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Thread: Dream interpretations

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    Dream interpretations

    I love doing dream interpretations. I have a dream journal, but sometimes it's hard for me to decipher them or interpret them because I think I may being biased. Or, it may be difficult for me to read because I simply don't want to know what it means. (I know what it means, but I don't want to hear it.) I am better reading for friends and family, though. It is easier when you aren't directly involved. Unless you are in their dream, then that is a different story!

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    Re: Dream interpretations

    The exact same things happens to me. I also have a dream journal and it helped me discover that dreams manifesting in reality (all of them came true after some time) have some kind of scheme which I didn't figure out, but everything is much easier to figure out when you're reading it after everything happens haha. So the question is, how to reverse that thing?

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