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Thread: For those who deny UFO's?

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    For everyone out there who passes off every UFO sighting as people just looking for attention, what's your retort to all the testimonials by former government staff who have confessed with all seriousness that they have worked with, seen and investigated extraterrestrial craft? I've looked at some of the testimonial films by the disclosure project and it just seems strange that elderly Air Force and Navy veterans would make these things up. Most of them have faced much ridicule and even lost jobs willingly because they felt it was that important to bring truth to the people.as in UFO, i mean not unidentified by me

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    okay. now, what's your question, wacko!?

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    as soon as any noted scientists appear in any of those films, I will believe it.

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    there is no doubt that there are unidentified flying objects. i see things flying high in the sky all the time and i can't identify what they are. to come to the conclusion that they are extraterrestrial is childish.

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    All they need to do is come up with some kind of hard evidence. (Though I'll admit it had better be good)I'm sorry, but testimonials are really worthless.

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    UFO means exactly that, unidentified flying object. There are a myriad of reasons why these reports occur. Are you in league with the group that claims to have been abducted by aliens?

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    I used to believe in UFO's. No longer. You can't deny the distance of other solar systems. It takes thousands and even millions of years just for the light from them to reach us. And we're talking the speed of light ! The earth is but a piece of dust in the universe. I'm not saying life on other planets don't exist. I just don't believe they'd waste their time on us.

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    UFOs do exist. They are just not necessarily from outer space somewhere. Many UFO reports turn out to be experimental aircraft, funded by our tax dollars.

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    They have worked with top secret aircraft and that would be an Unidentified Flying Object...if it were true, then why hide it?? what gain is accomplished by this..??

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    For those who deny UFO's?

    Have they made physical contact with us? I mean, beyond the psychosexual tales of anal probing. Are there any improvements in science and technology that have been given to us by the inhabitants of those UFOs? I think the answer to both questions is no.If such craft exist, and their points of origin are extraterrestrial, I believe they consider this planet to be the backwater of the galaxy. Any entry they make into our atmosphere is quite by accident, like taking the wrong turn on a dark road at night.But, my personal belief is that we are quite alone in our galaxy and those nearby. It takes a certain combination to have a planet orbitting a sun at just the right distance, of just the right size to seize and hold an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere in order to foster the development of carbon-based sentient beings. Earth happens to be that lucky little orb.

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