Unemployment is getting out of hand

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Financial Times with cold statistics about the labor on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. That put an end to the hope that the economic crisis is really on his way out.

In the United States lost 85,000 jobs in December again. Shot while unemployment in the eurozone by the limit of 10 percent. It was the first time in the euro countries the percentage of digit 2 was achieved since the introduction of the European currency "miracle".

In America, there also seemed to exist recovery (November: 4000 jobs there), but that was false hope. "One step forward, 85,000 steps back," said economist Michael Feroli of JPMorgan.

In the U.S. recovery stopped in December with 661,000 people looking for a job, otherwise the statistics were certainly higher inoperative. There are now 7.2 million American jobs lost since the beginning of the economic crisis.

The eurozone has 15.7 million unemployed. The expectation is that this army in the course of 2010 will only increase.

Original Source: Financial Times

Source: welingelichtekringen