Money has outlived it's usefulness and I think from this point forward everything should be free. Money served it's purpose of progressing mankind by facilitating commerce, but it's no longer making a positive contribution. In fact at this point it has become merely a tool for enslavement of the many to enrich the few and a justification for all manner of exploitation of the natural world we live in. Let's agree to just be done with it.

Think about it for a minute. My alarm clock goes off at 6am and I spend 50 hours a week of my life performing tasks in exchange for little pieces of paper. I know, these days they are just computer digits, but essentially everything happens because we agree to exchange pieces of paper (symbolically). The mines dig, the factories produce, the farmers grow so they can get little pieces of paper. Why don't we just agree to keep doing those things but eliminate the paper.

Now you might think that sounds crazy, but why is it? Ultimately when I get up and got to work in the morning I am agreeing to a social contract that says if I work I can get the food, clothing, shelter and healthcare I need to survive. If everything were free so those things were still available to me and in exchange I had to agree to new social contract that says I will continue working I would be fine with that.

And here's what would happen if everything were free. First there would be no need for taxes because everything would be free. There would be no need for insurance because everything would be free. Think about how much of your earnings go towards federal tax, state tax, sales tax, fuel tax, alcohol tax, cigarette tax, lodging tax, health insurance, car insurance, house insurance. Think about how much all the employers pay for insurance and taxes and how all that expense is rolled into every product you buy. If taxes and insurance were eliminated you could work 18 hours a week instead 40 to achieve the same lifestyle you have now. Wouldn't you agree to a new social contract that says everything is free and you only need to work 18 hours a week instead of 40? Damn straight!

Who's going to suffer from this? Well the leaches that contribute nothing real and only suck labor from the system will take it pretty hard. But with all those able hands available when the insurance companies shut down think about how much work could be done getting food and water to the billions that are dying for lack of those things on this planet.

That's the other thing that would change. If everything were free there would be no more reason to destroy the environment to eek out a quarter percentage point improvement in a companies stock price. There would be no need to track profits or buy and sell stocks. The only question corporate CEOs would face would be how can we contribute to humanity? No more thousand percent markup on lifesaving medication, no more slumlords profiting from horrid living conditions. No more reason to do anything other than create the sustainable world we all want to live in.

But if everything were free I can hear you say, wouldn't everyone want to own a yacht with gold plated urinals? Of course they would. I sure would! But it begs the question that if billions of people are starving to death and billions more are hungry and lack access to clean water and basic sanitation, shouldn't that yacht factory's resources be better utilized? If there's no longer profit in solid silver Mercedes Benzs why don't we just agree to let those factories make a product that better serves humanity? After EVERYONE has a urinal we can worry about gold plating them!

Consider Corningware. They don't make Corningware anymore, but that stuff was nearly indestructible. Dishes and bowls made out of that would last a lifetime. But products that last a lifetime don't fit the designed obsolescence model needed to generate recurring revenue. That's why you have to buy a new toaster every few years and that's why the auto industry operates on model years. We are not designing a product that does it's job well and lasts as long as possible, instead we do everything to create a consumption-disposal-consumption cycle that keeps the money flowing. If everything were free those companies could focus on products that serve mankind while minimizing the impact to our environment. How much more efficient would the world be if that mindset changed and we didn't care about revenue anymore but just designed products to work and last?

The fact is, we could easily create a world where the basic necessities of life - food, clothing, shelter, health care and education were freely available to every human born on the planet. And we could do it working half the time we spend working now. All we need to do is agree that from now on everything is free.