

    ( I can't relate that without a giggle and seeing Bill Cosbys skit about NOAH.... I want to look to the sky and say along with him............ YES Lord?") We can laugh all we want..... but thats what we are talking about here. You can call it anything that you choose to call it.....thats up to you.....

    I just can't believe what a joy this is to me.... exploring these subjects! So much fun!!!! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And though she is drifting silently now.... the site for Dads ship has been established...

    Just remember his full name.......... and put a dot com at the end and you will find your way to the Resolute.

    There have been others who have used his name and tried to capture it.... the HUT is one such site. It uses just T as the first name. And Paul Schatzkin used ttbrown for his Forum , which is locked down now but still very interesting to read.

    If you want the whole story about my Dad.... remember his full name Thomas Townsend Brown

    I am letting that site drift now without much happening there at the moment because the discussions I believe need to be located here and on the cosmic-token.

    But the Resolute has been built and is standing by. She is.... as she was in real life.... a ship designed and built for scientific exploration.

    Though under my Dads direction.... she will sail South into warmer waters! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I looked up that letter that Reverend Barry Downing sent me. I had clipped it into my journal. So I have proof to the likes of the " Exterminator" that I had indeed had the dream that I mentioned and had contacted him.....He responded to me the next day March 15th 1995....

    He sent me some material that he had written and then added......."Hope you can use some of this in building your boat. May the Whale be with you!"

    And as soon as I can I am going to contact Reverend Downing because I believe that he is going to play a future role in our experiences here. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    As you guys can see. I am up late tonight.

    Going through the family albums... sorting out pictures which will be included in the new version of " The Good-Bye Man. ( The name may be changed but for right now that will do)

    I have a great picture of Charles Miller walking on a beach in Nassau. Sheeze the guy was fit.... and Logan is right... he does resemble the new James Bond actor ( sorry, can't remember his name)... He has that same rugged, dangerous look... even from a distance.

    But it REALLY is time to turn in... I got alot accomplished this evening. Linda

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