Brazilian secret UFO documents released

Saturday, June 6, 2009

With effect from 04 May, Brazilian government has published more than 600 new pages of previously secret documents on UFO and military investigations of 1970 to 1979, including photographs and films, for the first time.

The contents of this material has been examined and found very interesting and revelatory of Brazilian government strategy to cover UFO cases, often openly regarded as "external sources" in these new documents, meaning outside the Earth. The cases in which and the methods used for investigations by the army are also very important.

In my opinion, the main materials used in this new declassification are 195 new pages of documents from the Operation Saucer, in the Amazon region by the Brazilian Air Force from September to December 1977, which is certainly the largest * known * official initiative to military investigate UFOs in the world.

As I also reported that to date more than 1400 pages of the Brazilian previously classified UFO documents were released, thanks to the efforts of the Brazilian Committee UFO Researchers (CBU), through the campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, began in 2004 and articulated by the Brazilian UFO Magazine. This is the biggest revelation ever in Brazil.

The PDF files from 12 envelopes or folders now released can be downloaded here. Read a summary of the contents of the envelope or folder and special attention to the determination of taxable here Folder 10-1978.

Read all documents and view all pictures, click link below

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