08-28-2010 03:17 AM

'Everyone on earth knows how fragile the economy is.* It has pushed first-world countries to the brink of revolution.* The pushing can't withstand much more before the pillars of civilization begin to fall.* And once they begin falling, there may be no stopping them from collapsing society altogether.* Unfortunately, the signs of further economic erosion are disturbingly obvious to the onlookers, and the remaining pillars are hanging on by a thread.

What's more, the controllers are orchestrating the collapse of the American economy and society right now, albeit in slow motion, but it is already crumbling.* The economy and the environment have surpassed their critical tipping points, where dollars will inevitably be worthless and resources will be out-of-reach expensive for most of humanity. We are likely to see astronomically-high gas prices ultimately causing food and medicine to be quickly wiped out of the box stores -- first by nesters, then by desperate looters.* One only has to witness the panic buying before predicted snow storms to imagine what a sustained blizzard would do.* It's well past the 11th hour and survival and real solutions must rule the day.'

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