It is about people, not about money!
Monday, March 16, 2009

"In this time of crisis is always thinking and talking about ways to restore the money. Because it is the money sector of the crisis has caused and it is important that attention to it. But it is the people who need to recover and people who are victims. Renewal is unthinkable without people.

In a world without people is not money. The animal has no money. Nature Peoples do not have money. They simply exchange goods and services. Ultimately it is the man, people have made money for prosperity and welfare to increase. But the abuse of the welfare money is sick.

For the sake of restoring the financial deficit, there are mass redundancies. People become unemployed and there is destruction of precious human capital. Companies become impoverished by the loss of expertise, because they lose skilled people they never get it back.

The special feature of this time is that the company that man dares to invest, even at the expense of financial deficits, more likely to restore the financial deficit. Money is made by people through their inspiration and energy and not vice versa. Money makes people not human. There is the danger of the current reorganization.

The greatest strength of the man is in his deepest desire to be more human, more human others and with others, Our crisis is a crisis of human existence.

Where there is a degenerate from man to an economic value, it will be in an economic collapse come to a human decay. People get maimed their human existence.

Recovery is only possible by restoring the human recovery of work and inspiration, restoration of human dignity. And this often comes at the expense of economic reserves, is part of the healing that we in the bargain "will be taken."

Source: wanttoknow