Press spokesman of the AAF, Captain Mariano Mohaupt. (image credit: AAF)

The Argentinean Air Force (AAF) announced yesterday that it was in the process of creating an official commission to investigate UFO reports in the country. Captain Mariano Mohaupt, a press spokesman of the AAF, told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) that “the Commission of Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena is in the process of being formed.” The military officer added the AAF already has some cases experienced by its pilots which have not been explained, but that “now it will deal with this issue in a formal and professional manner that contributes to its own mission of controlling our airspace.”

The Commission will be formed by an inter-disciplinary team composed of meteorologists, air controllers, pilots and radar experts and will receive reports of UFO sightings from the public. “There are many reports that are later clarified as not unconventional phenomena,” Capt. Mohaupt told the AFP. The AFP story spread like wildfire throughout the Latin American press, appearing on all the websites of major newspapers, TV and radio stations.

The Spanish news agency EFE also interviewed Capt. Mohaupt, basically confirming the same story. “The Commission will contribute to the mission of the Air Force, which is precisely to provide security in our airspace and therefore has an interest in knowing any phenomenon that occurs there,” the AAF spokesman told EFE. He also added that this Commission responds to “the interest of the people,” which has been on the rise in Argentina, as well as in the rest of the world, in recent months.

The first sign that the AAF was about to announce the formation of a UFO Commission was revealed a couple of days before Christmas by Tamara Hendel, a young reporter with the Argentinean TV network Telefe, where she directs the segment “MundosParalelos” (Parallel Worlds) within their 8 p.m. news broadcast. On December 22, Tamara interviewed Commodore Guillermo Tealdi, Chief of Communications in the AAF, about the institution’s policy towards UFOs. (The rank of commodore in the AAF is equivalent to a colonel in the U.S. Air Force.) Right after the interview, Tamara told the news anchor that she had a big scoop. Although Tealdi didn’t say it on camera, the reporter was told that the AAF was about to launch an official commission to investigate UFOs. The Telefe interview was immediately posted on YouTube and led to a series of announcements by prominent Argentinean ufologists, including Silvia Pérez Simondini, the director of the Visión Ovni UFO Museum in Victoria, a city in the province of Entre Ríos, Mercedes Casas of OVNI Salta, Raúl Avellaneda, and others.

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