Gold Is Quality, Stability, And Safety

Posted: November 25 2009

Important reasons for gold to be at a new high, we forsee an end to market stimulus, no control of monetary or fiscal policy will result in higher highs for gold, economic downturns still a concern for the future


Next comes the scandals. In the forefront are the tungsten bars coated with gold discovered by the Chinese several weeks ago, which has been blacked out in the elitist owned media. The bars were held and delivered from London and believed to be from the ETF-GLD, which received them from the US government. Our question is how much gold held by the US government is a fraud? Is GLD a fraud? Is SLV a fraud? Why can’t London OTC gold dealers deliver gold and have to borrow it from the Bank of England? Why does Comex not have gold to deliver and has to borrow it from Canada and the ECB? When is the CFTC going to stop the short side concentration in gold and silver? When is the SEC going to stop black box front-running and naked shorting? Once these factors assert themselves will the system break down and finally will some of these crooks go to jail? Wall Street, banking and our government continue to steal from the American people with the assistance of the Federal Reserve. Is it no wonder that 75% to 80% of Americans want the Fed audited? We must also keep in mind that the public still only knows a fraction of what has been done to them. They know little about front running, naked shorting or bogus gold bars, thanks to our media. Criminals are doing 20 to 30 years for much less than what these crooks have done and the core, the heart of the mechanism, springs from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the center from which the fraud emanates.
Another factor not yet considered is when will those who were involved in the tungsten gold bar caper be exposed? Who created the bars and then sold them? It is a scandal that is really an afterthought to the massive physical buying in the marketplace, particularly by the Chinese and Indians.
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