Will Marre applauds Seventh Generation on their Giving is Winning business strategies. Through their community works and their efforts toward healthier products Seventh Generation is aligning their business with their values.

"Seventh Generation is a forward thinking company who has turned a passion for providing safe and sustainable products into a booming business," states Will Marre, CEO of Realeadership Alliance and renowned leadership speaker. Marre is shining a light on Seventh Generation this week for their ongoing dedication to social responsibility and sustainability.

Seventh Generation's spotlight is part of an ongoing blog series Marre is launching called Giving is Winning. Marre hopes that by bringing attention to companies who are including giving in their core business strategy he can inspire other companies to follow these examples and inspire consumers to support companies who have the common good at heart. The blog is in conjunction with his extensive research entitled 21 Companies for the 21st Century with Clemson University and the University of California San Diego on what successful companies are doing in today's challenging environment that average companies are not.

Seventh Generation is a great example of a company who has put giving at the core of their business strategy, according to Marre. Their namesake, the Great Law of the Iroquios Confederacy states, ""In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." They live by this everyday. They donate 10 percent of their profits to support organizations that work for positive change, while the national average is less than 1 percent.

Where Seventh Generation is especially winning from their social responsibility, contends Marre, is through their products themselves. By providing non-toxic products in a very toxic category, Seventh Generation has set themselves apart from their competitors and created a loyal brand following. While other companies are starting to catch on to Seventh Generation's giving is winning strategy, such as Clorox's Greenworks, asserts Marre, Seventh Generation will always be known as the pioneer of safe products.

Marre states, "Seventh Generation is passionate about providing safe and sustainable products, restoring the environment, inspiring conscious consumption, and creating a just and equitable world. Their core business from the entire lifecycle of their products down to their charitable giving is based on doing what is best for future generations."