Jonathan May reveals the 'secrets' of the world bankers!
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Groningen, Saturday, January 31, 2009


Jonathan May, worked in the past for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in England. In the early eighties he came to the U.S. with a plan to the Americans out of debt to the banking system by the same "credit creating" system as applied by the international banks were used. The law that governs this system is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). May was in the early success. Eventually he was indicted by the banking system and put captured. He is now in a federal prison in the Midwest. In prison he was interviewed by telephone by Lindsey Williams.

Below is a report of this interview. "There are thirteen families who successfully the Central Banks of the hard currency countries of the world. The hard currency countries, the countries whose currency is not allowed to fluctuate as much as other countries. These thirteen families have control over the politics and the decisions of the Central Banks of those countries. They bank on the basis of a partial reserve this system, the Central Banks the opportunity to the most important first (prime) banks to allow their currencies to lend twenty-six for each currency they have on deposit. The owners and controllers of the 'prime' banks are the same people who own the Central Banks and monitor. The final phase of System 2000 was the mid-seventies in operation. System 2000, the global credit unilateral plan for world control.

A Pentagon official and three other government officials from the U.S. went to the Prime Minister of Nigeria. They paid him $ 50,000,000, more than double the price of light crude oil. This crude oil from Nigeria is the most valuable crude oil in the world. At the same time the Prime Minister of Nigeria was achieved, were other members of the Trilateral Commission in the Middle East that those States and Britain tried to talk to OPEC to consolidate. The deal was completed with the producers of oil in the Middle East was that the buyer of oil was important to pay higher prices for oil when the countries of the Middle East would invest their proceeds to the major banks in America.

The nephew of Sheik Yanami assured us that Sheik Yamani and other oil ministers until the end of 1970 or until the eighties were not aware that the controlling interests of the major banks were held by the same people who are the main oil industries controlled. They controlled by a joint equity fund that was established in 1870 by the original Rockefellers here in America. This was three years before the United States of America common stock in 1873 declared illegal cartels. This body is the controlling factor in America of the 'prime' banks, the Federal Reserve, the major oil companies and many other multinationals. The cartel is controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation and their European interests. The horse-trading with Saudi, Kuwait and other countries of the Middle East had their money to major banks in the U.S. would. They did not know that these banks could lend money on the basis of twenty to one. The only thing they would receive the interest on funds for 10 to 30 years. They would receive the principal back at the end of that period. Because they were in possession of long-term funds from the Middle East countries, the banks could lend to third world countries. The banks relied on the greed of those ministers of the countries which they would use the money.

In all those years that greed has meant that these countries are currently bankrupt. In 1981 I discovered that the Hunt brothers of Texas and John Conley, the Governor of Texas - also the 2nd Secretary of the Ministry of Finance - were tried in secret a new currency for Texas to execute. They could legally do this because Texas by a treaty only part of the USA. This treaty is automatically renewed each year. It is a tradition, apparently because it is in fact not physically renewed each year. Thus it is possible that Texas created its own money. The Hunts were associated with the Shah of Persia (Iran), a German bank and an Austrian bank. The Hunts made a mistake. They bought and sold silver in an irresponsible manner. They had a man on the same floor as both bought sold. The war broke out and the result was that the German banker was killed, Austrian banker so seriously excited was that he never came from the psychiatric facility and the Hunts are now virtually bankrupt. The Hunts were then sixteen billion worth. The Shah was in perfect health when he left Persia. He was only sick when he declared in America arrived. He was in "protective custody" at a military base, where he was treated and his health continues to deteriorate and, ultimately, the basis disappeared to die.

In 1983 we were aware of the fact that a group of very, very quiet holding companies of banks (commercial enterprises were owned by banks) on expanded scale in all conditions to expand their lending. They were authorized under Regulation Y, Section 225.4 of the U.S. Code. These companies received loans of "prime" banks. With this money they bought liquidated property and business with bricks and cement from liquidations, bankruptcies and bank soot companies. These were companies that were affected by executions of the FDIC and FSLIC. We could not understand and between 1983 and 1985 we examined it and could not yet understand. When we got the answer in 1985, when we an envoy of President Marcos of the Philippines and President Suharto of Indonesia and others were approached. They had a serious problem. Their problem was that because they had borrowed money, they needed more money. The only way the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was ready to lend more money was when they would do three things:
Their own currency and a dollar away country. This cash would disappear entirely.
The introduction of a unilateral (unilateral) centralized credit card system. This was a part of their Social Security system and their identification, which everyone in the country a social security number would have would be a credit card number. The Central Bank would act as the wholesaler of appropriations, which is extended to a super bank. This was announced by Paul Volker on October 27, 1985.
For the economies of those countries, the IMF, foreign companies would appoint the minerals of these countries would mining, processing and trading, in exchange for a perpetual share of the proceeds.

The mining of raw materials wealth for the state mean. Marcos was sharp enough to use the word "everlasting to pick and to realize that the sovereignty of his country away. We were not prepared to do so. Marcos was looking for contact us by his envoy Colonel Christopher Banis. We were aware of this offer of the IMF through our connections in London that close contact with Sir Jeffey Howe. When they would agree with the terms of the IMF would have their foreign debts are forgiven. New credit lines would be opened under better conditions.

When we term perpetual and total remission 'heard, we understood immediately what was going on. Another group of holding companies collaborated with the same aforementioned holding companies. The second group received loans from the first group assets and liabilities ( assets and liabilities) to purchase the prime (1st quality) banks. The only debts that they bought were liabilities, deposits (money assets) of the Arab states. The only claims that they bought were the exposures based on loans to some countries debt.

It started when it should be, by our own people in the Trilateral Commission, the cancellation of the debts of third world countries would eliminate the claims were purchased by the second group of holding companies. As a result, they were left with debts to the countries in the Middle East by the prime banks as deposits were received. The Arab states had no idea that their claims were now in possession of the holding companies come and that the debtor countries had stopped their payments to the prime banks. The agreements between the prime banks and holding companies were in the prime banks would act as the intermediary for the holding companies so that the third world would not know that the companies holding the obligations were incurred.

The effect of the elimination of the progress of the second group of holding companies is threefold:
The holding companies were not complying with their obligations and they can are legally able to declare bankruptcy.
They would thus their legal obligations to the countries of the Middle East do not have to pay.
The Arab countries of the Middle East will have to write off their claims.

These claims under the ownership of companies in the U.S. are worth billions of dollars in U.S. shares. The effect of the sale by people from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East only 25% of their total shareholding in the equity of the U.S. would certainly be chaotic for the stock market, real estate, etc. and would Generally people confuse large. The plan is that this state of confusion will be greeted with the rescue of the 'sympathetic' bankers on three fronts:
They will present the cash to disappear because of this collapse
Stopping the illicit trade in drugs, because they have no money to use
Stopping the illumination of taxes

NO ONE CAN HAVE THIS AFFECT. At this point they plan the government a mandate to call for the introduction of an identification card, respectively. credit card / social security number, Social Insurance. There is a IDkaart with a satellite connection through the Star Wars program. Only 40% of 'Star Wars' is intended for the Defense, while 60% is designed for the immediate transmission of banking information to the central banks, which the super-banks will be covered all the major banks of the world will be connected. The super bank, wholesale, and the prime banks' will be foreign retailers who have surrendered to the IMF program.

There is only 5% of all debt for countries to settle all banking assets of the Saudi. This is due to the 20 to 1 ratio in terms of the banking on the basis of partial reserve. It works in the opposite direction. There are not many countries with the IMF to agree to the necessary money needed to obtain the total amount of Saudi money funds them. Debt Twenty countries have already accepted the proposal from the IMF. The resulting collapse of the second group of holding companies will be Saudi Arabia and Kuwait force their depreciable assets.

When the second group of holding companies private group holding companies of banks' money can not pay, that they are based on the credits they receive for the assets and liabilities to buy, then that bank holding companies not more capable prime loans from the banks to pay, they had received land and property from bankruptcies to buy as collateral on these loans had served. Ultimately, the prime banks all properties available.

President Garcia of Peru said in February this year that they absolutely had no intention to pay the IMF. Rockefeller himself went to Peru in February 1986. Rockefeller did Garcia personal supply of the three proposal as previously mentioned. Garcua told David that if he is not the country within 24 hours left, he would be arrested for gangsterism.

You will see that the executions of land and property will increase dramatically by the FDIC and FSLIC. They use gangsterism to their purposes for their masters to achieve.

Since the advent of the manipulation of the oil producing countries for their oil in U.S. dollars to sell, the entire world now dominated by the U.S. dollar, due to the volatility of other currencies. The whole trade of the world total and is reserved for the super banks. When system 2000 will enter into force, the super banks the only source of U.S. dollar loans. It will not touch money anymore.