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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is the last chapter............Not completely edited yet but I thought that it might be of interest....
    ? Login

    "By 2008 Saul was posting consecutive chapters in a web Forum he had created. The "installments" came at the rate of about one per week. Thursday seemed to be the magical weekday. The storyline had attracted faithful and serious fans on the Forum who eagerly awaited each new release.

    I continued as " Elizabeth Helen Drake", acting as Sauls Forum hostess. I saw my role as the gentle force that was supposed to keep the ball of conversation in play, even when Saul took time away on various vacations.

    I didn't actually announce who I was until Saul had reached the point where he could write the words " THE END".. From this point on, he said, it was going to be the process of rewriting and looking for the proper publisher.

    I celebrated the Christmas holdays of that year with a feeling of great expectation. I was thoroughly convinced that Saul was going to follow through. He had finished something that he called a " first draft"and was submitting a proposal to a select group of agents.

    when I expressed concern that there was alot of my own personal story still included( which actually had nothing to do with Dads life or work) Saul promised that material would be removed or adjusted in the rewrite. "Don't worry about it." He kept saying.

    The manuscript was quite long, over 600 pages. I figured that part of his plan to cut it to the proper length was the removal of the material that he had drawn from my journals.

    I enjoyed the Christmas holidays totally convinced that he was moving forward positively and that I would be hearing from him soon regarding the rewrite.

    But then, just a few days into the New Year of 2009, I started to recieve concerned phone calls from some of the Forum members. Each one of them asked urgently " Why is the Forum "down"? What is happening?"

    I did not know and could not reach Saul on the phone. Without speaking a word to me, he posted a missive he called EPIC FAIL on his private Blog. He wrote that he had come to the conclusion that the saga of Thomas Townsend Brown was nothing but a " bag of shells. ( and empty shells at that). He no longer believed in it or any of his primary sources. He concluded by saying that he was going to go into the New Year shed of all of the things that had caused him so much emotional pain." And that" he wrote firmly..." was that!"


    Things sometimes just do not "play out" the way that you figure they should. But that does not mean that they have veered from the path that was meant.

    I had completely believed that Saul would write a book that would protect and restore my Dads proper reputation,one that would speak also of the sacrifices that my mother had endured. I grieved over how far short of my expectations the outcome had fallen.

    A couple of weeks after posting his EPIC FAIL rant Saul published his admittedly unfinished manuscript as an Ebook.

    I had devoted six years of my life, dredged up much emotional stress and even pain and had put my marriage at risk ,only to have the work end so badly. I grieved for Sauls' book the way a mother would grieve over a newborn being laid naked in the snow! In fact, when he finally talked to me on the phone I told him that was how I felt...( that he and I together had created this "wondrous baby", but I felt that he had placed that piece of creation out where it would die from the cold.) Why? Why did you do this Saul? And the only answer he had for me was a strange response, I thought. " I don't know."

    There are no adequate words for the devastation that I felt.

    And then something very odd began to happen.

    When the Forum for the ttbrown.com site " went down" we all started to develop the mental image that we had been on a fine ship that had been steered onto a sandy shoal. One of the Forum members even criticized Saul for " sucking mud in his boilers".

    I mentally pictured myself swimming to a far shore and I discovered that I was not alone. To the right and left of me were other Forum members doing the same thing. I discovered that I was not alone in my belief that Dads story was NOT a "bag full of shells".

    Perhaps we looked a sorry sight... this mental image of a shipwrecked crew, certainly.

    Chris Knight brought his own website...to give our discussions a home for awhile.

    Now the mental image changed to that of a bright blue bus giving us a "lift" to another destination! We were a rowdy bunch! And we interacted with each other as if, no matter what had happened with Saul, we were going to continue on a grand and mysterious journey together!

    This feeling prompted me to recall some of the words on the yellowed manuscript pages from Dads' odd note which he wrote in 1944. Among other things the " Rain on the Windows" transcript spoke of a man who would disappoint me, after several years. It also spoke of a group of people who would band together, almost magically. The phrase that was used was that they would " self-organize" following a certain flow of information. My Forum friends demonstrated that when they wasted no time organizing and providing for a continued group interaction and existence.

    Mom and Dad taught me to follow a positive path . They knew that I would be surrounded by doubts and challenges but they always encouraged me in the steady belief that all would be well. And the Forum members supplied me with hope.

    Saul chose to quit and "close up shop".

    I chose to accept custody of my part of the story and to "go forth".

    I believe that both Saul and I have done what was expected of us by a powerful intelligence and I recognize that this is leading to outcomes still unknown.

    The Good-Bye Man isn't entirely about the "work of Townsend Brown". Its the story of a father who was involved in work so secret that he could not answer his own son when he was asked "Why do you choose this, over me?" Its about a daughter who somehow understood the answer would never be given, not by her father nor her lover, who chose to follow the same career. Its about a courageous wife who understood that the passion for the science would always come first with her husband, no matter how much they loved each other. And she was able to accept that reality and still support his lifes work.

    And its about others too who have somehow felt that there was a story here worth telling. The members of several Forums have come together in an odd sort of "self organization" to encourage me and to add their voices to something that they sensed was important.
    One of them said that our time together has been alot like a journey down an ancient hallway which has been lined with many closed doors on each side. The Good-Bye Man nudges these doors open but then goes on to open even more doors. The detailed investigations into those "rooms" will come later. But if this body of work has somehow offered a mystical "nudge" to each closed door..and left it open for others to explore..... then it has done what it was meant to do.

    Linda Brown
    September 22, 2013

    Linda Brown

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I thought some of you might appreciate seeing the " fan-loudspeaker" that I mentioned in a couple of my chapters. It is strange to see some of Paul Schatzkins words being repeated here. He was writing about the time that "Morgan" first met my father in the library of Ashlawn.

    Its a good picture of my Dad and the unit and there are some other interesting things collected here.
    Directory:Thomas Townsend Brown - PESWiki

    The apparatus looked like an over-sized window-fan, or, rather, the disembodied window box itself. A three-foot square wooden frame stood perched on a triangular base that rose from the floor next to Dr. Brown’s desk. Stretched horizontally across the front of the box were dozens of parallel metal strips and wires that resembled Venetian blinds. But there the resemblance to a window fan ended; behind the panels there were no whirling blades and no electric motor. Nevertheless, air poured silently and steadily through the baffles.

    Finally convinced that his guest was sufficiently amazed, Dr. Brown explained how an electrically induced force-field moved the air, describing how the electrical field “squeezed? the air, “the way your fingers would squirt a watermelon seed.?

    Then Dr. Brown flipped another switch, and suddenly the fan became a loudspeaker, with clear, bright, undistorted sound pouring through the baffles without any kind of cone or magnetic coil to move the air.

    Dr. Brown then explained that since the fan/speaker had no moving parts, there was no distortion, and so the frequency range could go well beyond the range of any kind of conventional loudspeaker. And he explained how the speaker could be constructed in a set of matching pairs, one acting as a transmitter, the other as a receiver.

    ...Dr. Brown watched him, with an impish, quizzical look on his face as Morgan sorted through the possibilities, slowly grasping the implications of what he was seeing and hearing.

    “So, if there’s no limit to the frequency, you could use this as a communications device… you could send a signal with this, and nobody else would be able to hear it, huh??

    Dr. Brown just smiled at Morgan. “Nope,? he said, putting his glasses on and going back to work.

    (ed: other names: Electro-Hydrodynamic Fan. the name of the eventual commercial product out of which the Brown family has not benefited: Ionic Breeze Air Purifier.)

    The type of the device was a electrostatic air purifier, a device that could move air without moving anything else. No motor, no whirling fan blades. Just turn it on and the air moves through it, driven by an electrical charge that pulls out impurities before the air is propelled out of the system. As with all of Townsend Brown’s inventions, the idea was simple, novel, and elegant.

    “The Fan? was just one application of the basic discovery that Brown made when he was a teenager, a phenomenon still referred to as the “Biefeld-Brown Effect.? Besides its application as a fan and air purifier, the effect could also be applied in the form of a loudspeaker, which Brown also developed at different times during his life.

    The same effect that could propel air through the plates of his air purifier, when amplified with tremendously high voltages, could produce lift and propulsion in a variety of metal discs and other objects, causing them to levitate and fly.

    Images copyright 1986-2007 the Townsend brown Family

    ************************************************** ***************

    We now know that the fan was capable of doing alot more than what was simply demonstrated to some people who saw it in operation. Much much more. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; September 22nd, 2013 at 04:19 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    The "Morgan" That Paul mentioned in that part of his book has since told me why he reacted so strangely to that "demonstration..." He has said that suddenly and completely he was shown his " future"... right down to a detail of watching small stones rolling away from his boots. He knew at the time that he was somewhere out of the country, that he was in the middle of a dangerous situation and that he was doing something that he happened to be very good at... and he was proud to be there.... and this was all an instant "blast of information." So when I happened to overhear him saying.... so....

    "So, if there’s no limit to the frequency, you could use this as a communications device… you could send a signal with this, and nobody else would be able to hear it, huh??

    I hope that you all realize there is alot more going on here than simple one line communications! Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    With this kind of information bubbling to the surface.... is there any doubt that some out there would do almost anything to discredit my words.... going as far and as ridiculously as trying to claim that I had to PROVE who I was?

    Keeping up to date on that.... I have issued a polite request to meet Zorgon in Las Vegas ( which is his home town) for lunch on a date yet to be set....at least the invitation has been made. I intend to bring with me anything at all that he might need to prove my identity.... but most important I believe is that I am promoting this meeting....what can he say.... I am not trying to make the guy like me.... He can decide that I am Atilla the Hun as far as I am concerned.... but I do want him to admit in public that he does believe that I am who I have said I am.....Isn't that fair?

    And Mikado? You still have problems with me? Shall we go through Pauls book page by page so that you can tell me specifically where he was unduly influenced? Seems to me tht Paul wrote exactly what he was encouraged to write. And I do see YOUR hand in it more than anyone elses. Laughingly called the "Mikado Effect" in other circles.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is an important look at all of this situation from another viewpoint. Interesting developments

    ? View topic - Connecting Townsend Brown, Tesla, Cayce

    I am especially impressed with Alexander Putneys website.... but of course take exception to what he wrote here....

    Unbeknownst to both Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce at the time, Thomas Townsend Brown was directly acting under orders from the Nazi military-industrial complex that had coordinated the multi-generational espionage activity and counter-intelligence cover-up of Tesla's finest inventions. The timing of corporate subterfuge and manipulations that surrounded the world's greatest inventor are only now becoming evident, having been obscured by the horrors of war and corporate commandeering of world industry.

    Though my suspicion is that he already knows that was not the truth.... and that I would CERTAINLY take notice of it and respond. As you note I have responded to him mentioning the " chum in the water..." It worked! But I think our relationship once established will be beneficial.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; September 24th, 2013 at 09:13 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    and he writes this also

    That experience inspired Tesla's invention of the Gravity Motor, tapping the limitless power of acoustic resonance by generating standing waves within a drum. Tesla's finest, most suppressed invention was discussed in a psychic reading for Thomas T. Brown given by trance channel Edgar Cayce on March 8, 1928 in Chicago, at the LaSalle Hotel, a luxurious palace hotel conveniently located across the street from the Masonic Lodge, a well known establishment of the American-Nazi industrialists (Reading 4665-1):

    I have so many questions I don't even know where to start. " discussed in a psychic reading" for Thomas T. Brown?????
    Why does the fact that the Masonic Lodge happen to be across the street have anything to do with the LaSalle Hotel and a supposed meeting there between my Dad and Cayce? Its just information thrown in there for sensationalism.

    Lets stick to this note that a Thomas T. Brown met with Cayce. There are alot of Thomas Browns in the world. What was the topic of those conversations??????

    Lady of Light???? Is this the beginning of the connection to the Rain on the Window Papers. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And Alexander Putney makes a serious mistake by commenting on the life perserver which is in Dads Lab in Zanesville and in a picture that he posts.. I have old pictures that prove that the Viking was his personal yacht... Putney spins this yarn about it being a Naval ship ... the USS Viking... and other fanciful facts that I know were made up by somebody. Its a classic example of people spinning yarns when they don't have the foggiest idea of the true facts.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I wanted to share this with you folks

    by Linda Brown » Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:13 pm

    I just "happened " across this little communication that I sent off to Paul Schatzkin months ago. I want to revisit it here.

    drawn from the ttownsendbrown.com forum
    http://www.ttownsendbrown.com/forum/vie ... =37&t=1027

    I encourage anyone who is curious about Mikados operations style to just look at the way that he has handled the Quonset Hut..... and the things that he has said there. Do you see the "Mikado Effect" at work?

    His words are in red here

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***
    Here is an interesting post from the Token. Thanks to who sent it to me.
    quote wrote:
    Re: Revisiting " Acknowldegemnts"
    by Linda Brown » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:09 am
    I wrote to him too .... or.... through his lawyer actually......

    I feel no responsibility to keep this confidential since he has already chosen to include his lawyer in this and my copy already went to my lawyer too so its pretty much an open book as far as I am concerned/

    This was sent to his lawyer with the request that he forward it to Paul.

    I have had your letter on my desk now for a couple of weeks and I have to say.... its as much as a puzzle as your original descision to throw your hands in the air in 2009. Were you afraid that I would show up " unannounced"?... is that the reason for your nearly hostile letter? I can assure you that I had no thoughts of that.... Until of course I got your letter and read the accounting figures.

    Are you happy with only selling... lets see,,, seven print copies?...24 Ebooks?.... and 35 "Kindle sales"?
    Six Hundred Dollars every six months?....if it doesn't diminish.... means that it will take you roughly 18 years to get your investment back. Are we both going to be around to see that?

    I sense that you feel that you started off well and focused on the hard facts of Dads story but somehow got led away from that with what you must feel now was my own fanciful imaginings. Is that about right? You think perhaps that was a mistake and that you might have stood a better chance of being taken more seriously as the biographer that you wanted to be.... if you somehow hadn't taken that turn and been persuaded(?) I guess.... to go in that direction. Is that what you have been feeling?

    What would you say to going back over your " Biography of T. Townsend Brown" and making it exactly that... with ONLY the facts that are available to you at this exact moment.... and ONLY about Townsend Brown.

    If we can agree that the influences of the characters of Morgan and Twigsnapper and yes.... me.... were a mistake for you then I encourage you to cut all that out of your book.... those story lines should never have been there in the first place..

    Actually... to be fair to both you and me.... those stories from my journals and my life actually had no business being in the book that you first meant to write........ and they certainly were not included in the contract that we drew up together. You yourself wrote that you decided to include those other stories afterwards to bolster the work. It turns out, I think, that you felt that was a serious mistake. I would agree with you, it was..
    Are we still on the same page?

    New information is coming in about Dads actual activities on a daily basis and if you had the heart and the interest to rewrite and properly edit..... I think that you might find yourself where you wanted to be at the beginning.

    Nothing wrong with starting fresh.
    The book that you DID compose is still the best biography of Dad in existance. And for that I thank you very much.

    Do you have the energy to talk about this with me?
    I liked your letter head by the way.<g>
    I am going to send this to your lawyers Email. He can forward it to you.

    His response to me was basically. Thanks but no thanks, I am not interested in " revisiting the Townsend Brown story.

    I doubt that contacting him is going to help at all because thats as far a move as I am ever going to make. Linda
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Now ask this question, why all of a sudden would someone want to have the author of "Defying Gravity" remove all references from the ONLY sources that gave him ANY information?


    Now today.................
    I want to put this post out today to bring these elements to the top.... number one that I had made that offer to Paul.... and number two... his response... at the moment.... and then in red I have included Mikados comment. Do you see the interesting twist here. Mikado is trying to say that the references that were referred to above were the ONLY sources that gave Paul any information. Is he so dense that he thinks that people will believe that? Paul did a handsome job of collecting proper information... we are at odds about what he eventually DID with that information ( after meeting with Mikado remember) But the fact is that he was a stout and diligent researcher..... to diminish him by saying what Mikado has said here is not right and should not be allowed to stand.

    When you look at Mikados actions carefully you can easily see his agenda here.

    Linda Brown

    Posts: 5339
    Joined: Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:08 pm
    Private message
    Last edited by Linda Brown; September 25th, 2013 at 09:48 AM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And in the middle of his agendas Mikado still cares enough about an old friend to post this... which I do appreciate and want to share with all of you. Please got to his link so that you can see the photos of our wonderful Trickfox. These were pictures that I did not have. And I thank Mikado for posting his memories of a special man.

    The Quonset Hut ? View forum - "Kilroy was here"

    Mikados words

    There was a loss last month. A loss that was to come and known about for a long time but it arrived as all things do. The song ends, the story ends, the movie ends....Everything ends, even life.

    After I learned of this, I looked at a few pictures and reminisced. I went for a walk and travelled back in time as memories allow. Reliving moments and looking at the positives and knowing that it were these attributes that create the sting that turns a loss into an emotional moment. I shed tears.

    Trickfox had passed away. I don't know exactly when this happened. The obituary didn't have a date, it only mentioned that he passed away. It gave no particulars other than his age and his location. I felt...is that all there is? Is this all that could have been said? To pass away into so much obscurity?

    One would have thought that an obituary would have at least mentioned surviving relatives, education, accomplishments and perhaps even a place to send donations in the name of the deceased. But there was nothing, so I will say something.

    Raymond was my friend. I met him on a forum. We met face to face in a place called Allenwood. Allenwood is a small burg located in Union Township in the State of Pennsylvania. There was some snow on the ground and it was not quite that cold and felt more like February than March. We spent a weekend together. Talking and getting to know each other. This was in 2007.

    The following year we met in Las Vegas, it was March of 2008. He had expectations of something happening that did not come to fruition. It was a difficult period for him but he did come around. He was tired and needed rest after having flown from Quebec to Las Vegas and which was a very long journey for him, especially after dialysis. But as always, he arose to the occasion and eventually had an enjoyable if not a little disappointing time. One memorable moment was when we went to the Luxor and there was a statue of Anubis. He wanted to choke him and cheat death, a feat he managed for 5 more years.

    I never met him in person again but there were many conversations. We agreed and we disagreed. I will not go into either but only say that you cannot have the thesis without the antithesis, even in friendship. He was 58 years old. He grew up in the Quebec Province in Canada. He went to a High School technical school where her learned TV repair. He ended up leaving Canada and headed for the sunny beaches of California where he ended up teaching Basic Electronics to immigrants. He was didactic and self taught in several areas. He was intelligent, he was smart.

    He had an interesting past to say the least. A past that he was always looking to recapture in some manner or another. His long wish was to leave a mark on the world, a signpost reminiscent of "kilroy was here" but with a much more deeper imprint. In a manner he did leave an imprint, perhaps not as large as what he would have liked but he did manage to touch the lives of a small group of individuals and wherever they go, whatever they do, he will be with them, if in memory only but in some small way, he left a mark, a big one, in my world.

    It was his choice to end the friendship but it was not ended on my part.

    I will miss him.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)


    by Linda Brown » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:26 pm

    To show how many layers there are to this

    When Mikado mentions Allenwood above it is because Michael R was in the prison located there and Raymond was visiting Michael... at great personal risk and hardship to his health and well being.
    Michael Riconosciuto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    About Michael:

    Riconoscuito was a gifted child: When he was just 10 years old, Michael wired his parents' neighborhood with a working private telephone system that undercut Ma Bell; in the eighth grade, he won a science fair with a model for a three-dimensional sonar system. By the time he was a teenager, he had won so many science fairs with exhibits of laser technology that he was invited to be a summer research assistant at Stanford University. Dr. Arthur Schalow [sic], a Nobel laureate, remembers him — "You don't forget a 16-year-old youngster who shows up with his own argon laser."
    —Ridgeway and Vaughan, "The Last Days of Danny Casolaro"[6]

    And Michael was fortunate to have Raymond as his dedicated friend. Linda
    Linda Brown

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