Overview of NESARA Economic, Financial, and Legal Benefits
March 12, 2004

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today I revised the following overview of NESARA's economic, financial, and legal benefits to reflect the most recent information I have on these subjects.

The "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" - NESARA - provides major benefits to Americans including:

1. Forgiveness of credit card, mortgage debt, and other bank loans as remedy for bank and government frauds;

2. Abolishes the IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government;

3. Initiates U.S. Treasury Bank System which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;

4. Restores Constitutional Law;

5. Requires resignations of current administration to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections within 120 days;

6. Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly; ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately, and many more improvements.

Some of the major purposes of NESARA are to improve the liberty and prosperity of most people worldwide. All aspects of NESARA have been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure the average person's life is improved and their financial and economic assets are safeguarded throughout the NESARA improvements processes. All aspects have also been carefully considered and designed so that NESARA's improvements will be implemented in an orderly and well-managed process.

People in most countries will receive bank-related debt forgiveness for credit card debt, mortgages, car loans, education loans, personal loans, home refinancing mortgages, home equity loans, etc. similar to what people in the U.S. are receiving. Credit cards issued by major merchants such as Sears will also be forgiven because the funds backing these merchant credit cards are ultimately linked back to banks.

Credit Unions are "banks" and they will have to do the NESARA debt forgiveness just like other U. S. banks. Some credit unions have signed agreements to be affiliated with the major U.S. banks already contractually set up to be U.S. Treasury banks. All U.S. credit unions will have to do this to become part of the new U.S. Treasury bank system within weeks of the true NESARA law announcement.

The banks and credit unions in the U.S. are being PAID $9,000 per credit card to zero out the credit card balances and are also being PAID GENEROUS amounts to forgive car, education, mortgage, personal, refinancing, and equity loans, etc. The banks are being paid generously to do the debt forgiveness out of massive funds that have been accumulating for well over 20 years in European banks. The banks will be very profitable after they receive all these NESARA payments for doing debt forgiveness.

In most countries, there will be increases in the monthly amounts of social services payments similar to what people in the U.S. will receive for Social Security retirement payments, disability payments, military disability and pensions payments, and family support payments, etc. within a few months of NESARA being announced. All federal government social services payments will be continued after NESARA's announcement. This means that all Social Security payments, all federal government payments to people for welfare, unemployment, pensions, etc. will continue after NESARA is announced; in most cases the monthly amounts will be increased within two months of NESARA's announcement.

About 18 months after NESARA's announcement, U.S. citizens/sovereigns/natural persons will begin receiving funds from the "new prosperity" program based on "financial redress" for past government and banking frauds. The "new prosperity program" based on financial redress will be publicly announced after NESARA is announced. Eventually all people worldwide will have access to new prosperity programs. It's time the world's people were lifted out of "survival". Some experts state there has been enough money in the world for the last 30 years that if the money were evenly distributed, every person would be a millionaire. Five percent of the world's people control 95% of the world's wealth.

For decades, vast sums of humanitarian prosperity programs funds have been accumulating in special revenue generating processes in European banks awaiting the right time when these funds could safely be released to program members who will be doing world improvement projects. NESARA's announcement sets up the new banking and legal conditions which allow the distribution of this vast wealth to people all across the world during the next several years.

People's pensions and investments are also being protected by the NESARA process. Most people's pension funds are invested in stock market investments or similar kinds of investments. There are special provisions in NESARA to protect people's pensions and investments. Most people's investments in the stock markets will be worth the same relative amounts after NESARA is announced that these investments were worth immediately before NESARA's announcement. People who are drawing pensions can expect to continue to draw their pensions after NESARA without any problems.

The stock markets, currency exchanges, and commodities markets will be closed for a period of days after NESARA is announced. The White Knights enlisted contributions from the world's best experts in economics and banking systems regarding how this worldwide shift in our economies will be handled. There is an index of prices of products and services which will be tied to the price of gold and which will be used following NESARA's announcement. The prices of stocks and bonds will be protected from losing value and the major stockbrokerage firms have already set up "conversion tables" which they will use after NESARA is announced. It is expected that the price of gold will go up after NESARA is announced, however, stocks, bonds, etc. will keep their value because this has already been built into the formulas.

We all will be receiving education via news and seminars in the principles underlying our new worldwide economy based on currencies backed by precious metals. On May 19, 2003 a CNN news reporter stated that Alan Greenspan has 30 hours of education on film about the "new monetary system". All 30 hours of information on the new monetary system will be broadcast within a few days after NESARA's announcement. Some sections of the 30 hours will apply to other countries as well as the U.S.

One of the major principles of good financial management in our new economy will be living on the financial means we have available and staying out of debt except for major purchases such as homes and vehicles. Most people will have much more disposable cash available to them after NESARA is announced due to no longer having to make monthly payments for their credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and increased take-home pay due to no deductions for income taxes. Once people's credit card debts are forgiven, NESARA's banking improvements are designed to ensure people avoid having long-term credit card debt. Under NESARA, people will use credit cards and pay off their balances monthly or within a few months time rather than carry balances on their credit cards for years.

Most of us have no knowledge of how economies work when the value of products and services are expressed in currency which is backed by precious metals. Most of our beliefs about how economies work will have to be changed after NESARA is announced. The 30 hours of education will provide us considerable education about the new economic foundations of our economies before normal trading activities in stocks, bonds, gold, commodities, etc. are restarted. Some well-known financial advisors have books ready to be released which provide guidance in managing our financial lives in accordance with the new worldwide economy initiated by NESARA's announcement.

The amount of money people have in their checking and savings accounts will be the same amount right after NESARA that was there immediately before NESARA was announced. The amounts people have in their bank accounts will be automatically valued in the new U.S. Treasury currency immediately after NESARA's announcement. There will be ZERO loss of money in people's bank accounts from NESARA's announcement and improvements. The Federal Reserve's facilities and personnel will be absorbed into the U.S. Treasury Department and the Treasury Department will take over managing our U.S. banking system. All money we have in our bank accounts will be automatically included in the new U.S. Treasury bank system. None of our money will be reduced or lost due to the U.S. Treasury taking over managing the banking system from the Federal Reserve.

After NESARA is announced, we will be exchanging our Federal Reserve Notes for the new U.S. Treasury "rainbow currency" during the weeks following NESARA's announcement and we may do the exchanging in a number of ways. We can pay for our purchases with the Federal Reserve Notes we have on hand and major merchants and the U.S. Post Office will give us our change in the new U.S. Treasury currency. We may also exchange our Federal Reserve Notes at "certain" ATM machines where we can insert our Federal Reserve Notes and get back the same amount of money in the new U.S. Treasury bills. Finally, when U.S. banks re-open their lobbies following bank closures to do their NESARA transition processes after the announcement, we can take our Federal Reserve Notes into banks and exchange them for the new U.S. Treasury bills. There is zero benefit in holding onto the Federal Reserve Notes after NESARA is announced, and we will be able to easily convert them to the new Treasury currency. The coins we are using will continue to be used.

Just as in the U.S., the paying of personal and corporate national income tax will end around the world in the months after NESARA's announcement. Immediately, as of NESARA's announcement, the IRS is abolished in the U.S. and all payments of federal income tax by individuals and corporations will totally cease. The only thing IRS staff will do is process refunds for some months after NESARA is announced. Some IRS personnel and facilities will be transferred to the U.S. Treasury Department to carry out the new activities of collecting and processing the new national sales tax which NESARA initiates to raise funds to pay for government services.

Because NESARA abolishes the Federal Reserve System and provides for the buyout of all shares and facilities of the Federal Reserve corporation by the U.S. Treasury, NESARA immediately wipes out over 90% of the U.S. national debt. The Federal Reserve System's charges of fees and interest are the main cause of the U.S. national debt and therefore after the NESARA buyout of the Federal Reserve, the government can cancel all debts owed by the government to the Fed and this will wipe out over 90% of the national debt. For anyone who does not understand the truth behind the Federal Reserve System, I suggest you read the Dove Report entitled NESARA Brings Prosperity; Fed. Res. is Private Corp and dated December 5, 2002.

I have written about the price reductions required by NESARA over the last nearly four years of writing about NESARA. Right now the price of everything in our lives is based on the purchasing power of the Federal Reserve Notes which are basically 'worthless' fiat money that has nothing backing it but "confidence" in the U.S. government. Since Roosevelt took us off the gold standard in the 30's, we have had massive inflation due to the fact there was nothing of value standing behind our money and also the Federal Reserve banking system has many "built-in" factors that cause inflation.

When the U.S. Supreme Court Justices developed the reformations of our banking and currency system which sets up our new U.S. Treasury bank system and absorbs the physical assets and personnel of the Federal Reserve system, the Justices called together a coalition of the world's foremost economic, monetary, and banking experts, as well as experts in Constitutional Law. One of the major tasks was to remove the inflation from the prices of everything we buy. The decision was made to reprice everything so that we start with a new price structure and an economy where the value of everything is supported by new precious metals backed currency.

The Justices and their coalitions of economic, monetary, and banking experts have met with the heads of nearly all governments worldwide to discuss these issues and have contractual agreements and treaties signed by heads of all these governments stating that their country will also make these changes within twelve months of the true NESARA law being announced. When the true NESARA law is announced, there will be many follow-up press conferences regarding the details about how the new pricing structures will work. Basically within 30-60 days of NESARA's announcement, prices on most products and services will be reduced in the U.S. to ten percent of what they are now. A month after NESARA is announced, a new television which currently is priced at $350 will be repriced to $35 purchase price.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices have had the top experts in all fields provide input and when all prices of all items are adjusted downward about one to two months after the true NESARA law is announced, there will be similar adjustments in the prices of stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds will keep their value because everything is being repriced. The repricing of stocks and bonds will be just like the repricing of milk, eggs, and bread in the supermarket. Instead of paying about $4 for a gallon of milk, we will pay 40 cents when the price changes go into effect. Instead of paying $1.80 for a gallon of gas, we will pay 18 cents per gallon. Stocks and bonds will be repriced in the same way as other commodities we buy.

A month or two after the true NESARA law is announced, all items and services we buy will be repriced to correct for the massive inflation in prices of things that the Federal Reserve banking system has caused. Right now we pay for things with basically worthless Federal Reserve "fiat" money. But after the true NESARA law, we will change over to our new U.S. Treasury bank system and currency and our Treasury currency is backed by gold, silver, and platinum. Consequently, under the new U.S. Treasury bank and currency system, there must be an adjustment in the current prices on items and services to squeeze out the inflation in current prices that is totally due to our using worthless Federal Reserve fiat money.

In the month or two after NESARA is announced, people in the U.S. will be paid at their current rates until the new price reductions go into effect. During this month or two, people can plan to save their disposable cash to accumulate a nest egg of funds which might be enough to use as a down payment on a house or to buy a vehicle after the price reductions go into effect. Whatever cash funds people have on hand at the end of the 30-60 days when the reduced prices are instituted, the cash on hand people have will be like a big bonus and will buy 90% more when the lower prices are instituted.

In the month after the price reductions take effect, people's wages, salaries, and other compensation will be repriced and will have the same purchasing power as now because all prices of products and services will already be adjusted downward in exactly the same proportion as people's wages, salaries, etc.

Let me give an example so you understand. After NESARA's announcement in March 2004, it's likely that merchants and service providers will be given two months (about 60 days) to be ready to implement the 90% price reductions. In most cases this means simply moving the decimal point to the left one position in the merchant's computerized databases of prices for products and services and posting new price labels where appropriate when the changeover date arrives.

Although I expect NESARA to be announced before the end of March 2004, I will use March 31st in the following explanation to simplify matters. IF NESARA were THEORETICALLY announced on March 31, 2004, then all merchants and providers of products and services would have 61 days (April and May) to get ready to implement the new reduced prices by June 1, 2004. On June 1, the new reduced prices of everything would take effect. If your income is $3,000 a month, in April and May, you would continue to be paid $3,000 a month.

Let's say that you normally pay $600 for food and other routine supplies a month.

On June 1st when prices would be decreased by 90%, you would have earned $3,000 in the month of May, however you would only have to pay $60 for your food and routine supplies. You would have $540 you can use for other things. In addition, you would have NO income tax taken from your paycheck as of NESARA's announcement in March 2004 and you would have saved disposable cash from your income for April and May due to no credit card, mortgage, car loan, education loan or other bank debt payments to make. You would pay social security taxes & Medicare (FICA taxes - 7.4%) but with all the debt forgiveness and no income tax deductions or other deductions, you could have as much as $2,778 of your $3,000 a month income available to you to spend or save.

The point I'm making is that after NESARA is announced, you can save your increased disposable cash and much of your current income PRIOR to the price reductions; then the cash-in-hand you accumulate will buy you much more after the price reductions go into effect. If you've been wanting to accumulate enough cash for a down payment for a house, or a new vehicle, or some other expensive thing, the time to do this is during the 60 days after NESARA is announced. The cash you have on hand when the price reductions go into effect will buy you 90% more at that time.

Because all prices must be adjusted to 10% of the current prices 60 days after NESARA is announced, your income and salary must also be adjusted to 10% on June 1st. Your new income WILL STILL BUY THE SAME AMOUNT as now because the prices of everything will also be repriced to 10% of today's prices. The repricing of everything at the same time means that no one loses any money. In fact, at the end of the two months AFTER NESARA's announcement, people could have saved a big bonus amount of disposable income which they may use for something special.

The prosperity programs amounts being funded to current prosperity program members in the U.S. will NOT be reduced after NESARA is announced because these amounts are "cash" in our bank accounts today. If we have, for example, $10 billion in our prosperity program bank account before NESARA's announcement, it will still be $10 billion after NESARA is announced. However, the $10 billion will buy 90% more after the repricing of products and services.

In addition, one of the most amazing improvements that rolls out from NESARA and across the world is that all people worldwide will eventually have the same rights that we Americans have when NESARA restores our Constitution and Bill of Rights. When I first heard about this, I wondered how this was being arranged. All I can tell you today is that over 180 countries have signed treaties to do this and there was "divine intervention" in the process of getting these treaties signed. Fairly soon after NESARA is announced, the details will be revealed.

The restoration of Constitutional Law vastly improves our lives in ways that are almost unlimited. NESARA wipes out all the traitorous laws like the p.a.t.r.i.o.t. act, the homeland security act, and all laws back to 1933 when FDR took us out of Constitutional Law as well as selected laws prior to 1933. All our civil liberties will be restored with NESARA's announcement. Under Constitutional Law, the inventors of all the new energy devices will be able to safely make their devices publicly available and zero government agency or corporation will be able to stop them. Alternative medical therapies and technologies can also be made available without worry of attacks by FDA agents or other government interference. There are many technologies and products which have been suppressed and the inventors of these will be able to safely and publicly unveil these technologies and products which will help many people.

The restoration of Constitutional Law also requires that all judges, law enforcement, and others must attend educational seminars and learn about Constitutional Law. All courts in the U.S. will be closed for two months while these Constitutional Law seminars are being conducted. Any court cases in process when NESARA is announced will have to be re-filed using Constitutional Law foundations; many cases now clogging up the court systems will no longer be valid court cases under Constitutional Law. In addition, many people who have been imprisoned under UnConstitutional laws such as income tax laws, will be released from prison within weeks after NESARA is announced. There will also be educational seminars on television regarding Constitutional Law which is based on Common Law and we all will be learning about this.

Some people, such as IRS employees, will find that their jobs no longer exist or their income is decreased by the announcement of NESARA. In the U.S. ALL people who can prove their income has been reduced by NESARA will be eligible to apply for generous financial allotments which will carry them through until they have new income s.

NESARA brings most of the world's people increased prosperity, liberty, peace, and knowledge which enables them to flourish. From what I'm hearing, I expect NESARA to be announced later in the week of March 22, 2004. NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness