Worldwide! -

There's a virtual tidal wave of UFO disclosure going on, now that countries like the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand are releasing their classified UFO documents. In fact, News 3 in New Zealand reports that their version of the TV show "60 minutes" recently disclosed evidence that, in effect, proves UFOs are real (Now if we can only stop governments from shooting them down!)
It's not only important for countries to reveal that Visitors are here, it's equally important for them to reveal what they have been DISCLOSING to their contactees. On the Before It's News website, Grant Lawrence reminds us that the late Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, who took experiencers seriously and said they were NOT mentally ill, noticed that many of them returned from their encounters with messages about environmental catastrophe. This is has long been assumed to be messages about climate change, but Lawrence thinks these messages might have been pointing to sudden environmental disasters like the BP oil spill....

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