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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And this is the latest from the Cosmic Token

    ? View topic - Kitselman and Brown pre 1950

    PhilYoung » Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:52 pm

    Sorry for my lack of responsiveness but we were working on finally getting E-therapy out there.

    E-Therapy: Amazon.co.uk: Books
    E-Therapy: A. L. Kitselman: 9780956580375: Amazon.com: Books

    For some odd reason Amazon dot com has truncated book description but not the UK site. A look inside should be available soon

    ************************************************** ******************

    Many important things bubbling to the surface right now! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    For those new members here who know nothing about "AL Kitselman" he really is a fascinating genius who was my Dads associate and best friend in the fifties.... Mr. Young is seeing to it that some of his earlier published books are reintroduced to the public knowledge.

    Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This comment by Mr. Young might be interesting to some of you

    ? View topic - Kitselman and Brown pre 1950

    by PhilYoung » Tue May 21, 2013 4:54 pm

    A.L. Kitselman wrote the below in one of his early book

    "This book was written in the hope of finding friends for the Intelligence, which is real, though not yet (January 1946) as large as herein described. If you feel yourself to be such a friend, do not conceal the fact; the writer will be pleased to hear from you. At a time when one of the world's most respected governments is planning an experiment (exploding an atomic bomb under water), which is likely to cause more death and destruction than did both world wars, the Intelligence needs friends."

    In the story he wrote the friends of the Intelligence consists of peaceniks and philosophers. They also invented gravity control. - well hello Mr Townsend Brown - sorry could not resist that...

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Looking for " Friends of the Intelligence"

    People who will recognize the " Deer in the Forest" once more. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Another transfer from the Cosmic Token
    ? View topic - Kitselman and Brown pre 1950

    Hello " guest"


    "Black Projects."

    That much I understood. <g>

    Thanks for your insight.

    And since this thread is about " Kitselman and Brown" PRE 1950 It makes it sort of difficult for me to comment much because of course the question first comes up.... WHY is it important for us to look at the years BEFORE 1950?

    In his little yellow book " Hello Stupid" Beau mentions a special man by the name of " Commander B" I really should go back to that ,which I have around here somewhere, and copy particularly what he said about that man. You will find interesting points brought up in that book.

    He mentions that " Commander B" went " abroad" .... looking for " intelligence" because he certainly wasn't finding it in the United States! (BUT NOW I AM WONDERING IF THAT WASN'T A COMMENT THAT I TOOK IT FOR AND IF HE WAS REALLY "LOOKING FOR INTELLIGENCE" IN ANOTHER WAY)..... Of course now we understand that he was talking about my Dads trips to Paris for the tests that were being run there...... and those tests were EXTREMELY important BUT they were not the only things happening there at the time.( but we are getting ahead of ourselves.... those Paris tests happened in 1955-56.)

    Working on the " Rewrite" of The Good-Bye Man" has given me an excellent opportunity to slowly review information that I knew at a certain time compared to information that has become apparent to me now.... and the change of perspective is turning out to be very valuable. I am seeing things that I never noticed before at all. But perhaps that is what was designed to happen a very long time ago.

    Anyway. I am not questioning it.... Just " Going with the flow" ( and to some of you older members here you know what I mean... Hello Flowperson... I feel your presence very strongly... thats why I am up at 3 am.....)

    Here is one thing that I have been shown.....I believe that Beau and my Dad met each other alot earlier than is admitted in " Hello Stupid"...( which leads the reader to believe that Commander B and Kitselman met in Pearl Harbor in 1950 or so. No one seems to be able to lock down the exact date)..... It has to be pointed out here that Beau is the first one that floated the story that Dad had left the Navy...( because of some sort of nervous breakdown... look for the phrase "He worked too long and too hard" or something similar to that and you will see Beaus fingerprint there.)

    That information was used to promote a misinformation path that many took after that... regarding my Dad and that was vital. Because Dad didn't " go home and rest" for six months...... he went directly to Vegas classified section in Burbank....so I submit.... that Beau was presenting a smoke screen for a project that actually STARTED in 1942 . Those are the " BEFORE 1950" years that we should be looking at.

    From other sources I have been told that EVEN BEFORE THE WAR they may have been involved in projects together....when and how.... I know that the answers are out there. We just can't see them yet.

    Good morning everybody. Linda
    Linda Brown

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Beau Kitselman and Robert Sarbacher were meeting on our boat on the Potomac during the summer of 1960.

    This is a recent post from the Cosmic Token which might interest those of you who are trying to keep track of the interesting characters in all of this. We were tracking Robert Sarbacher here.

    ? View topic - Where was Robert Sarbacher in 1945/46?

    "by Linda Brown » Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:09 am

    I think that I agree with you.

    I know that later he was quoted as calling himself one of those " dollar a year men" which means that they were donating their services..... to be " on call" as advisors.
    This Directorship is nothing that he would have done part time though I think.

    But in that position would he have been dealing with the English? Would that kind of postion put him perhaps where Mr. Twigsnapper said he was.... operating with a private intelligence group with strong ties to the Navy and the English Admiralty?

    Dad had Mr. Twigsnapper at his side during 1955-56... reunited after the experience in Germany in 1945. Sheeze only ten years had passed almost exactly and look how the world had changed. But Dad and his " group" were probably still out after the same things? What ELSE was Dad doing besides running those vacuum tests with the French. I just wonder how many scientists they were trying to get away from the Soviets?

    And in all of this.... I lost track of Sarbacher... other than seeing him in the car with Dad occasionally I am not sure what he was officially doing.

    five years after this ( 1960) he was meeting on our boat on the Potomac with Kitselman, Shank and a Bill Lear......and I know that Washington Institute of Technology was mentioned... as well as the testing that they were doing on materials dropped by or shot off of passing UFOs...... and then 7 years afterward he is living in Santa Monica not a couple of blocks from where my parents had settled.And Bill Lear was having lunch with us occasionally and hanging out in our section of the lab on Cloverfield in Santa Monica too most of that summer.... Co incidence? I don't think so. Linda
    Linda Brown

    ************************************************** ***********************

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is a quote from one of the messages above...

    "In his little yellow book " Hello Stupid" Beau mentions a special man by the name of " Commander B" I really should go back to that ,which I have around here somewhere, and copy particularly what he said about that man. You will find interesting points brought up in that book."

    Even today daughters of AL. Kitselman refer to Dad the way that his friend did.....

    " Commander Brown".


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    One wonders why it was important for those on the Pegasus Consortium to try so desperately to challenge my authority as the daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown.... and why also it has been important for Mikado to create messages on the HUT ( ttownsendbrown.com) ( which he controls) to slur my credibility.

    This is not something that is simply happenstance. Its really nothing personal either.... there is an agenda behind those actions.

    Zorgon and his crew and Mikado and his efforts will not turn me from my chore here. I don't need to even say that. My actions will speak for themselves. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    At one point Mikado launched into what he called " Due Diligence" on Dads story.... especially something that had been called " A short autobiography" which Dad wrote in the early 70s. For some reason Mikado decided that it was flawed.... and possibly written by someone else.... so he strongly encouraged a couple of English researchers to post their thoughts on it.... which they did..... but later when I stood up and confronted Geoffs conclusion he withdrew it and posted that notice. Of course Mikado disagreed but it was an interesting example of " arm twisting ( I thought) to Mikados agenda


    I haven't heard a word from either Geoff or his son since this exchange and I notice that they have apparently not posted any thing else on the HUT.

    "by Linda Brown » Mon May 27, 2013 7:34 am


    I want to ask you directly why you made such an enormous effort to question the fact that Dad was the author of " A short Autobiography"

    These are your exact words after a very long and exhaustive message.... which I will reprint in full.... so that other readers can see the absolute passion that you displayed in following this agenda and I want to ask you why you did this.

    Were you following Mikados direction? I notice that later when you realized that I was willing to stand up and vouch for the fact that I was there when Dad himself wrote this piece that you, (as the gentleman that I believe you are), withdrew this conclusion.

    The question remains...... why did you do this? What prompted you to react in this manner? Its as if you were trying to prove that someone had put that piece out rather fraudulently. And I wondered what would inspire you to do that?

    Mikado was certainly pleased that you were writing what you did.

    I wanted you to know that I appreciated the withdrawal of your " conclusion"... but of course not many people can read this exchange now because it has been put behind a " special password" restriction on the HUT ( if it hasn't been deleted.) I think the fact that you withdrew your charges that this short piece was NOT written by Dad was something that Mikado did not want to see out there.

    Many months have gone by since this happened but now of course I am rereading most of what was written about my Dad and Mr. Sarbacher. Your earlier excellent research on Mr. Sarbacher has been a big help to me. ( even though you presented it to discredit information that I had been given by a trusted source. iI hasn't worked that way at all and I wanted to let you know that I intend to give your research proper credit and to thank you it)

    I notice that you have not posted on the Hut and that puts us at a disadvantage because I will not reintroduce my energy over there.... so I am posting this here and hopefully I can reach you by Email....or perhaps someone else might be able to reach you.

    But, just for the record.... it would be nice to know what prompted you to initially take such a negative stance in this conclusion....

    For the reasons I have given in the examples above I do not believe “A Short Autobiography” was written by Townsend Brown. There are many more signs than I have discussed here that lead me to that conclusion, but I would be labouring the point to mention them all.

    I am of course, not suggesting that these events in Townsend Brown’s life never occurred. I am simply pointing out that, in my view, these are not Townsend Brown’s own accounts – they are someone else’s that are falsely presented as being Townsend’s - and that this should be borne in mind when reading the misleadingly titled document, “A Short Autobiography” by T. Townsend Brown.Geoff
    ************************************************** ************************

    I have suspected that your work fit very nicely into Mikados agenda. I just would like to know if he is the person who suggested that you take that slant. I believe that you would tell me the truth.

    My best to you and Chris. Linda
    Linda Brown

    Geoff? Are you reading this? Have you any more to add to your research on Dr. Sarbacher ?

    Last edited by Linda Brown; July 6th, 2013 at 12:12 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Remember that when Geoff posted his retraction of that conclusion Mikado put it behind a password protected area on the HUT, an efficient way of hiding what had happened.


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