Deficits Funded With Monetization And Hyperinflation

Posted: November 4 2009
Bob Chapman

Old bubble mentality still remains, economic problems not over, banking and Wall Street to blame for our state of affairs, There is now a warning that conditions could come about to extend the current economic troubles for a long time.

Last 9 lines:

This is how the system works, by coercion and intimidation. This silence brings us to the doorstep of great inflation similar to those of Argentina, Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany. It as well includes the abandonment of the dollar as world reserve currency and the introduction of a world trading currency to be followed by a one-world currency. According to the Financial times interview with George Soros last week China has been chosen by the elitists as the successor to America. Including its communist government. You didn’t think that that abandonment of the gold backed dollar on 7/15/71 was an errant event did you? It was the beginning of the planning for the future death of the dollar and the beginning of a complete fiat world of money, whose value was guaranteed by the worst bunch of thieves in history.

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