11-20-2010 05:56 AM

'Satanic Psychopaths will be Satanic Psychopaths. It isn't about greed as much as it is about power. The United States has been under the Rothschild's thumb since its inception. The Bank of England took a minority interest in the first two "Banks of the United States". After a brief battle with Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, they destroyed any hope of a free currency and established the Federal Reserve Bank and began to charge us for the privilege of using their worthless paper as our National currency.

Woodrow Wilson probably felt a twinge of remorse and ended up being "incapacitated" for the remainder of his term while his wife took over his duties as President. Who knows if he planned on turning over a new leaf. Enemies of "The Crown" often end up dead or incapacitated.

Then the Satanic Psychopaths wiped out the competition and rebuilt the Federal Reserve under Mormon Illuminatis Extraordinaire, Marriner Eccles. Eccles stole America's gold and forced citizens to exchange their bullion for Federal Reserve Notes. He then helped organize the World Bank to enslave every other country in the world to the Rothschilds, "The Crown", and the "Bank of England". The sun never sets on the Satanic Psychopathic Empire.'

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