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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I stress again the words I used then, five years ago

    And though I never knew exactly what was going on at the time I was aware that when those "events" happened they read from all of the recording stations AT THE SAME TIME. Interesting huh. Linda Brown

    What kind of communication system can do that? I know of course but I wondered if you folks have figured it yet. I know that there are many of you out there who already know exactly what was happening....

    Why would a group as old as the " Caroline Group" ( thats what Paul called them... in my book I named them "Nassau" because thats where their path and mine crossed. For Dad it was on the private yacht "The Caroline>) I have no idea what others might call this " consortium" I don't think they care much what people call them because they don't even expect or want to be identified in any way....But I am fully convinced that they exist.... have for years and will continue to affect what is going on around us.... and they have help from a non Human Entity. You guys figure out what to call them. Paul took to calling them Transdimensional Beings..... Morgan simply referred to them as the " Core"... others, including my Dad sometimes referred to them as the " Boys Topside". Agnew Bahnson referred to them as the " Brothers" as did George Adamski but his use of the word was an intentional misinformation ploy to cover what was really going on with fanciful stories about men and women from Venus... I believe that he KNEW those wild stories would help the populace discount everything that he was saying.....and during his lifetime.... that basically worked.

    I have always realized that there were OTHERS out there. I had a dream in 1955 which I was later told " Was NO DREAM" so I already have come " face to face " with those entities.... enough to know that they controlled my ability to percieve them.

    Orpheo3 has said recently that he is now convinced that mankind is dealing with two entities here on Earth that are interacting with us ( and have probably for centuries).... One being beneficial and caring toward and the other .... not so much.....I believe that the tipping point is coming very quickly where we will be put in a position where we must be able to recognize both our allies and friends and those who are going to put themselves across our path.... and not in a positive way. Its time for us to all grow up here folks. We can try to convince ourselves that our reality is a certain way.... and ignor what is happening around us or we can take that long blink and graduate. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I wrote this here on this thread in June of this year..... I hope you don't mind my repeating it here because these points need to be refreshed.

    "My association with the Lear family was exclusively with his father William Lear.... and that was only in regard to my Dads friendship and association with that man.

    Other than a short phone call years ago John Lear and I have never had any real interaction.... not even on the Forum that uses his name as their banner.

    Lets talk about THAT banner. How much do all of you know about John Lear? Maybe its time to talk about him. If he actually is the seed behind the actions at the Pegasus Group then maybe I should investigate the nature of it.

    He first came to my attention when I heard rumors that he had personally said that my Dad.( Thomas Townsend Brown). was responsible for " opening a portal" to another dimension which allowed other " entities" access to earth. When I asked him about that on the phone he agreed with that and gave me the advice that it was "all over but the whimpering" ( ours of course) and that I should find myself a quiet place in the desert and just pull the blankets over my head because it was too late for all of us.

    I disagreed. Pretty obviously..... but ever since then I have had this pack of antagonists nipping at my heels. John himself got back to me and said that he didn't remember our conversation... that his memory now was patchy at best. I had written our entire conversation down, word for word, in a journal that I had kept that year.... one of a long line of journals that I had started in 1963... so I trust my memory and my written words on that phone call.... while John now has conveniently forgotten.

    I will say that I have had the opinion that John has been under a certain " control" that is outside his own mentality. His inability to remember things speaks to that sometimes but thats for another long ranging discussion. If he has been under another " control" then he has been used as some one elses " tool" and all of us need to ask then what the role is that Zorgon has in all of this.... in the past and obviously possibly, in the future.

    OK..where to start? .. Lets talk about "John Lears Hypothesis" I guess. Thats the best place to start. Do any of you BELIEVE what John Lear said then? Do a simple Google. Read it carefully.

    Please post your thoughts here. I am going to be traveling for awhile and may be away from a keyboard. but I really do think that this is a path that has invited us... Lets see where it goes and what kind of doors need to be opened along the way.

    ************************************************** *********************

    Well, I have been back for awhile and now I hope this month I will be able to visit Orpheo3 . I have no idea what that will mean. George has said that, since he is off work....that he might enjoy going along on this little " road trip" so this will be an interesting experience.

    I do count on input from you folks. You have no idea how important your thoughts are to me so I invite you again to post here and I will try to get back to you as I can.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    In the vision that I had and which I believe I mentioned on one of these threads I was with a group of people. We are all having a good time together.... laughing and walking quickly along a boardwalk. The ocean is on our left.... ( which maybe means we are going South on the Atlantic coast somewhere....North on a pacific coast?.....Westward if we are on the Gulf.....the "Boardwalk" is sort of a givaway for the East Coast.... though I have no idea where the location of the boardwalk is. I do know that there are a bunch of us and we are having a good time....there was a person in a wheelchair and some of us were taking turns chatting with him as we moved....I can still see that vision so clearly that I can taste the saltwater on my lips from the ocean spray. That elevates the importance of my vision.... when I can hear and taste things as well as see them... its an important vision.

    When I first had it I did not recognize the person in the wheelchair... but now I know that its my husband George. And that he is meant to be brought along on this adventure, even though he really through the years has not appreciated or understood what my path has been or why it has been so important to me.

    And in a way I think that you all might be the folks with me on this boardwalk. We all reacted as friends... and thats the way I have considered those here on this Forum.....

    So maybe I am meant to keep you all up to date on what is happening on this trip. It might just be interesting. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    After he published the biography that Paul Schatzkin had written about my Dad (of course most of you must know how upset I was with his actions. He and I had spent over five years working almost on a daily basis compiling what turned into a 600 page manuscript. Paul said that we would soon be doing the rewrite and he made certain promises to me about removing some of the most personal things that had sort of " seeped" into the manuscript... some of that information directly taken from my own personal journals. The contract that he and I had signed gave him the rights to Dads story but if some of you have read " Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown" will recognize that much of his book centers around my life and my relationship with my lover at the time, a man Paul named " Morgan". Of course I am sure all of you will realize that I really did expect him to remove most of this material because it was MY story to tell..... not his.)

    Added to the insult of publishing a body of work without one page of editing being accomplished..... Paul also made one big serious mistake. He did not thank the people who had helped him through those six years. He forgot that he had a contract with me which had a specific clauses in it.... the requirement that he post an " Acknowledgement Page"......My lawyer sent the demand that had thirty days to correct that problem or withdraw the book from the market and have our contract broken. ( he had already sold quite a few without that Acknowledgment Page and had to add it later)

    Anyway.... this is what he decided to write......

    ? View topic - Pauls Acknowledgemnt Page

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Notice that he does finally give his " Forum" some credit for helping him and encouraging him.

    I find it interesting that he makes such a point about this work being "unfinished".

    So why hasn't he finished the job he started?

    Why would someone spend six years on a project like this and then turn his back on it.

    Someone has recently suggested to me that Paul realized that if he withdrew all of the parts of his books that he knew I was expecting him to withdraw...... that the entire heart of his book would have been gutted and he would have been left with nothing. Perhaps someone mentioned to him that he had over reached his authority in his writing by including so much of my own personal story and that he had no contract with me to cover that..... Perhaps it was just easier to throw it out there unedited.

    I am not sure WHY he published the work the way he did. It was not something that I expected from him certainly because he had represented himself to me as a professional writer. Have any of you seen a professional publish a work without any editing or even proof reading at all?

    I still have told Paul that I believe the work that he did accomplish ( even with all of its flaws) was really the finest Biography written so far about Dad. Of course, It has also been the only officially authorized work and it upsets me that Paul did such a disservice to his own reputation by presenting it the way that he did. He stresses in this Acknowledgement Page that THIS IS JUST A FIRST DRAFT..... and I hope eventually that he will make good on that statement. And I hope that I can help him see the new information that is bubbling to the surface that he didn't have when he quit.....

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Here are a few quotes from Paul Schatzkins Acknowledgement Page from the " Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown" Maybe we can talk about some of these statements?

    "The book you are about to read is a compilation of material originally published in
    periodic installments to the World Wide Web between September, 2005 and March,
    It must be stated emphatically here that this is the first draft of a work that, due to the
    unusual nature of its underlying material, necessarily remains very much a “work in
    progress.” As such, you can expect to see typos, grammatical errors, and all the other
    blemishes that you’d expect of a “first draft.” There is good reason for that

    An enormous amount of research has gone into this undertaking since it began in earnest
    in the spring of 2003. Still, there remains a great deal about the life and work of Thomas
    Townsend Brown which remains hidden  apparently concealed by forces and for
    reasons unknown and perhaps unknowable. It is not only that much of Brown’s work
    was officially “classified;” there is also the bizarre specter that much of his work is truly
    “secret,” beyond the reach of even those official institutions that do all the classifying.

    This is, or is at least supposed to be, a book about science, and offer a fair represention of
    a man who devoted his life to both the theory and practice of what appears to have been
    an unorthodox school of physics. It is first and foremost a biography, and as such should
    find its foundation in a steady narrative stream of verifiable facts. But the curious nature
    of Townsend Brown’s life is that the substantial record of his existence is, oddly…

    Until such time as some kind of further evidence is revealed, this “first draft” is offered
    as marker to establish as much as we do know now. There is no telling where the
    necessary information will come from  or when.

    THAT much..... I agree with.....

    But this statement......
    But the curious nature
    of Townsend Brown’s life is that the substantial record of his existence is, oddly…
    I find ridiculous. .... and agenda riddled. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; August 3rd, 2013 at 02:09 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Continuing on this thought.....am I not right in sensing something terribly fishy going on here? The man writes above that the actual interaction with the Forum continues

    "The book you are about to read is a compilation of material originally published in periodic installments to the World Wide Web between September, 2005 and March, 2008."

    Thats a span of 30 months.... am I right? Thats when he actually started posting the work that he was doing, chapter at a time. He had contacted me in November of 2002 and we had signed our contract together by April of 2003.... so he spent a full two years before this just " gathering information"

    Now.......he throws up his hands and makes that kind of ridiculous statement.... that a " substantial record of Townsend Browns existance is oddly nonexistant?" (600 pages of material is nonexistant?????)

    Well.... after the meeting with Mikado it might as well have been wiped off the face of the earth.... when an author publishes his work without even doing one page of proofreading he is intentionally burying it. What professional writer would do that? Who would do that? A person who means to bury the story would be one of them. Am I wrong in coming to that conclusion?

    It would take an imbecile to miss that there were odd and important holes in Dads history. And Paul was not stupid. The fact that there were major holes in Dads story does not discount the value of what he had already written.

    He spent all of that time. collected all of that information and then after a single meeting with Mikado.....suddenly quit?

    And Mikado tries to bluff all of us by bellowing that he had nothing to do with it? He calls me names and throws insults.... but what is he still trying to do? His object seems to me to be to keep people from actually seeing what was happening around Dad. Its a carefully played out agenda. First..... wipe Pauls legs out from under him..... then control any future development of the information and Forum Interest by controlling and finally shutting down the second Forum ( ttownsendbrown.com..... know otherwise as " The Hut) ...... and after that..... to constantly berate me publically.

    A thought came to me in the middle of the night.

    Sometimes a painting can be made on a canvas by paying attention to the negative spaces.. ...... the artist does not have to concentrate on the object in front of him but the spaces around the opject.... In other words..... for example.... the space between a figures elbow and his body. If you examine and concentrate on that area and the other spaces like it...... surrounding that figure..... the form of the body appears..... where it might not have been seen before.

    Thats how I am beginning to look at Dads story.

    Where Paul quit because he could not find things about Townsend Brown.... I am going to explore those odd vacancies..... and I believe using this method that more information will become obvious to all of us.

    Its just another way of looking at things.

    The Acknowledgement Page was something that was so important to me that I actually had included the writing of it as part of the contract that Paul and I signed. I had wanted to make sure that he properly thanked those around him for the help that I knew he would get in the writing of it. When he published that book on the Internet in early January he forgot about that clause. He had never planned to write that page at all. Not at all.

    The only reason that he did write what you all can read now is that he was legally threatened to " rectify" that problem or remove that book and all of his work and restore everything to me... Our contract would have been broken. He didn't expect to hear from my lawyer. In fact... I think that he had forgotten that particular clause in our contract... it was something that I had required be added to the first draft of our agreement.

    So I am considering the Acknowledgement Page just one section of the negative space that was meant to surround Dads story. Its something that Paul did not want to write.... and I believe that when he was forced into that action he left us with information that we would not have seen before.

    Its an interesting read.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; August 3rd, 2013 at 09:51 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Linda Brown,
    Pauls description of those named( who wasn't?) is interesting.
    He was clearly lost as to why I was there at all.
    He was more than helped by the forum, it was a collective of multiple different perspectives , all adding into the pie(Phi) mixture.
    All sensing a belonging within such a collective, and when the sudden halt occured....alllllllll ready to throttle Paul.
    Before that halt ...Paul was held in high esteem( He still is)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    So if the combined thought is to somehow invite Paul back into the effort... I will not stand in the way.

    I am a big girl. I can get over bruised feelings and disappointment.

    He has so much promise.

    I really do think that at the time he was under anothers direction . Perhaps without really realizing the danger of it..... or even the reality of it.

    I would LIKE to think that his actions were not something that Paul planned from the very first. If that was the case.... then I really have lost my faith in humanity.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Quote Originally Posted by hobbit View Post
    Linda Brown,
    Pauls description of those named( who wasn't?) is interesting.
    He was clearly lost as to why I was there at all.
    He was more than helped by the forum, it was a collective of multiple different perspectives , all adding into the pie(Phi) mixture.
    All sensing a belonging within such a collective, and when the sudden halt occured....alllllllll ready to throttle Paul.
    Before that halt ...Paul was held in high esteem( He still is)
    In the short span of time where Paul was talking to me after he quit and walked away from the project I did ask him....... WHY?????? WHY did you do this????? and his answer on the phone was...." I don't know".

    Perhaps now that he has had some time to think about it all he could offer some enlightenment that might help all of us move forward.


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