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Thread: Water has Memory - Scientific Proof

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    Water has Memory - Scientific Proof

    This is fascinating info that concern all of us.

    (3 min. video)

    The Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart has discovered a relatively easy way to show how drops of water are greatly modified by the people making the drops and by the different kinds of flowers placed in the water, prior to making drops.

    The statement that "Water has memory" practically changes our whole way of looking at the world. Water flowing down a river may be picking up information everywhere it goes - so that water has more information at the mouth of the river than it does at the source. The oceans could be less of something that separate us than a vast storehouse of information, which binds us together.

    In 2004, when Japanese author, Masaru Emoto released his first of several bestselling books on this theme, 'The Hidden Messages in Water,' he was derided as a "peddler of pseudoscience."

    Hopefully these new studies may open up a greater understanding of the interplay between consciousness and water.
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    Water has Memory Scientific Proof


    I am doing an experiment on the effects of water on different types of wood. Has anyone else done this one? I can;t find any research or info on this subject. Any suggestions?

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