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Jan 3, 2011

Well it’s that time of year again for predictions.

Since doom is always 6 months away, and I can write doom porn with the best of them, here we go…

The world will learn of the great silver fraud in 2011. Max Keiser’s “Crash JP Morgan: Buy Silver” campaign will finally draw blood but not the intended victim. After 138 years of abuse of silver by the Elite (Crime of 1873) silver will finally break it’s all time nominal high of $50 in March. This will spark a huge delivery in physical metal and there will not be enough to go around. JP Morgan will offload all of their short positions to shell companies ala’ Enron and the paper price of silver will moon shot. The SLV will reward (sucker) more investors for a little while more as the CRIMEX defaults. (Watch Wall St Laughs at Main St.)

The physical market of silver will not be available at any price.

Ebay will be empty.

Apmex will be empty.

Your local coin shop will be empty.

Once holders of silver realize the massive amount of fraud that has been committed and how suddenly wealthy they are, it will be like holding radioactive uranium. No one will bring it out to sell because who would sell real money for Monopoly money? Silver will be used much later on for food, land, and stocks but for now it is hidden. The only silver that will be available will most likely stay within families or close friends but never publicly.* This will also be accentuated by the new IRS requirement to 1099 all sales over $600. Welcome to the black market.

The dollar dies. The dollar will be increasingly devalued as we reach it’s inevitable and mathematical certain end of the debt cycle. The dollar will be printed in rapid fashion as the government needs more and more to meet the unfunded liabilities. States and cities will be bailed out all summer long as the common man becomes increasingly uneasy with where things are going. (Think of that click clack sound as you are pulled up to the top of a roller coaster…)

Life becomes too expensive to live. The world wide fiat currency debasement will have sickening effects on food and fuel prices. All of the things you need to live will rise with nauseating speed through out the spring and summer. There will be sparks of major food riots around the world and Americans will see $5 gas grind the rest of the economy to a halt. But this will be just the beginning, and there will be no relief this time around.

Then everyone will be holding their breath and there will be an uneasy quite, like when a plane starts to crash.

The uneasy summer will turn into panic in the fall as the music stops and everyone runs for the exit.

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