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Thread: Max Keiser initiates silver run on Alex Jones

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    Max Keiser initiates silver run on Alex Jones

    Max Keiser initiates silver run on Alex Jones

    This could be an historic event. I've been in communication with Max about triggering a paradigm shift using Alex Jones' ability to attain the #1 Google Hot Trends ranking at any time, which triggers a flood of secondary news reports. I reminded him earlier today before he was on Alex's show, and he used the opportunity to solicit Alex's support for a new idea he cooked up recently with Mike Krieger who writes on Zero Hedge, combined with the Google Search strategy. Alex was supportive, and agreed to work with Max to prepare a launch in the next two weeks. Max couldn't wait though and has launched his own campaign a few hours ago.

    The idea is to get everyone to buy a silver coin. This accomplishes many things, including targeting JP Morgan, the bank behind the fraudulent silver suppression which props up the fiat paper money system, which the elite use to control the world and extract its wealth. JP is trapped with a huge number of silver futures contracts that will lose billions if silver goes up. These are derivatives with no physical silver backing.

    The reason for focusing on silver is that the market for it is very small and hence easily controlled. By the same token, it's the easiest to take back if everyone cooperates a little. A group of wealthy Asian traders have figured this out and are already squeezing the silver market, hence the new record prices early in the week. But it would be much more empowering for humanity if together they took back their money system from the elite, rather than leaving the job to the wealthy Asians.

    I've alerted Karen Tostado at United We Strike, so hopefully she can support this initiative on her monthly radio marathon this Saturday.

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    Here’s How to Stop Market Manipulation and Show Too Big To Fail Banks Like JP Morgan Who Is Boss

    Washington’s Blog
    Nov 13, 2010

    Leading economists and financial experts say that our economy cannot recover until the too big to fails are broken up. See this and this. The giant banks have been sucking money out of the real economy and making us all poorer. But the government is refusing to even rein in the mega-banks, let alone break them up.

    One of the too big to fails – JP Morgan – manipulates the silver market. See this, this, this, this and this.

    According to the National Inflation Association, JP Morgan is “short 30,000 silver contracts representing 150 million ounces of silver. This is one of the largest concentrated short positions in the history of all commodities, representing 31% of all open COMEX silver contracts.” This could leave JP Morgan exposed if people go out and buy physical silver in large numbers.

    Mike Krieger and Max Keiser have an idea for attacking the weak underbelly of the seemingly invincible too big to fail banks and market manipulators … all at the same time.

    Specifically, they say that if everyone buys just 1 ounce of silver, it will force JP Morgan – a giant manipulator of the silver market – to cover its short positions, and drive it out of business.

    Watch these short videos for an explanation:

    Silver is way down today, so it is a perfect time to buy.

    Disclaimer: I’m not an investment adviser and this should not be considered investment advice.


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    Keiser Report: Alex Jones joins ‘Buy Silver’ campaign

    [/URL]Nov 18, 2010

    Watch special ‘Crash JP Morgan’ edition of the Keiser Report on Thursday. This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the call from Eric Cantona to withdraw money from the banks and at the viral ‘Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver’ campaign by Max Keiser. In the second half of the show Max talks to Alex Jones about Google bombs, naked body scanners and ‘Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver’.


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    Keiser Report: ‘Crash JP Morgan’ Special (ft. Alex Jones)

    Nov 25, 2010

    96th Episode is a special ‘Crash JP Morgan’ edition of the Keiser Report. This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the call from Eric Cantona to withdraw money from the banks and at the viral ‘Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver’ campaign by Max Keiser. In the second half of the show Max talks to Alex Jones about Google bombs, naked body scanners and ‘Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver’.


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    Max Keiser’s Plan To Destroy JP Morgan Goes Mainstream, After The Guardian Posts His “Silver Squeeze” Thoughts

    Tyler Durden
    Zero Hedge
    Thursday, December 2, 2010

    As Zero Hedge readers know, the reason why the US mint sold a record amount of silver American Eagle coins in November is unlikely a coincidence, and very possibly an indication that the recently disclosed plan as espoused by the MKs (Mike Krieger and Max Keiser) to destroy JP Morgan is working: to wit, if every person buys an ounce of silver, JP Morgan and its massive synthetic silver short position, will have no choice by the cover, face unprecedented margin calls, and possible lead to an end for the New York Fed’s favorite bank. Today, Keiser goes mainstream, detailing his thoughts in The Guardian, which courtesy of its massive circulation is sure to reach far more readers to whom this idea is new. To keep a track of how well this plan is working, we suggest readers check in with the US mint, which frequently updates the amount of silver American Eagles sold on its website (link). The full Guardian article is below.

    Want JP Morgan to crash? Buy silver, published in The Guardian

    The campaign to buy silver and force JP Morgan into bankruptcy could work, because of the liabilities accrued by its short-selling

    For decades, the world’s banking system has been on a fiat currency standard that has led to banks that are “too big to fail”. They have overreached their remit of providing loans and have leeched into the political system, using our money to change the political agenda in ways that boost bank management’s compensation over the interests of their depositors.

    Over the past 11 years, the Gata (Gold Anti-Trust Action) committee has worked to reveal the silver/gold price suppression scheme; thanks to whistleblower Andrew Maguire in London, an investigation has been opened. As part of the ongoing , it has now become clear that JP Morgan is sitting on what is estimated to be 3.3bn ounce “short” position in silver (which they have sold short, meaning they don’t own it to begin with) in an attempt to keep the price artificially low in order to keep the relative appeal of the dollar and other fiat currencies high. The potential liability for JP Morgan has been an open secret for a few years.

    On my show, Keiser Report, I recently invited Michael Krieger, a regular contributor of Zero Hedge (the WikiLeaks of finance). We posited that if 5% of the world’s population each bought a one-ounce coin of silver, JP Morgan would be forced to cover their shorts – an estimated $1.5tn liability – against their market capital of $150bn, and the company would therefore go bankrupt. A few days later, I suggested on the Alex Jones show that he launch a “Google bomb” with the key phrase “crash jp morgan buy silver”.

    Within a couple of hours, it went viral and hundreds of videos have been made to support the campaign.

    Right now, silver eagle sales for the month of November hit an all-time record high and the availability of silver on a wholesale level is drying up. The most important indicator is the price itself – holding just under a 30-year high. With each uptick JP Morgan gets closer to going bust or requiring a bailout.

    Here’s how the campaign works: wealth tied to a fiat currency is easily overwhelmed by wealth tied to silver and gold. And the world is waking up to the fact that they have the ability, without government assistance or other interference, to create a new precious metals-based backed currency system by simply converting their fiat paper into real money.

    This campaign has 100% chance of working; it falls into the category of a self-fulfilling prophecy. As more individuals buy silver and gold, all attempts to replenish the system with more paper money will only cause the purchasing power of the silver and gold to increase – thus prompting more people to buy more. Any attempts to bail out JP Morgan would have the same effect. If the US Fed was to flood the system with bailout money for JP Morgan to cover their silver short position (as they did after the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management), more inflation will ensue and the price of silver and gold will rise more, triggering more purchases. A virtuous circle is born.

    If anyone is interested in helping to crash JP Morgan, buy silver. In the end, it’s about transferring wealth back to the people from where it came.


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    Bid Bullion Releases 171,500 Ounces Of Silver “Max Keisers” In Ongoing Campaign To Destroy JPMorgan

    Tyler Durden
    Zero Hedge
    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    Anyone who thought Max Keiser would tire of his plan to destroy JPMorgan using a physical crunch may be disappointed. In fact, just the opposite. The outspoken critic of every fraud financial has, with the assistance of Bid Bullion, just launched a limited edition silver bullion named Silver Keiser. The total amount of new silver to be created will be 171,250 ounces. Furthermore, beside sharing his visage with one face of the currency of the JPM resistance, “Max Keiser has nothing to do with Bid Bullion and will not benefit in any way from the sales of the Silver Keisers. Max Keiser was quoted saying – “Bid Bullion has free use of my name and image for this. I have no personal stake, or any business relationship at all with Bid Bullion in the creation and distribution of these coins.” Obviously, with numerous silver retailers out of inventory, this issue will likely sell out very quickly. In tangential thoughts we wonder what comes next: the US mint issues Gold-Plated Tungsten Assanges?

    Full Silver Keiser press release:

    Bid Bullion releases its limited edition silver bullion to commemorate Max Keiser and his efforts in increasing the prices of silver.

    Bidbullion.com, a new penny auction selling precious metals at pennies on the dollar, has released a limited edition silver bullion by the name of the Silver Keiser.

    This move couldn’t have been taken at a better time. On November 11th, 2010, Max Keiser, a finance critic and former stockbroker, told the listeners of the Alex Jones show that they should start “Google Bombing” the term “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” to increase the rankings of pages that aimed at exposing the obvious short in the paper silver market.

    Keiser and Jones’ underground campaign was met with a worldwide success, and went viral. As a result, the value of silver increased more than 8% in value thus far and continues to rise. According to Keiser, people’s efforts should only cease when silver is finally sold for its true value, which is $500 per physical ounce.

    With such a historical event unraveling before the whole world, Bid Bullion decided to release the limited edition Silver Keiser. Jeremey Hillsdon, Bid Bullion’s co?founder said, “We wanted to help capture the moment by commemorating Keiser’s life’s achievements thus far, by creating a piece of history.” Aside from thanking Keiser for his efforts, the Keiser Silver will help remove 171,250 ounces of physical silver from the global markets and place them in people’s reach.

    Bid Bullion has created 25,000 units in 1/10, ¼, ½, 1 ounce and 5 ounce rounds. Each of these has the picture of Max Keiser engraved into its fine, flawless surface, and has the quotes “Global Insurrection Against Corporate Occupation” and also “Crash Banksters, Buy Silver“. In addition, each bullion will be marked with its related weight, the dates 2010/2011, and .999 Fine Silver to add more value for silver investors and collectors.

    However, investors should keep in mind that Max Keiser has nothing to do with Bid Bullion and will not benefit in any way from the sales of the Silver Keisers. Max Keiser was quoted saying – “Bid Bullion has free use of my name and image for this.* I have no personal stake, or any business relationship at all with Bid Bullion in the creation and distribution of these coins.

    The collective success we will all enjoy when the fiat money spinners and in particular JP Morgan are put out of business is good enough for me.”

    The Silver Keisers are currently being made at Northwest Territorial Mint, which is one of the most recognized and the largest private mint worldwide. The bullion will be available for delivery by the first week of January. Buyers interested in finding out more about the Silver Keiser bullion should place their orders in advance as these bullion are expected to sell out quickly due to early pre?order inquiries by bullion dealers and investors alike. For more information on the Silver Keiser, please visit www.SilverKeiser.com.

    For more information regarding Keiser’s “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” campaign, please visit his website at: www.MaxKeiser.com.


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    Re: Max Keiser initiates silver run on Alex Jones

    A buy silver campaign? Lol, he only bought into it to try and convince others to do the same.

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