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Thread: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Good for you Mikado.... but I suggest that you make sure that you have excellent patent protection already in place. Cause... you are going to need it. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; October 19th, 2013 at 05:55 PM.

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    On to other things.

    I had a really strange dream recently which involved a certain persons name.... all I saw were the letters of the mans name.... FRANK ZNIDARSIC. I have since learned ( as of my last investigations) that he is an electrical engineer in Pa and I have been taken over with the urge to contact him.... so.... in between interuptions today I have tried to do tha... to no avail yet... but I will start again tomorrow.

    I don't even know if he is still in Pa and exactly what it is that he is doing but his name was very specific in BIG violet colored letters.... so how could I not look into this? Of course I have worried that I am going to look pretty strange to him.... Hello Mr. Znidarsic... my name is Linda.... I dreamed about your name the other day in tall purple letters. Yeah, right. THATS going to make an interesting impression.

    But on the other hand ..... what have I got to lose. We might have a good laugh if nothing else. The other words that highlighted around this particular name were.... cold fusion, capacitors and some others I can't share exactly at the moment. Perhaps its time to head for Pa?

    Lady of Light....I think of you of course, regarding the dreams. I have never dreamed of simple letters like this.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I have recently learned that an associate of mine has also had a " dream" where only letters were involved. And that has never happened to him before at all either.

    And my wifi has apparently decided to work now... so here I am again.... I thought the poor little thing was doing to melt on my desk it got so hot....no technical expanation....but now it seems to have recovered.

    Go figure. <g>


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    This is a transfer of a post from something that Randy Smith put up recently. I thought it would be easier for him ( and others who are interested too in joining this investigation) to simply meet here.

    And THANKYOU everybody for making this such a popular thread ( nearing 20,000 views soon! Thats spectacular! But it simply means to me that some of you are finding value in what I am trying to do here... against the opposition which I think has become obvious. You all give me strength to continue.

    Thank you again Lady of Light for supplying me this very special and protected spot.

    Here we go!


    I am going to be posting more information about this " Group" and its activities both on the cosmic-token.com site and here on the Unhypnotize Forum. What you may find on one may enhance what you are seeing on the others...This is an example ...... I thought that it refers to something that might be right up your alley! And I am no fool... I would appreciate the help that you could provide in the exchange of information.

    [B]The work that is beginning here turned into what was a very secret project at the time.... the records of the Mongolfier Project have just recently been released but as you all can guess.... the smallest amount of information has reached the surface. In the preliminary meetings here though you can see the framework being set up for a multinational organization that has already been organized to see these " ships" built and in operation.

    Sometimes information was leaked. The statement that W. Smith ( the Canadian) was given in 1950 is an indication of one of those "leaks"..... for those of you who have been around for a long time.... it was a statement that came from an attache of Robert Sarbacher.... to Smith.... regarding a Project involving " Flying Saucer propulsion systems" that was more secret than the bomb."

    For those of you who are newbies to the story I will try to find links to that but its easy enough and out there enough.....

    A handful of men... yet they seemed to be at the very top of the military and financial power....the thing that makes them almost impossible to trace is that their influence was not couched in greed or the need for power.... they already had what they needed to get things done....They needed not to be recognized and they sure accomplished that.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Do some of you see the implications of this? Join me on this trail!... its going to be an interesting journey! And thank you for your support Lady of Light. The man looking at all of these boxes thanks you also.

    Maybe others will see what I mean by " implications of all of this" when they look into the " wild stories" of there being a " Space Command" already in place and operation... ships of my Dads design.... with human crews......


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    And on my " stampede" to locate and talk to Mr. Frank Znidarsic. I have walked away from that path. Simply because I could not trust the origin of those tall purple letters. Someday he and I may laugh about all of this and he may say..." But you should have contacted me!" but I think for right now its a trail that I should not go down. CAT actually jumped in ( as intrepid cats sometimes will!) and messaged him for me, trying to explain the situation. That was sometime last week ( or the week before) and he has not responded in any way... so I am thinking that his thoughts are running toward... wow that was a wierd message.... in which case... I am better off not going in that direction.

    Mr. Twigsnapper used to constantly remind me that it was a matter of " discernment" and that word has been popping up repeatedly around me.

    Its also fall and the time in Virginia when they used to have magnificent fox hunts. ( rarely caught the little beastie but he would sure give us a splendid and thrilling ride together in good company. I know that Mr. Twigsnapper considers himself the " Master of Hounds" in the situation we are in now... he knows the history of such things... In Virginia the Fairfax hounds were developed by George Washington himself who spent a great amount of time thinking about how he could improve the pack.... His favorite bitch he named " Sweet Lips" and he even took her to Paris with him I understand. Really there should be a book written about that...<g> Anyway.... the mental image of us all being " fine hounds" I believe is lodged in Mr. Twigsnappers mind and sometimes when he makes suggestions I can see a reflection of the care and love that he tends toward those animals... and in a strange way... us.

    I hope that does not offend anyone.... that an elderly gentleman would consider us "hounds" but please take it as a compliment. Horses and hounds are some of the greatest loves of his life. Oh I guess you have to add a dangerous woman or two but that has sort of gone with the territory of the life that he has lived!!!~!

    And he has been encouraging us to discover things that have been so very elusive that it would put the top fox in Loudon county or Fairfax county to shame. This is a fox which KNOWS most of the time what our next move is..... and the " whiff" of that special fox is very faint indeed.

    I have been told by Twigsnapper himself that the last few encounters I have had have been what they call" drag hunts'..... a hunt that is predetermined using a smelly bag to draw the hounds. Its a training device for the hounds.... and the riders.... its known ahead of time where they will be galloping so the course is checked out for dangers ahead of time..... Now we seem to be allowing our horses to regain their breath ( called " blowing") and the hounds are allowed to gather their energies again. But he says... now we are on a hill with a good view. Sometime soon one of the riders in our group will stand in his stirrups, swing his crop three times above his head in a circle and and then point in a certain direction and yell excitedly " TALLY-HO! The Fox!!!

    But this time it will be a live fox...... and we can't lose sight of him. So, Mr. Twigsnapper says to me.... " Dear... enjoy the visit here with your friends. enjoy the fine day and the good company. The call will come soon and then you must ride as if your life depends on it!"


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    At the very beginning of this thread Lady of Light you were able to give me a " Shelter from the storm" of the people on another Forum who constantly challenging my authority as the daughter of Townsend Brown. I wanted you to know that the issue that concerned us so much then has seemingly passed and we have been able to move on to more important investigations.... some of them beginning to bear wondrous fruit.

    This is what I wrote so much earlier though. Its interesting to look back....

    "Lady of Light.

    Thank you so much for this thread.....

    Instead of letting my ego tell me that I should be insulted that my very existence has been questioned.... I now understand that this is a vital first step in this process and even though it has been instigated by those of the Exterminators agenda.... it is still and important process that needs to be followed through here.

    In a land of shadow warriors... I guess I am the only one who is meant to hold her ground and be in the light.The only one who can do this.

    Dad once said of me that I was supposed to be ( through my journals) The MOMENT between the chalk and the eraser..... and I am beginning to see more clearly now exactly what he meant.

    What will this " cost" me? as another shadow said..... " Nothing less than everything".

    So I agree with Mikado here. Even after everyone in the world is convinced that I am who I have said I am.... there will be those who will have endless challenges and counterclaims. Thats just the way its going to be. I accept that.

    But also..... that is not my problem. The scientists will figure the science... the engineers will work their magic in taking all of those thoughts into solid form... the students like Dylan will study and think new thoughts....its all meant to go that way.

    The only thing that I have to do is be me.... and whether or not others decide they like or dislike that.... thats essentionally their own problem.

    So I am here to answer the questions that I can answer..... with appreciation for this special place.


    ************************************************** *****************

    Some exciting developments on the horizon which I hope to be able to tell you more about soon. There are still boxes all around me... the tall man is still shaking his head and I think wondering if we can get all of this done but I truly believe that we will be shown the way to finish this project.

    Other entities that used to shadow my world so strongly have faded into nothingness...and this is going to be a wonderful adventure.... others have come to my side now with offers of help... some of them sons and daughters of the men who worked alongside Dad. There is much yet left to be discovered and the forces that tried to keep all of this hidden are going to have their work cut out for them. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I thought that you might enjoy seeing this account of something that happened in an isolated Hawaiian valley in 1949..... We were talking on the Cosmic Token about respecting other.... perhaps... "on the other side of the veil" entities....

    ? View topic - Juggling

    by Linda Brown » Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:01 pm

    Mother told of an experience that she had in that wild valley of Kauai where we lived from 1947 to about 1950 ( not sure it was exactly when Mother moved us to a little cottage behind the venerable old Hotel Sans Souci which was right on the beach at the base of Diamond Head. Being there was really " big city" for a little girl who hadn't until that time even experienced what it was like to " turn the lights on" by flipping a switch!)

    Getting back to that lonely and wild canyon. We were so far up the canyon from the beach that the only thing behind us and the towering green mountain peaks was a native burial ground. Mother was always very respectful of the tiny trails that crossed the main path down to the store we visited a couple of miles away. Ivy Nishimoto little place had been there for years and she was the one that had leased us the land we were staying on.... seventeen acres of raw Hawaiian landscape.... with a stream that ran directly through it. Dad made sure that we were well set with a garden and plenty of canned goods before he left for extended periods of time. Imagine what it was like to be there for Mother. I was just a toddler.... for a short time my grandmother Brown lived with us... and my brother Joseph was just thirteen. There were native kids that he played with occasionally but getting to them was a major chore. Mother always insisted though that he carry pieces of meat with him...so that as he intersected these odd little paths that he could leave an " offering" there.

    Now I know that most women of mothers upbringing ( Ohio and Presbyterian) might have skoffed at that but she took the "permission granting " quite seriously. There were " little people" she was told, who lived in that area and guarded the gravesites above us...it was wise to pay homage to them. ... Mother never failed giving a nod to their direction.

    Then one moonlight night she heard feminine voices singing in Hawaiian. The voices echoed down the canyon. The music was so strong and beautiful..... and then she heard other voices joining in. She listened for a couple of hours just thinking what a beautiful celebration it was... but behind it all she was a little hurt that there was this wonderful thing going on miles away and she hadn't been invited at all.

    So she mentioned the singing to Ivy the next day after that long walk to the store. The woman just blinked and stared at her... she and the other customers asked exactly what mother had heard... and when she told them about the wonderful voices, one womans voice in particular... they told Mother that she had been very blessed.... that she had heard the " music of the ancient ones" and from that point on she would have their protection.

    It was the only experience that Mother ever relayed that was close to being what others in Ohio laughingly and nervously called "a ghost story"....But Mother took it very seriously.

    I didn't know at the time all of this was happening that Beau Kitselman was also interested in HUNA and had moved to Hawaii to study it.... and to also help Dad set up that infamous " Pearl Harbor Demonstration"

    And I have begun to realize that Mothers experience was probably the one thing that motivated her to stay with Dad when he said that the next five years of their life would be " sheer hell" and that he would understand if she chose to divorce him and stay in Hawaii to begin a new life " with the children". Mother stuck with Dad..... Linda

    ************************************************** **************************

    I have posted this because its sort of a reminder to myself to appreciate help when I get it, even when I can not see the source of it.... and recognizing the faint trails that cross our paths never hurts either. Respect is respect. Linda

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    I just "happened to run across this which is the acknowledgment page that Paul finally included in his Ebook presentation of the biography of my Dad " The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown."

    Now, almost five years later these words have an interesting additional meaning to me. It was just weeks before he wrote this that Paul had a fateful ( it turns out) meeting in Pa with "Mikado". I am sure that name is familiar with you because that same entity has made his negative presence known here. I have to ask..... why would a man who had ALREADY spent six years composing a book quit so suddenly and under what looks like ..... according to his own words here..... such emotional duress. Please read what he wrote here and then ask along with me..... what is really happening here.

    And you all also have the four plus years AFTER Pauls " implosion" to watch Mikado in action here and on other Forums. Judge for yourself and then please share your thoughts with me.

    This is Pauls " Acknowledgement Page"

    "The book you are about to read is a compilation of material originally published in
    periodic installments to the World Wide Web between September, 2005 and March,
    It must be stated emphatically here that this is the first draft of a work that, due to the
    unusual nature of its underlying material, necessarily remains very much a “work in
    progress.” As such, you can expect to see typos, grammatical errors, and all the other
    blemishes that you’d expect of a “first draft.” There is good reason for that.
    An enormous amount of research has gone into this undertaking since it began in earnest
    in the spring of 2003. Still, there remains a great deal about the life and work of Thomas
    Townsend Brown which remains hidden  apparently concealed by forces and for
    reasons unknown and perhaps unknowable. It is not only that much of Brown’s work
    was officially “classified;” there is also the bizarre specter that much of his work is truly
    “secret,” beyond the reach of even those official institutions that do all the classifying.
    Despite all the research, there remains a great deal about the underlying fundamentals of
    the life of Townsend Brown that we do not know, making it difficult if not downright
    impossible to coherently unify the intriguing details that we do know.
    This is, or is at least supposed to be, a book about science, and offer a fair represention of
    a man who devoted his life to both the theory and practice of what appears to have been
    an unorthodox school of physics. It is first and foremost a biography, and as such should
    find its foundation in a steady narrative stream of verifiable facts. But the curious nature
    of Townsend Brown’s life is that the substantial record of his existence is, oddly…
    There may also be a metaphysical dimension to such a pursuit  how, after all, do we
    learn anything new if we do not look askance from all that which we think that we
    already “know”? Nevertheless, a grave injustice is committed to the scientific method if
    we ignore the principal that some form of empirical evidence must follow any bold new
    hypothesis before it can be readily stated  even temporarily  as a manifestation of
    new knowledge or truth.
    I labored under the assumption that such evidence exists within the pages of Townsend
    Brown’s life, but finding that evidence in a form that can be placed within the pages of a
    book has created a challenge that at times has proven insurmountable.
    Until such time as some kind of further evidence is revealed, this “first draft” is offered
    as marker to establish as much as we do know now. There is no telling where the
    necessary information will come from  or when.
    AcknowledgementsThere is, for example, an archive that interests us from World War II. Its files contain the
    records of something called the “Targeted Information Committee”  top-secret
    missions during the closing weeks of World War II  that are destined to remain
    classified until 2012, nearly seven decades after the actual events. Brown’s own travels
    intersected with those TICOM missions, behind enemy lines in Germany just before the
    end of the war. Perhaps there is something in those files that will reveal the unifying
    secret of his life. Or, perhaps, those papers will be reclassified indefinitely before their
    scheduled release in 2012.
    For all we know, there may be some key information buried in the recesses of some
    “Raiders of the Lost Ark” warehouse that is scheduled for future declassification at some
    time in the future that will shed further light on the real nature of Townsend Brown’s life
    and work. But all we know for certain now is that, absent more concrete information,
    this “unexpurgated” first draft of the biography of Townsend Brown will have to suffice
    for the growing legion of enlightened readers who want to know the basic facts of
    Townsend Brown’s life and its impact on the people around him.
    Today’s easy access to digital publishing makes it possible to offer this draft to willing
    and interested readers. This draft could certainly benefit from some refinement and
    proof-reading, but whatever further work is put into it now would be tantamount to
    polishing an oyster shell because we simply cannot get to the pearl  regardless of how
    certain our faith may be that this is the one mollusk in a thousand that indeed contains a
    In the meantime, there are quite a few people whose contributions to this stage of the
    enterprise deserve generous and sincere recognition.
    There is probably no way this project could have been undertaken without the Internet,
    and easy access to the web’s vast, instantly searchable global library. So I guess I should thank Tim Berners-Lee, Mark Andreesen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin for making it allpossible. But even having the largest library in history at my fingertips is not enough. Itstill takes special sources  just the kind of resources that appear almost magically onceyou start offering content online.

    One novel aspect of first publishing this book to the web over an extended period of time
    is that the work became somewhat “interactive.” Once the first installments began to
    appear on the web in the fall of 2005, a small but dedicated cadre of readers from around the world began to regularly tune in  and offer a lot of helpful feedback on each chapter.

    For example, it was not long after I started publishing the chapters online that I received
    an e-mail message from Lace Lynch, an historian and genealogist in Brown’s hometown
    of Zanesville, Ohio. Lace already knew a little bit about Brown from newspaper
    accounts she had found from the 1920s and ‘30s. Lace, and another Zanesville local,
    Renee Huddleston, became indispensable volunteers on my research team. They escorted me around Zanesville when I visited there in the fall of 2004, and Lace uncovered some surprising and previously unknown information about Townsend Brown’s marriage to another Zanesville native, Josephine Beale.

    After the first chapters appeared online, a group of “regulars” began to chime in to an
    online forum after the publication of each subsequent chapter. There are well over a
    hundred active members of the forums, too many to single out every one, but among
    those who stand out now are: Mark Culpepper, who encouraged me to a higher level of
    scholarship with every chapter; Trickfox, who amazed members with his incisive insight
    into Townsend Brown’s science; Mikado, who always insisted that contributors get to the point; Jim Zimmer, who never wavered from his certainty that there was something at the bottom of the rabbit hole; Radomir, who was often a voice of sanity amid a cacophony of contentious perspectives; Kevin.b, the hobbit navigator; Langley, who had his own intriguing angle on what it’s all about; and Victoria Steele, whose gentle needling was instrumental in making new chapters on Thursdays a nearly regular event.
    I am also extremely grateful to Jan Lundquist, who offered invaluable editorial assistance
    and did her level best to help find an agent and/or publisher. A nod also to UFO
    researcher Ryan Wood, who was the first to show me how to navigate the labyrinthine
    corridors of the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.
    I don’t think any of this would have been possible without the very generous contribution of Andrew Bolland and his wife Linda, who rightfully deserve to be regarded as the
    torch-bearers for the Townsend Brown legacy. Andrew created the website where I first
    learned about Townsend Brown in the summer of 2002. Andrew has served as the
    “official science advisor” to this project, doing his level best to help me understand the
    real gist of Townsend Brown’s work. He is also the person who introduced me to
    Townsend Brown’s daughter, which introduction really got the ball rolling on this whole
    Much of this story is derived from “covert” sources, without whose input I don’t think I
    would have been able to do even as much as I’m offering here. Much of what these
    mysterious sources had to offer has found its own life in the pages that follow; for now I
    will just offer another heartfelt word of thanks to “Morgan,” “Boston,” and “Bentfeather.”
    Finally, I am indebted in ways I will perhaps never fully recognize to the indefatigable
    Linda Brown, the daughter of the subject of this volume and herself a principal in its
    multiple story lines.

    When I first approached Linda with the idea of writing her father’s biography, she
    expressed deep-seated reservations about revisiting potentially painful memories of the
    struggles she shared with her family. Over the course of a “snail mail” correspondence
    that we exchanged over several months, we found enough common ground and trust in
    each other that Linda was finally able to cast aside those reservations.
    AcknowledgementsLinda Brown and I have been in almost constant daily contact for a period of nearly six years. It seems at times that what started out as a contractual, working arrangement had evolved into something much more akin to a marriage: sometimes constructive and functional, and sometimes maybe not so much.
    A substantial portion of the material contained herein comes from the recollections of a
    devoted daughter, who had the presence of mind during much of her early life to maintain a voluminous personal journal of her travels and observations. Given the lack of
    substantive information from other sources, were it not for the generous and trusting
    access Linda provided to the intimate recollections of a young woman coming of age in
    the most unusual of circumstances, this book probably would not exist at all.
    As stated, this is just “the first draft.” This work is not done. Despite all the effort thus
    far, there remains a great deal to learn about Townsend Brown.

    The central mysteries of his life persist: Did Townsend Brown discover the key to a
    parallel universe, or is all of the speculation that swirls around such possibilities the
    result of a deliberate a misinformation campaign designed to conceal other  possibly
    more prosaic but nonetheless important  aspects of Brown’s life and work?
    The answers to these questions have yet to emerge in a solid, credible, verifiable form.
    The best we can do for now is to assemble what we do know about Townsend Brown’s
    life, send it down the river and see who takes note.
    Paul Schatzkin
    February 23, 2009

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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    Its been nearly five years since Paul Schatzkin wrote the above. And I kind of wish that he was paying attention to the things that are happening around the grand mystery of Dads work now. Paul said

    "The best we can do for now is to assemble what we do know about Townsend Brown’s
    life, send it down the river and see who takes note.
    Paul Schatzkin
    February 23, 2009

    I disagreed with his statement.... The best WE can do..... who was he speaking to then? He should have owned up to the situation and said plainly what was the truth at the moment..... THE BEST I CAN DO... AT THE MOMENT.....

    Five years later and the topic is getting even better informed . Perhaps Paul should look around and consider that Mikado gave him very poor advice about quiting. Perhaps now he can see that he was tricked into following someone elses agenda.... or perhaps not. Perhaps Paul had truly run the race he was meant to run and was finished. Perhaps Mikados urgings were just the added excuse that he needed. Its really too bad but perhaps the way it was meant to go.

    Paul earned the reputation that he got here as a writer... as someone who quit and published a book unprofessionally.........the saddest thing is that he could have done so much more.

    Maybe in the future he can correct that situation.


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    Re: Linda Brown – Daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown (TTB)

    How many of you have followed the experiences and the UTubes put out by John Hutchison ( demonstrating what has been called the " Hutchison Effect." We have had quite a discussion going on the Cosmic Token which has uncovered an interesting thing. Apparently during their work John and Nancy have encountered " orbs" of various sizes and activity.... and I wondered if any of you have ever seen a strange thing like this. Some people call some " orbs" " ball lightning... and others have linked that anomaly to some of the high voltage stuff that my Dad was doing....Some believe that they are a paranormal link somehow to other dimensions...... Apparently "orbs" are being recognized world wide. I just wondered if any of you have any experience or thoughts on them.... Thanks ahead of time.... Linda

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