YouTube - TSHTF Scenario Now Hitting DETRIOT! Average home price $18,513 - Unemployment rate 21%


The Great Depression on steroids here we come! Get ready for world wide famine, riots, all out martial law, and a one world satanic government to rise out of the ashes.

It's a Grim Economy...Or Is It? - Little Rock-
I live near Detroit and it has been this way a lot longer then this. I live in Canada across the boarder from Detroit, about 4 years ago we were renovating our house and we would go to Home Depot here in Windsor, Canada and there would be people everywhere. Sometimes they wouldn't have what I needed, so I would drive over to Detroit's Home Depot and it would be almost completely empty. You basically had the whole store to yourself. It was kinda scary, but Detroit has been dead for a long time now.